Delightful Woman At Bruins Game Cusses Out Man In Front Of Children For Not Apologizing Loudly Enough After Scraping Coat On Nacho Cheese


A video from the nosebleed section of the TD Garden at a recent Bruins game has been making the rounds, showing a woman lashing out on a man after her coat swiped against his nachos and got a little cheese on it.

With a mouth like that she’s gotta be from Brockton. Some people are taking the ban on Menthol cigarettes harder than others.

I’ve sat in the upper 300 sections many times before, and I stopped a while ago, largely to avoid situations like this. It is a ratchet breeding ground up there. The seats are cramped and you’re just way too close with way too many people who have previously been featured on Turtleboy. You also can barely see the action and have a much better view at home for free.

But I’ve never seen anything quite this bad before. Her boyfriend sure is a lucky guy. Imagine coming home to this every night?

Must be low stress and hardly any drama.

For the record, the guy did nothing wrong. She brought one of those coats with the puffy thing around the hood that girls who smoked cigarettes in the bathroom used to wear to school in the 90’s. You don’t get to carry one of those around and then complain when incidental nacho cheese happens.

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On top of that there were children everywhere, she was swearing like a trucker, and he apologized and cleaned off her precious coat. What else do you want? Act like you’ve been there before. Somehow this apology wasn’t enough for her because he didn’t “stand like a man” and say sorry loud enough to meet Hellen OC Seller’s high standards for decibels. And please, let’s not pretend like she didn’t get that coat at Marshall’s anyway.

Someone out there has to know who this woman is. If you do then feel free to message us on Facebook or email me at [email protected] We’d love to have her on the live show sometime. She seems delightful.


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