Investigating Celebrity Veteran Landon Steele Part 2: Living With A Pathological Liar


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When the first blog was published about the allegations of abuse brought forward by multiple ex-girlfriends and associates of Landon Steele, his response was typical of those who we’ve exposed for misdeeds in the past – he deflected. Normally the standard response to being exposed on one of our blogs is to throw out baseless allegations about me allegedly being fired from my teaching job for sexual harassment, or something of that nature depending on who is telling the story. Of course none of this is actually true, and the only reason people do it is because they can’t defend themselves.

Landon claims that I have a bias against his girlfriend Leigha Genduso, and that I’m only investigating him because I am stalking her. And although it is true that we have written about Genduso extensively, she’s only a minor player in this story. If she wasn’t dating Landon and threatening his victims then she’d play no part in it at all. However, Leigha was a state trooper who the MSP actively promoted on social media, despite the fact that she was also an admitted drug dealer and money launderer, so reporting on her isn’t stalking, it’s investigative journalism.

Landon also says that he is suing us, which I welcome with open arms. The discovery phase of the lawsuit should be enlightening. Although I’m not sure how someone who seems to owe money to so many people, and who hasn’t seemed to have a paying job in years, could afford to retain counsel. Additionally, since Landon is a resident of Montana, and I exclusively do business in Massachusetts, he’d have to file in federal court in Boston.

On top of that, Landon is also smearing his victims as liars.

These women do not know each other and have no reason to lie about what he did to them. They also tell almost identical stories about his patterns of abuse and manipulation. Landon might pretend that there is nothing wrong, but it’s only to maintain his perceived reputation as an honorary, respectable veteran.

On the contrary, Landon is a pathological liar. In the first part of this investigation we showed you his medic vest, which he wore in Haiti and claimed was covered in the blood of a Haitian ally who was shot during an imaginary gunfight.

But upon closer inspection it’s pretty obvious that those are not blood stains.

Notice the patch is completely blood free, and blood would not spatter in the patterns you see on the vest. More importantly, he posted that same picture on Facebook weeks before he left for Haiti, and it was already covered in “blood.”

He was living with one of his abuse victims before she urged him to go to Haiti in order to get him out of the house, and she witnessed him do this in the garage.

She, like many others, was completely deceived by Landon from the beginning.

What we thought was this big, badass looking, rugged, lumberjack kind of man that steps out of the vehicle is actually a very emaciated guy (like I was bigger than him and I’m an average sized woman) he had that strung out, scary eyed, alcoholic type look to him and then the body odor hit you when you hugged for the first time. It’s like I hugged a padded mattress when really underneath was this 110 pound bag of bones. He stunk. But then the smooth talk comes and you get sucked into feeling sorry for him.

According to her, Landon wears several layers of pants and shirts every time he poses for a picture, but no underwear.

Interesting fact about Landon Steele, is if you look the majority of his photos you are going to see a trend. At all times, no matter what climate he is in, he wears 4 to 5 shirts, including a carrying vest that he literally stuffs his sleeves and pockets FULL of paper toweling to appear bigger. In the entire time I dated him, he never wore JUST one shirt or ONE pair of pants. He’d wear sweatpants under 2 or 3 layers of jeans and sometimes stuff those pockets with paper toweling as well to appear to have an ass and thighs. I bring this up because ALL of his exes that I’ve talked to have agreed that when we tried to do his laundry he’d become confrontational and give us a reason not to wash his disgusting clothing. In the entire 3 months he was with me, he MAYBE washed his clothes twice. He caught me trying to wash them once after a night of sleeping on floor and pissing his pants in a drunken rage and he completely blew his top. He didn’t want any of us women to find out that he padded his clothing. When I point this out to most people that haven’t dated him yet, they are like “Oh yeah, look at that!! Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before!”

Here he is working in her garage before leaving for Haiti.

Eat your heart out J-Lo.

He initially charms his victims, but after a month his true colors come out.

And then he comes home with you and starts cooking meals and talking about how much he loves to clean. He attaches himself to the kids and your animals. You almost feel like it’s too good to be true. Then about month 2…the weird shit starts happening.

