Canton Coverup Part 305: Canton School Committee Candidate Calls Out Chris Albert At Select Board Meeting For Using Lindsey Gaetani’s Body To Entrap A Journalist


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Last night’s Canton Select Board meeting got heated after School Committee candidate Jennifer O’Donnell, a supporter of the Free Karen Read movement, ripped into Chris Albert for using Lindsey Gaetani as a human shield at a February 26 hearing in the Read case. Watch:

“We all got to watch Chris walk in behind a woman who gladly used her body to entrap a journalist for reporting too effectively. A human shield, smiling smuggly, feeling so smart.”

“I believe the court was told she is family. Chris has taken to using people as collateral now – bending and twisting the laws for his own needs.”

“You have used trashy people in court as a shield.”

That is exactly what happened. Chris showed up to court on February 26 with the McAlbert mafia and Lindsey Gaetani.

Chris doesn’t know her at all, and is simply using her body as a weapon to keep me from asking him legitimate questions, and to eject me from Karen Read hearings. Lindsey agrees that he is indeed a cop calling snitch.

Jennifer was right – he did use her body to entrap me, as people with no respect for themselves are apt to do. On my way out of court Chris laughed at me and said, “that’s a bitch,” because he knew exactly what he was doing.

The Board of Selectman likes to pretend like that concerned citizens are a sideshow distracting from town business. But as Jennifer pointed out, the sideshow is entirely created by Chris Albert and his public behavior.

“You are the side show.”

“You claim to be a scared witness – you’re not scared Chris. This is a game to you.”

Chris is constantly going out in public and getting into verbal spats with Karen Read supporters, particularly women. He pretends to be a victim constantly, including that time he tried to have a 17 year old charged for peacefully standing on a public sidewalk, which Chris claimed was witness intimidation.

Chris finally spoke at this meeting, but only to show what a jackass he is.

“You should be embarrassed of your self. Embarrassed.”

She should be embarrassed? She’s not the one who called the cops and said she was scared of these people.

She’s not the one who’s been brought to court dozens of times for unpaid credit cards and had multiple tax liens placed on her. She’s not the one whose spouse slept with a Canton Police Officer, and then continued to put up signs in her business announcing her support for the Canton Police. But please Chris, tell me more about how she’s the one who should be embarrassed.

Things got really uncomfortable when this donkey stood up and stared Jennifer down during his speech.

Paul McAulliffe is a McAlbert supporter and Canton resident who likes to pretend that he’s some sort of uniter who’s concerned about his town. He apparently got a letter from Jennifer in which she accused him of being in bed with the McAlberts and town corruption. In order to prove that he was the reasonable one he awkwardly stared her down in the most menacing way possible. Unfortunately for him it didn’t scare her like he hoped it would.

Finally this nudnik next to Grandpa Eclipse had to have his say.

Mark Grossman lives on Meadows Ave and called the cops on Karen Read when he saw her car drive by his house, which sits on a taxpayer funded road that is open to the public. He did so in the hopes that it would lead to Karen having her bail revoked, because that’s the kind of lowlife Mark Grossman is. His thoughts on what the public is and isn’t allowed to say about the police tells you everything you need to know about Mark.

“To question their character is wrong.”

You are not allowed to question the character of police officers who never searched a house where the body of a dead cop was discovered, plotted to charge peaceful protesters with witness intimidation, and somehow missed 35 pieces of red tail light that Michael Proctor found on his own during 5 undocumented trips to 34 Fairview Road. People like Mark love to virtue signal about “backing the blue,” in the hopes that they won’t get a ticket when they get pulled over for speeding. But the only people “backing the blue” are people like Jennifer O’Donnell who are fighting for Officer John O’Keefe’s killers to be brought to justice.



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