Head Of Framingham Football League Lied To Media About Not Seeing Racist Text Messages From Coaches, Board Discredits TB As Clickbait, Media Steals Our Work


The story that Bristol broke Tuesday showing racist text messages between Framingham Youth Football coaches has made headlines across the state. The most alarming text messages came from Coach Michael Todd, but several other coaches participated in it and said nothing.

The Metro West Daily News and the Framingham Source both had knowledge of these texts and chose not to write about them.  WCVB, and the rest of the media shamelessly took our work and passed it off as their own. Make no doubt about it – this story would not be out there if Bristol didn’t publish it first. These people are shameless thieves who don’t adhere to any journalistic standards, yet demand to be taken seriously.

Bristol provided receipts showing that league President Jason Smith knew about the issue and did nothing to investigate it. Within 24 hours he announced that the league had fired three unnamed coaches, yet he still has a job. And now he’s blatantly lying about when he found out about the messages.

Three Framingham Youth Football coaches have been fired after the group’s Board of Directors found that coaches had exchanged racist text messages, President Jason Smith said Wednesday.

“All three coaches were dismissed from both their coaching and board positions once we received information about inappropriate texting,” said Smith in a brief interview on Wednesday. “Once we received all the information, we removed the coaches immediately and took them off the Board of Directors.”

This is an email from the coach who made the initial complaint to Jason Smith on October 26, 2018.

Here is Jason Smith acknowledging it on the same day.

He did nothing about it, but now he’s claiming that he just found out about the text messages in the last 48 hours after we wrote about it.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Smith said the organization learned about the “reprehensible and racially charged text messages between some of our coaches” over the last 48 hours and launched a “thorough investigation” that confirmed that the messages were real, MetroWest Daily News reported.

“The Board of Directors takes this matter very seriously, will continue to investigate, and will take any further actions necessary,” reads the statement.

Screenshots of text messages sent to the Daily News show several people exchanging racist messages in a group chat titled “Football Coaches.” In one message, a person encouraged violence and used a racist slur targeting black people.


Here’s you admitting you were aware of it over a year ago.

He just got called out for it by Bristol in the last 48 hours, which is why he’s now pretending to care. He should resign immediately.

Meanwhile, the media is crediting the  Metro West Daily News of breaking this story. This is Zane Razzaq, the reporter from the Metro West Daily News who is claiming credit for breaking this story, and is being linked by the other media outlets.

She’s a young, social justice warrior who simply doesn’t have it in her to admit that she got her story from TB Daily News, because then she’d be admitting that we are a legitimate source of news. It’s easier to just steal it and pass it off as her own. When Gatehouse Media fires her a couple years from now because they’ve found a 22 year old who will do her job for cheaper, she’ll be the one crying about how unfair it is to be a journalist in America today. She can be respectfully reached out to at [email protected] or on Twitter at @ZaneRazz. This is theft, and these people need to be called out for it.

The other media outlet that ripped us off was the Framingham Source, owned by Susan Petroni, which had knowledge of these  messages and chose not to write about it.

Yet every time someone comments on their page about ripping off TB Daily News they were banned and accused of being Turtleboy.  

Whatever you do, DO NOT flood the Framingham Source’s Facebook page with links to this article, pointing out that Susan is a thief.

The board also hasn’t announced who any of those three coaches are, so you’ll just have to take their word for it that the guys who covered this up for 2 weeks dumped the racist guys.

We were also forwarded an email conversation between members of the board directors after our blog started making the news, and here’s what board member Brian Cullinan, an account executive at Enterprise, had to say.

“It appears to be some sort of clickbait tabloid.”

A great way to dismiss facts and indisputable evidence is to call it clickbait. This is who you convince yourself that it’s OK to participate in a coverup.

“I’d like to understand how credible TB Daily News is and as a source of information.”

Well Jason, just ask our good friends over at the Washington Post, who seem to think we’re pretty legitimate. Or maybe you prefer to hear the Boston Globe singing our praises instead. If you’re west of 495 there’s always Masslive too. Or just ask former State Police Colonel Richard McKeon, who no longer has a job because of our reporting, if he thinks we’re credible while he plays golf on his fat pension.

I’m going to rant about this tonight on the live show so make sure you’re tuning in at 9:30.

Also, this lady too.

These people are so brainwashed and forced fed by the mainstream media it’s not even funny. They are slaves to corporate owned entities, and anyone who provides evidence and facts outside of those entities is not to be trusted.

I’m old school fired up right now and I’ll have a great rant tonight on the live show about it, so make sure you subscribe by clicking hereEnough is enough. You don’t get to pretend like you don’t know who we are anymore and what we do.


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