I found shit hidden all over my house and in my garage..not just alcohol bottles and cans but plates of half eaten food..wrappers…garbage…empty bottles of beard oil…I’d question him and he’s always deny it. He’d stay up all night and be on his phone…and he’d expect you to stay up with him. He said he couldn’t fall asleep without watching a Disney movie first to cancel out all the demons. He never respected ANY of my issues I had from the war…it was always all about him.

He’d talk about the tantrums they were having but it’s like he didn’t understand it wasn’t empathic enough to know that an autistic child doesn’t know how to express their frustration or anger. So he’d make fun of the outbursts and especially make fun of the mother how she handled everything. He claimed he was the only one that could watch the child correctly. He’d try to make the mom seem neglectful when really the mom was terrified to leave her with Landon because she knew how badly he drank during the day…and how bad he’d get by the evening.

Many have suggested that the victims were foolish and naive to let this man live with them. Here’s what she has to say about that.

It hurts to read comments like “These girls that allowed him into their home are just plain trash.”  but what I have found, is that all of the women that he’s preyed on are well educated, employed, beautiful women that live normal lives (well, except for Leigha.) I’ve found they are not crazy at all. We HAD no warning about him.  If someone would have warned me I don’t know if I would’ve believed them, however, if an article such as YOURS would’ve been floating around there’s NO way in hell I would’ve subjected myself to the pain and confusing anguish that Landon caused. To this day I am still afraid he will show up at my door and try to harm me. When I open my eyes at 2am I feel he’s in my house. I am scared. There are so many people that worship him, my only hope is now that its in the open people will see his true colors. I don’t know ANYONE that could read your entire article and STILL think Landon is a good person. He’s pure evil and needs to be stopped. EVERY girl he goes to from now on will hopefully be sent your articles. 

Then it got weirder.

By month 2 of staying with me I politely asked him to volunteer with my small town’s EMT service’ since he’s so interested in that kind of work, and my town needed EMTS. He told me nothing ever happened in my town so it wouldn’t be worth it. I then asked him to please find a job so he’s not (his quote) ‘masturbating 5 to 6 times per day’ on my couch while I’m away at work. He would brag about how many times he’d masturbate on my couch while I was away. In the mean time, I kept tabs on how much he was drinking and when I’d confront him, he’d get up in my face and yell, spit and knife-hand me (one of his favorite things he liked to do to people, and bragged about it.) I felt it was my right to ask him about his drinking since he frequently pissed his pants and pissed all over my floor. I found plastic garbage bags FULL of beer cans thrown in my woods behind my house. (many exes I’ve talked to have found the same thing in their woods)

Before and after he left for Haiti he lied to her about everything.

Before he left for Haiti, he was telling loved ones that he might not return. He was going to go after a hit list of 6 drug lords and his mission was going to be dangerous. He said he was going to get shot at every single day and this was going to be a HIGH paying contract. This wasn’t a paying position AT ALL nor was it even a CONTRACT, nor would he be looking for drug lords. This was a VOLUNTEER based EMT position. 

While Landon was in Haiti I noticed his behavior changed drastically, but not in a good way. He was leaving me belligerent messages on my Facebook at all hours of the night, so each morning I’d wake up to this when I opened my laptop. It’s almost like he was possessed, but I figured he was doing a lot of drugs and my anxiety grew not knowing what I’d wake up to each morning on my computer. I knew that I had to break up with him soon. He’d make claims like “I am the ONLY medic for 3 million people in Haiti”, meanwhile was sending me videos of him harassing the prostitutes on the street and videos of him at the local strip clubs with loud music. I’d question why he was lining up to take pictures of elderly patients that looked like they were dying. I called him out on purposely taking pictures with sick kids because then he had more material to post on his page looking like a hero and that would attract more women. We broke up before he was kicked out as I got word he was trying to hook up with an incoming female medic. 

When in Haiti he’d send me pics and videos of random women shoving vibrators up their asses. These were women he was talking to but he’d send it to make me jealous. He’s obsessed with anything anal. He’s an addict.

As we’ll see later on, the obsession with masturbation is something that others have witnessed.

But it gets much worse. In Part 3 we will look into the many times that Landon has pretended to have been at death scenes, lied about being there, and used it as a way to get closer to the victim’s families.



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  1. I like how this is literally a white knight shitting on a dude based on stuff his exes said. Whether true or not, it’s ridiculous to post on the internet.

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