Monica Cannon-Grant Posts Messages With Governor Healey, Mayor Wu, Rachael Rollins, Urging Her To Go After Turtleboy, Expressing Concern Over “Deez Nuts” Comments


Monica Cannon-Grant was a long time supporter and ally of disgraced former Suffolk County DA and US Attorney Rachael Rollins. However, Rollins began to distance herself from Monica after we published a blog in July of 2020 showing Monica threatening to kill a Republican black woman running for Congress, and accusing the woman of “riding white penis for a credit score” because her husband is white.

Rollins is politically savvy and realized that associating with Monica was not good for her brand. After Monica endorsed Joe Kennedy for Senate that same month Rollins decided it was time to dump Monica as a political ally because Rollins supported Kennedy’s opponent incumbent Ed Markey. Rollins began to text message Rayla Campbell (the black woman Monica had threatened), alerting her to Monica’s whereabouts on the Kennedy campaign trail, so that Campbell could show up and disrupt the events.

This all became public when I was interviewed by Boston Magazine in October 2022.

Monica’s resentment towards Rollins grew when Rollins was unable to use the powers of her office to silence our free speech and criticism of Monica’s fraudulent non-profit. When Rollins became US Attorney her office brought felony charges against Monica and her now deceased husband Clark, further angering Monica.

But now that Rollins has become the first woman of color forced to resign in disgrace as US Attorney for Massachusetts, Monica is going on the offensive and attempting to save herself from federal prison. Yesterday she posted screenshots of text message exchanges between her and Rollins.  She began with Rollins letting her know in February of 2020 that Monica would be receiving grant money from her office ($6K) that Monica later said she used to pay for abortions for black women.

This was before Monica posted the Rayla Campbell video and endorsed Joe Kennedy.

Next she posted a text message from Rollins in January 2021. This was when Rollins was under investigation for the road rage incident, and threatened a Boston 25 News reporter who showed up at her house.

In the message dated January 14, Rollins told Monica that she assumed the reporter was a white supremacist who had come to kill her children (knowing that this sort of rhetoric gets Monica fired up), but when she realized it wasn’t she yelled and swore at them. She characterized the victim of the road rage incident (Katie Lawson) as “the rantings and ravings of a white woman,” and threatened to make up a false allegation about the reporter to “see how that goes.”

But in her message to Monica she made it clear that she was proud of her behavior, saying “f*** these people” in regards to the reporter. She then asked for Monica’s help in “generating social media response from our community.”

The ironic part about this message is that by January of 2021 Rollins was actively feeding information to myself and Rayla Campbell about Monica, but Monica had no idea that was happening. She knew that Monica was a problem and that her behavior was abhorrent and racist, but yet she still found her to be a useful foot soldier anyway. Monica and Rayla were her personal attack dogs who she was sending after each other. This is consistent with the behavior exhibited in text messages that the Inspector General’s Office published in their report – Rollins will covertly use anyone who can give her more power.

Monica also shared text messages from Rollins in September of 2020 (after she was covertly working with Rayla Campbell and I to damage Monica’s reputation), in which Rollins advises Monica to apply for a restraining order against me. Rollins explicitly tells her that if anyone tried to stop Monica from obtaining that order to give Rollins their name.

This was in response to a blog we had written in September 2020. On September 7 Rayla Campbell and I staged a protest outside of Monica Cannon-Grant’s nonprofit, and were threatened multiple times on camera by thugs sent by Monica to deter our nonviolent civil rights activism.

We found out that Monica had filed a false police report via email, which is against BPD protocols, and we identified the captain who allowed this to happen.

Instead of telling Monica that we had a right to protest and to write blogs criticizing her, Rollins urged Monica to clog up the court system in an attempt to violate our civil liberties.

In another message dated March 16 (well after Rollins began to covertly damage Monica), Rollins sent Monica a screenshot of something an online troll called “Deez Nuts” said about her in a panel. She told Monica that “racists are obsessed with us,” and that this meant she was doing something right, “f*** them.”

(My friend Attorney Lauren Hayden inadvertantly had her harmless comment show up in Rollins screenshot)

Why was the DA of a major American city, who was being considered for US Attorney at the time, concerned with troll postings from someone called Deez Nuts? Notice in the comment that she screenshotted while she was supposed to be focusing on the panel, that Deez Nuts called her a “Monica Cannon-Grant loving cunt.” Rollins showed Monica that because she wanted to get Monica riled up so she could use her like an attack dog. This is the same exact way Rollins views Rayla Campbell and Ricardo Arroyo – useful pawns she can manipulate to hurt her enemies.

Monica also showed a group chat she was in with several prominent Massachusetts politicians, begging them to do something to silence my reporting of her. The list includes current AG and former Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell, State Rep Chyna Tyler, State Senator Liz Miranda, current State Senator and former Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards, Former AG and current Governor Maura Healey, former Boston City Councilor and current Mayor Michelle Wu, Rollins, and others.

Notice the last name – Tito Jackson. No one has been a bigger supporter of Monica than the former Boston City Councilor, failed Mayoral candidate, and soon to be failed marijuana salesman. Without his support and connections Monica never would’ve been able to start a nonprofit or get any grant funding. This is our first confirmation from Monica that she is upset with Jackson, as he likely is believed to have flipped on her by providing information to the feds in order to save himself.

It is telling that someone as racist and vile as Monica Cannon-Grant could have a direct line to so many powerful people. They all knew about the Rayla Campbell video and looked the other way.

Monica also shared a message from State Senator Lydia Edwards, who is not known to be as radical as some of the other people on that list, urging Monica to apply for a restraining order.

In fairness, she was trying to placate Monica and clearly had no intention of helping her. But the fact of the matter is that these people should have told Monica that just like Monica, Turtleboy has a right to free speech. None of these people wanted to upset Monica because they feared her and found her to be a useful street foot soldier for their cause.

In July of 2021 then AG Maura Healey reached out to Monica via text to make sure she was doing OK.

How many people have reached out to her office about concerns that the AGO exists to handle but did not hear back? Two years ago we began publishing a 7 part series about a contractor named Eli Rego who had stolen over $1 million from more than 50 customers who hired him to do work on their homes. Many of these people had reached out to Maura Healey’s office to file complaints and heard nothing back. These are screenshots from the group chat I was in with the victims.

Here is an email sent to her office by one of the victims dated July 22, 2021.


They never heard back from Healey because she was too busy. But she had plenty of time to reach out to Monica 9 days later to see how she was doing.

Rego was eventually charged with several counts of fraud and is facing serious prison time thanks to an ambitious turtle riding Plymouth County ADA named Alex Zane, who read our blogs and did something about it. Luckily not all public officials in our state are as useless as Maura Healey.


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