Investigating Kate “Bristol” Peter Part 3: Kicking Dogs, Abusing And Demeaning Boyfriend, Questions About Alleged Marriage


I recommend catching up on part 1 and part 2 of this series before reading part 3.

Kate Peter is perhaps the greatest hypocrite we have ever profiled. Despite the fact that she’s had all four of her children taken from her at one point by DCF, and gave away the two youngest boys  permanently (and told several people that one of them died in foster care), she still saw nothing wrong with using her platform to constantly judge other parents. This recent post, while still under my employ, was just too ironic.

Abandoning your flesh and blood to make YouTube videos. Good thing Kate doesn’t know anyone who would do that.

One thing has remained constant about Kate’s posts throughout the years – no matter the circumstances, she is always the strong, independent woman, who virtue signals to her abusers about how well she’s doing. She wrote this novel to her second baby daddy in 2013, blaming him entirely for the horror her children had to face.

Her life decisions, including the one where she chose to live with him knowing that DCF would not give her two youngest kids back if she did, were inconsequential.

In anticipation of this blog being published Kate rebranded her YouTube show and attempted to come clean about her past while pretending to hold back tears.

She said that she began drinking and neglected her kids, leading to all of them being taken by DCF once again in 2012. According to her all four kids were to be adopted out, until she made a deal to only have the younger two given to their foster parents. Her rational was mind boggling:

“My older 2 were bonded to me more than my younger two were. They had been in this foster home for half of their lives.It didn’t seem responsible or fair for me to disrupt these two little boys who were settled into a life with these parents who loved them so much. To bring them back into a situation where I didn’t know if I could handle it. So in 2014 I made the decision to adopt two of my kids out. But I had to do it.”

Her two youngest boys bonded with her in the womb. They could walk and call her Mommy. She had birthday parties for them. She played games with them and posted about them constantly on Facebook.

But apparently this wasn’t enough of a “bond” to fight to keep them.

She also got a round of applause for this rant.

“I got here because of hard work and personal accountability.”

I’m not sure where “here” is, but certainly when you abandon two toddlers and pawn them off on another family it makes it easier for you to advance personally.

“You will not find one time in my history when I blame other people for my circumstances or expected someone else to dig me out.”

Except for all the times she blamed men in her life for her circumstances.

And what about the 2014 charge for drug larceny, the same year that she “voluntarily” adopted out her two youngest? She has an explanation for that too.

“I was working in home healthcare, I had some clients make a police report that some pain pills were missing. There was investigation, it was cleared, it went to court that was cleared. They had filed a police report against their daughter the previous month because they were early refillers. It’s not on my CORI anymore and that was dismissed. My criminal record is mostly inconsequential.”

The people she allegedly stole from were lying. She was “cleared,” much the same way as she believes she was cleared by the NAPD for hacking into the TB Facebook account and posting a threat to herself. Her criminal record is inconsequential, unlike Will Turbitt, who had to be brought to justice for an outstanding warrant under the guise of a legitimate debate at Dunkin Donuts.

She also claimed that she is married.

“I am actually married.”

Except all of her friends who have reached out to us insist that she is not. Perhaps she can prove us wrong by telling her cult followers what day her anniversary is, or where she was married. According to her, the relationship is rocky.

“I’m in a relationship that is rocky and I’m lucky that he has stuck around.”

And that is a bit of an understatement. Andrew H. Johnson was the latest man with a bad drug problem who began dating Kate in 2012.

By all accounts Andrew has been the most stable influence in Kate’s life, which doesn’t say much. In 2016 he posted about how he tailored a dress for Kate before a wedding, which she ended up forgetting.

He doesn’t write well, but he has rushed to her defense several times.

She has also posted many flattering things about him, and her two remaining kids call him Dad.

But despite the fact that Kate has brought so many abusive deadbeats into her life, and finally found a man who was willing to raise someone else’s kids, Kate constantly demeans Andrew publicly and airs his dirty laundry.



Just like she did with SSTG, myself, and many others, she shared private text messages on social media for the purposes of public shaming.

In our own group conversations Kate only spoke of Andrew when she was putting him down.

One of her biggest complaints about me, and every other man in her life, is that I treated her like a child.

In 2015 she bragged to a friend that she was arrested for biting Andrew while drunk, after pouring water on him while he slept and telling him that she had sex with his brother.

She called it “bitch ass movement” for him to call the police.

Kate had a contentious relationship with Andrew’s dog Jolene, smeared him for not taking proper care of her, and went so far as to ironically say, “don’t take on the responsibility of a living creature if you’re not going to actually take care of it.”

But in 2016 Andrew publicly accused Kate of kicking Jolene, forcing him to intervene and wrestle with her, while bemoaning Kate’s anger.

Her daughter responded by telling him that she could hear all of their fights, including hearing Kate say that she wanted to kill the dog.

Likes to waste time bringing Turtleboy to court, allegedly kicks dogs, and used a victim of domestic violence to her advantage. She has a lot more in common with Rian Waters than she realizes.

I shared a screenshot of that disturbing comment about kicking the dog on the Terrance Collie Facebook page, and within minutes Andrew H. Johnson, who I have never spoken to in my life, wasn’t tagged, and would have no idea he was being talked about, suddenly appeared to defend Kate’s honor.

As you can see from the spelling and grammar when compared to Andrew’s previous posts, that was clearly not him. It was most likely Kate, since she was monitoring our pages, and has admitted to having control of Andrew’s Facebook account.

And there’s nothing controlling about that.

Kate’s two remaining children are understandably crying out for attention. She brought her son on an undercover mission to Hadassah Robeson’s house in August, and has brought him to do reconnaissance work for her – something he is far too young to be involved with. Her daughter is a teenager, but doesn’t get the attention a girl her age needs from her mother, because Kate’s too busy posting all day on Discord, plotting her next big show about where Josh Abrams ate lunch today, or catfishing Joe Orga. Consequently she would often complain in our group messages about how out of control her daughter was.


I told her several times that I’d completely understand if she took time off from Turtleboy to focus on her daughter. But her show was an addiction for her. Her thirst for attention and praise came before the well being of her own children. Every single person who continues to look for towards her for “content” on auditors is contributing to the neglect of her children. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Stay tuned for Part 4.


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