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Exposing Chef Mike Fucci Part 6 – Stealing From Homeless Vets, Exploiting Death Of Red Sox Pitcher, Conspiring With Wife To Abandon Child And Scam Victims


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By 2017 Mike Fucci was a full fledged celebrity in his own mind, and he began speaking with a publicist about ways he could promote himself. He was apparently unhappy that his appearance on the food network hadn’t led to fortune and fame, and he claims to have sent his lawyers after Balboni Communication, his PR rep. 

He offered up the idea of making dinner for reserves at a military base, and asked how he could raise funds for himself to do that.

Of course he was really doing it to promote himself and wanted to be seen on TV as the charitable nice guy, feeding the troops. In reality he wanted to crowd fund the money, spend as minimal amount as possible, keep what was left over, and help himself while using the troops for PR. He has pulled a similar scam when he raised money for a turkey giveaway for the homeless in Boston and ended up feeding them small turkey sandwiches. He has a long and documented history of not following through on his promises.

Mike likes to prey on vulnerable women in particular by pretending to be their savior. In 2018 he reached out to an old friend from high school who was going through a divorce, had two small children, and needed a job. She was working for TJ Maxx at the time, but Fucci offered her $1,250 a week under the table to be his personal assistant. Here’s what she told us:

He said needed a person to organize his schedule and set up his appointments and appearances. He said he was starting a new job at Mohegan as a chef at a new restaurant (another lie). I knew him for a long time, so why would he lie to me right? Wrong. I was working at the time trying to do my best to raise my kids who were 5 and 6 at the time. He told me he was going to pay me 1250 a week. He told me I needed to quit my job so I could be there for him when he needed me. I did this. This was at the time he did the Helping Hands fundraiser for the homeless vets. I made some phone calls for this, promoted the event, and was there for the event along with many others. He raised money for this event, but it all went to his personal PayPal account.

He cooked and we brought all the food the homeless vets place in Boston. We served them all the food and all he did was yell and get pissed at people. He was upset that there was another group there that he was not aware they were going to be there, and he felt upstaged (Mike does everything for attention).

At this time was lying to everyone saying he was filming a TV show (not true). Afterwards found out it was when he was seeing his girlfriend (the one he impregnated). He told us that he had to leave after only being at the homeless vets event for an hour to go film. In reality he was going to see her. He had a lot of money left over and he told the place and the director and also the vets themselves that he was going to come back with gift cards. He just had to purchase them. He never did this, He took all the money. I followed up with the place and was told he never came back with the cards. 

When he was confronted by the former employee about the real reason he left the event he blamed the baby momma, said that she was ruining his life, and that he needed to get some help. He told her that he was getting mental health treatment at McClane hospital.

He told me he was trying to think of ways to kill himself, he needed help because of what she did to him, that the kid was not his, that he was trying to get her clean and help her detox at Mohegan, that she drugged him one night and raped him.

I was furious because I quit my job and he still never gave me any money of the money I was owed. I asked him and begged him to please pay me. I was going to lose my apartment and I owed people money. He gave me the runaround over and over and over. I never got any money and now I had no job. I trusted him and I was screwed! He sent me a pic of money that he had on him to show that he actually had money. He knew my situation and did this to me.”

He also had a fundraiser for a friend of ours from high school that has a child with autism (I also have a daughter with autism) he told him that he was setting up a a trust for this child with that money. He never ever did that! Yes he kept the money! He started a charity called holding hope, went around asking donations of items I gave him one, a basket full of items, he auctioned them off and you guess it kept the money!”

Here are the text messages backing up everything she alleged. Look how he blames her for asking for the money he clearly had no intention of every paying her. The man is literally running a slave labor business and doesn’t care that the people he’s stealing from are unable to feed their children as a result of his lies.


The woman gave up and is still owed $4K in unpaid labor. She didn’t bother taking him to small claims court because like most of his victims she didn’t wanna deal with the hassle, accepted the loss, and moved on with her life. Needless to say she feels a lot better now that someone is finally holding him accountable.


Fucci previously asked his publicist how he could raise $100K to open up a restaurant without taking out bank loans.

No Mike, you can’t crowd fund to start your own business. That’s not how capitalism works. You take out loans, invest in your company, and try to make it back and then some on sales.

Fucci used to do live auctions for “Mohegan Sun Prize Packs,” because he was pretending to be a cook there. The prizes of course were never delivered.

He would justify his need for donations by posting all his expenses for the free events he was supposedly putting on.

But every event he has ever helped has been the result of crowd funding, and he always skimps on the food at the events. What he did to the homeless vets in Boston was par for the course for Mike Fucci. But he’s a great guy. Even ask him.

Eventually he did open up his “restaurant” in Needham, which was really just a takeout place with bad reviews. Customers on Yelp complained about the food, service, and his behavior towards employees.

Mike spent most of his time at his business making TikToks of himself teasing employees.

He sat down for an interview with Needham TV three years ago to talk about his business. According to Mike he wanted customers to not be afraid to converse with him due to his “celebrity” status. He said that customers said, “Oh my God, it’s him, it’s him,” when they first saw him, due to how famous he was from being on TV once for 10 minutes.

