Investigating Fraudulent Veteran Landon Steele Part 6: Smearing Veteran For Shooting Him In The Face, DAPL Mercenary, Dog Neglect



Landon Steele had a dog named Grace, who he claimed was both his service dog, and a trained dog that detects explosives.

Except Landon has no need for a service dog and he doesn’t know how to train a dog to find explosives. According to him Grace was “self trained which is completely legal.”

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This is the same dog mentioned in part 3 that he left in the cage without water for 15 hours a day while he got drunk and passed out. After going on one of his “contracts” he abandoned Grace, never picked her up when he got back, and she died last year.

Grace’s usefulness for Landon appears to be primarily to make him look like the grizzled combat veteran who needed a service dog to adjust to civilian life, that he pretends to be on Facebook.

But Grace was just a regular dog that he neglected.

In 2015 Landon was pretending to be fighting Somali pirates on Facebook, and by 2016 he was posting other stories about being in Somalia according to one of our sources.

Back in 2016 Landon incessantly posted about needing contractors or combat vets to join him on a contract overseas and they had to have a passport. He posted picture on Facebook tagging himself in Mogadishu. The picture was of his arm with IV in army that said “Dehydration wont stop me from kicking ass.” A lot of vets began to wonder about if it was true.

Many began to get suspicious with that over the top post, which he later removed. I have not seen the post, but multiple sources have confirmed that they saw it. They remember is so vividly because at the same time he was posting pictures from Somalia a video emerged of him in North Dakota at the DAPL protests.

Notice how scared and out of place Grace looked in that video when compared to the german shepherds with the other mercenaries.

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Poor Grace.

Landon hadn’t told anyone he was there, and being involved with this sort of thing was not a good look. A Facebook friend of his immediately recognized him in the video. Here’s what she tells us.

I’ve never met him in person but were acquainted through mutual friends. I had friends/family on the front lines at Standing Rock and then news broke of Landon being there because of me! I recognized him from a pic that was posted and immediately contacted him about it. Everything out of his mouth about Standing Rock was a damn lie. Everything!! He had his dog Grace there and claimed she was a bomb sniffing dog after having said she was a service dog previously. We had several conversations while he was there and everything he said was a lie. I called him out on his own page about it and was blocked and then his entourage persisted in harassing and threatening me. I lost veteran “friends” over him, because “hE wAs A mEdiC” and was kicked out of veteran groups that offered peer support to other vets. I was called names, my service was called into question (I’m former Army Mortuary Affairs) and was under the impression that he knew people that could hijack my computer info. THANK YOU for this!!!!! I feel redeemed and vindicated!!!

This is a common theme when it came to questioning Landon publicly – those who did so risked social ostracism. Landon had turned himself into a Facebook celebrity veteran, and as such was untouchable.

Landon attempted to lie his way out of it by claiming that he was called in as a mercenary because there were “foreign elements” at the pipeline protest.

He lied about terrorists being at the protest, lied about them having weapons and being violent. Not sure if you’re up to date on that story but it turns out none of that was true, the security companies that were hired fabricated the lies to make themselves necessary. They militarized their whole stance on the protesters and that’s when shit got violent. He had a hand in that!

That video began making the rounds in left wing circles and several of the mercenaries were doxxed, starting with Landon. He was easily recognizable because of his presence on Facebook, and when they Googled his name they found an organization called Torchlight USA. Their website no longer exists, but it contained the same fraudulent bio that Landon had shared on other websites.

It’s not clear who made the website for the now defunct mercenary group, but it listed Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer as a company officer.

I reached out to Dakota for comment on this, and he made it clear that he had no idea who Landon was.

Landon likely reached out to pretend to be a bigger part of Torchlight when he saw Dakota Meyer on there and jumped at the opportunity to be associated with someone of Dakota’s celebrity.

As it turned out Torchlight was not involved in the pipeline protest at all. Landon just happened to live in neighboring Minnesota and had nothing to do so he showed up and pretended to be a trained mercenary. A press release from Torchlight made that clear.

Another lie that Landon likes to tell is in regards to being shot in the face. According to a 2000 police report, Landon accidentally discharged his weapon, but the stories he tells online are much different.

Landon posted several times that he was shot in the face by a drunk and high army reservist while working with the police tactical unit during a standoff.

But of course there is no reason that the police would ever need the services of an alcoholic with no police training.

The man Landon claimed went to prison for shooting him was Bret DiFrancesco, a random veteran from Washington state who Landon decided to smear for his own foolish mistake.

Landon claimed that DiFrancesco went to prison for 8 years for shooting him, which conflicts with DiFrancesco’s bio, since he was deployed to Iraq during that time.

DiFrancesco is an American hero who Landon libeled for his own gain.

Many people were onto Landon by 2018, and in this heated exchange Landon stumbles upon questioning from an anonymous Facebook account, run by someone who clearly had done their homework. Watch as Landon’s friends attempted to smear the person asking questions while defending Landon’s honor.


Notice how the person questioning was prepared while Landon stumbled through his responses, telling one lie after another. His friends could clearly see all this information in front of him, and instead of questioning Landon they deflected by focusing on the anonymous person asking the questions.

On top of that he also tells people that he had shrapnel lodged in his neck after a rocket landed 20 feet from him.

That story is completely made up (one time it was 27 rockets) as is the story about being clinically dead for a short period of time.

Landon has badmouthed the VA and their doctors, claiming they were incompetent while dealing with him as a patient, and suggesting that he was more qualified due to his background as a “medic.”

He went so far to say that he wanted the doctors in jail.

Other lies Landon has told include being hired to teach tactical training to cops, Special Forces, and Navy SEALS. Read this conversation in which Landon is lying to a woman in order to impress her and try to move into her house.

He’s so deep into this fantasy Landon character.

The disciplinarian who gets called in when cops or SEALS need a good schoolin’.

The expert who gets frustrated when the Special Forces he’s in charge of don’t go at a pace fast enough to keep up with the legendary Landon Steele.

The gentle soul who despite the rugged exterior just wants to find a nice girl to settle down with, because, “I follow my heart – it’s a good heart.”

He has claimed to be friends with Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods – two of the men killed during the Benghazi attack. He frequently posts about them, while wearing a shirt he stole from one of his ex-girlfriends (who comes from a family of Navy SEALS and knew the two that Landon pretends to know) that reads “Hillary Clinton killed my friends.”


Landon presents himself as a valuable and well known mercenary for hire. Like that time he served in Egypt alongside his Russian, Greek, and Ukrainian comrades.

Thank God there was no quid pro quo or Landon wouldn’t have been able to shoot himself in the face.

While on one of his “contracts,” Landon sent a woman text messages showing his bloody clothing, claiming that Netflix was doing a documentary on his work, and would later be shipping off to Africa to fight Boko Haram.


The lies never end.

We are almost done with this series, and will probably just do one or two more to wrap it up next week. We will examine how Landon gets guns, the extent to which alleged stolen valor groups have gone to cover for him, and review all the instances in which Landon has been guilty of stolen valor.

For a preview of what’s next in this series I discussed it on the Live show last night starting at the 29 minute mark.





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