Mike didn’t wanna cook anything, he just liked being calls “chef” so he could pretend like he was above other people. He used his TikTok account primarily to promote himself and mock other people for not being as good at cooking as he is.

But he also used TikTok to make some really, really cringe content involving women he likely pleasures himself to. Like this one, where he says a hot, attention seeking milf is “about to get some young dick.”

Or this one of a “super fearless girl” with great “content.”

He pretended like he was some sort of success story, so much that he could offer people life advice on how to overcome their personal failures.

Mike certainly wasn’t famous, but he was getting on some television networks, and was invited to the Pedro Martinez Foundation Event at Fenway Park.

But again, he just wanted to be seen as a chef, not do much actual cooking. It’s why he constantly played up who his famous friends were whenever he could. Most of these people he met at events as a paid attendee.

One of the celebrities he latched on to was former Red Sox pitcher (1997-99) Jim Corsi. Jim died after a battle with cancer last January, and ever since his death Mike has been posting about him non-stop on social media. As usual, Fucci made Corsi’s death all about himself in obnoxious, cringe videos like this one:

Corsi was from Newton, but he and Fucci were certainly never “best friends.” He started showing up more once Corsi became sick, but he had his wife record and take pictures of him kissing Corsi on the head, walking him up the stairs, and caring for him every time he showed up.

He posted this one a day before Corsi died while he lay on his death bed.

You don’t exploit your “best friend” like that. And quite frankly, he uses the word “friend” with every person he’s ever taken a picture with, like former Police Chief Willie Gross.

Truly compassionate people do not feel the need to document their compassion and post it on social media for the world to see.

Mike immediately began to take charge on starting a charity in Corsi’s name and claimed to have donors willing to put up $100K, but only if he was in charge of the money. The offer was declined.

Mike wasn’t getting much business in Needham prior to COVID, as was seen in his probate court documents. But once COVID hit he latched onto the mandates as a way to promote himself again, this time as the angry Italian small business owner getting screwed over by politicians. Here he is ranting about Nancy Pelosi.

He publicly complained about Michelle Wu’s mandates, ignoring the fact that his business was not located in Boston. As one of the self-proclaimed leaders of the anti-mandate movement he made videos yelling at other protesters for not following his lead.

But Mike would not have been able to pull off any of his scams if he didn’t have the financial and emotional support of his wife Jennifer Fucci, who is complicit in his deception. Jennifer and Mike live at the home of her parents, Martha and Robert Berardino, in Newton.

It’s unclear if her brother Michael Berardino is aware about what his sister and brother in law are doing at his parent’s house.

She apparently doesn’t expect the traditional things that most women expect from their husband, such as a reliable income, honesty, and a home. She accepts her life as a woman in her 40’s living with her elderly parents, despite having a good job as a Talent Acquisition Consultant for Insulet Corporation in Acton.

She is well aware that Mike intentionally fathered a child with one of his girlfriends in 2019, after telling the woman that he was divorced, worth $28 million, and would be closing on a $1.7 million home where they could raise their son together. Instead of telling him to man up and care for the child he created and abandoned, Jennifer has made it clear to Mike that he is to have no relationship with his son. She’s a Stonehill College graduate, and there is no way that she’s dumb enough to believe the lie that he was raped by the woman he impregnated. She just can’t deal with the fact that her fat husband cheated on her, and is willing to let a child suffer in order for her to feel better about getting dogged by her deadbeat spouse.

As a result Mike would lie to the mother of his child about being suicidal, complaining that she was too worried about herself and the baby, and not worried enough about him.

He used to tell the mistress that he was having Jennifer served with divorce papers while lying to her about buying the mansion in Lynnfield.

But the problem was that the house wasn’t for sale, which the mother of his children and her parents realized after driving past it and speaking with the owners. When Mike found out that she had gone behind his back and sought out the truth he blew a gasket and blamed her.

He became abusive and manipulative towards her, accusing her of being in the wrong for seeking the truth about his lies, and he used it as an excuse to dump her.

He also showed her a fake receipt, purporting to show $1 million in his bank account.

In reality, Jennifer Fucci told him that he was not allowed to be a father to the human life he created, and she is the only person in his life who doesn’t seem to mind that he is a pathological liar and a scam artist. Last week she created the Zoom meeting where she and Mike were going to explain why he lied about having cancer to raise $20K. She used her Intulet work account to create the meeting.

This is a direct violation of Insulet’s code of conduct and business conduct guidelines, that prevent the personal use of corporate assets that are entrusted to employees. They are only to use them for legitimate purposes.

We encourage you to send an anonymous report to Insulet about this gross misuse of the company’s business assets for personal use, so that Jennifer Lucci can lie and cover up for her criminal husband. You can submit a report by clicking here.

Mike Fucci has hurt so many people over the years in some of the worst ways imaginable. His entire life is a lie, and he has no problem hurting people who are close to him because he finds it preferable to telling the truth. He is now trying to silence me by applying for a harassment prevention order. So although this series comes to a close, we will have further updates after court next Friday. All are invited to attend.


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