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Monica Cannon-Grant Organizes Protest Tuesday Outside BPD Headquarters, Demands Firing Of Officer Who Took Police Report And Gave It To Turtleboy


A few months ago an unidentified black man was arrested by Boston Police near Monica Cannon-Grant’s house in Roxbury. She didn’t like this because he was black and had a criminal record, which to her meant that it was racist. She then proceeded to unleash a rant on Facebook Live that she deleted, but the video appeared out of nowhere yesterday. Here it is, followed by my analysis of the video on the live show.

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Just for some context here, she’s mad that Chief William Gross, Boston’s first black police chief, “isn’t black enough” because he criticized the ACLU two years ago for filing a frivolous lawsuit against the Boston Police Department. But there were so many quotes from this civil rights icon that will go down in history….

“I will organize a fucking protest and I will surround that fucking protest, and we will protest until we get some fucking answers.”

“It took 6 of your white, bullshit bitch ass officers to fucking do a traffic stop, harass a fucking kid to the point of no return because you know he had a fucking record. Where the fuck is his free speech?”

“I recorded you bitch ass n****as.”

“I will be Tupac Shakur dead out this bitch if you try it with mine.”

“If you have me face the fuck down it’s gonna be some more rioting and looting that’s happening.”

“Only jobs Marty Walsh can offer is construction jobs, like he funneling everyone to work with their hands, like our kids don’t have talent to do anything else.”

“If you black, I can’t tell.”

“What the fuck is black? That shit aint never benefitted us.”

“I dare 6 of you mother fuckers to pull me the fuck over. I promise you I’ll give you a reason. Assholes. On a Sunday!”

“Show me where you black at.”

“Every black and brown I see getting pulled over by the police, I’m getting out of my car and I’m recording your bitch ass. I’m gonna give you a reason to take me to court. Believe me that.”

“All you coonin ass black mother fuckers behind him high fivin him”

“N***a we your votes. Aside from you coons who keep voting for you bitch ass n***as, we your votes. Don’t come to my house, don’t call me. Don’t ax me why I’m coming for Marty Walsh. Don’t ask me why I’m not standing behind him clapping, like a good coon, like a house n***er.”

“Call the Mass Bail fund and my mother fucking kids”

“These fucking coonin ass black folks invite you to the basketball games and got black kids shaking y’all hands without telling them black kids that in 5 years they’re gonna be racially profiled by them same bitch ass officers.”

In regards to why her teen daughters did not attend the police junior training program where they recruit kids from the community to become cops…

“They don’t want your summer job training them to be bitch ass n***as”

“Even if you fucking kill me, you coon ass n***as, you got my mother fucking kids to fight. I’m raising activists to protest against you mother fuckers and dismantle your whole fucking shit. Don’t have nobody call my phone, not an elected official, not the head of the NAACP. Cuz y’all good for having n***as address n***as.”

“You think you had 45K people march from Roxbury to the commons against racism, I’ll occupy fucking Roxbury, I promise you. I’ll get all my mother fucking white allies and I’ll occupy Roxbury. Clown ass n***as.”

“The same way I sat in Commissioner Evans office in front of Eugene Rivers (pastor and well known black community activist) and he called our black kids nothing but thugs and hoodlums and that they wasn’t shit. And I slammed my hand on the table and tried to jump across that bitch and lay him the fuck out.”

“Im ready to go level a city block cuz y’all do bitch n***a shit.”

“Let’s be clear – fuck the po-lease.”

“Every woman on the roster is a fucking white woman. What the fuck they gonna tell to me? Nothing.”

She admitted that former City Councillor Tito Jackson is the guy her donors call when she starts acting ratchet in order to calm her down….

“Don’t call Tito like y’all normally do. Don’t call anyone you know who I fucks with. Talk to me directly.”

In regards to her gang banging son who works for her fraudulent non-profit…

“My kid can’t walk to the bus stop. My kid can’t do nothing. So I had to buy him a car, poor as fuck, I had to buy him a car. Cuz he can’t even walk to the bus stop. Even though ain’t nothing happening they gotta dodge bullets.”

“Y’all coonin hard. Fuck the police, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Every day I leave this day feeling like they gonna Tupac my ass. Every fucking day I leave this house feeling like they gonna Malcolm X my ass.”

Just for reference, “cooning” and “coons” refers to black people who Monica feels “aren’t black enough” because they don’t stand by her when she acts like this.

This video, and all the other like it, was readily available for all to see, and yet the media, politicians, the Celtics, and “pastors” lined up to promote her, give her a platform, and help her maintain the legitimacy she needed to turn Violence in Boston into a million dollar cash cow.

Monica is apparently not happy that we found out about her fraudulent police report in which she accused us of being white supremacists who disrupted the opening of her free building in Hyde Park last week. She got Officer Marc Coleman to write that report for her, after being directed to do so by Captain Leighton Facey.

She’s very upset with the Boston Police for allegedly leaking this publicly available report to me, and she’s organizing yet another protest in front of the Boston Police headquarters in Roxbury on Tuesday at 1 PM. As usual, she’s framing it as if she is the one under attack her, when in reality she has threatened to have both Rayla Campbell and I killed for peacefully protesting her insanely racist rants about riding white penis. She’s also asking people to “protect black women,” when in reality no black women are in danger, and the only one being criticized and protested is her as a direct result of her racist and threatening rant directed towards Rayla Campbell.


She was advised “by her communications team” to file a police report after a “white supremacist” (me) “ambushed” her by peacefully protesting on a sidewalk.

Now her life is in danger (what else is new?) because she thinks Coleman leaked the report to me, even though I heavily criticized him for taking the report in the first place. But yea, let’s go with that – Coleman gave it to me. Try to get him fired, please.

Tonight she released an equally dramatic 45 minute video about why she’s holding this protest.

I wonder if her racist white friend Leslie Templeton will be at the protest?

It’s just the same nonsense with this woman. She is both clinically insane and an overly dramatic con-artist. Her grift revolves around her constantly living in danger of whiter supremacists who are trying to kill her. Since this doesn’t happen in real life she just labels any legitimate criticism of her as white supremacy. White women like Leslie see this, they open their checkbooks, and they keep Monica going. It’s a grift that’s worked for a long time but the jig is up now and she’s cancerous to be associated with because we’ve exposed her.

“I watched them kill Malcolm”

“My car is gonna explode”

“I need permanent security”

“I contacted the Nation of Islam”

“Cops gave the video to white supremacists”

“I reached out to the DA and AG’s office but they told me these individuals I were told were protected by the First Amendment”

“I had a black woman bring a white supremacist to my headquarters.”

7:45 – Starts complaining about Rayla showing up at her press conference with Joe Kennedy, and how she found out that Rachael Rollins gave Rayla the heads up about the press conference

8:45 – Admits that she made the phone calls to Chris Lewis on the day we protested her, and says she did so because she would never call 911. Then admitted she called the cops.

“Black men who loved me, tried to defend me. So we contacted 911. The police advised us to complete a police report so you can get a harassment order to prevent them from coming on private property.”

“I finally mustered up the courage because they were planning to ambush me wherever they see me at. I made a phone call to an officer who knows who I am. He assisted me and handed me off to another officer who took the report.”

“September 11 the white supremacist organization dropped another article on me and this particular articles they say Monica filed a police report and they have a picture of the officer who called and his wife. But they have details that the average person requesting a police report did not have. But the picture they used of the police report was a picture of the officer’s screen, not that they requested the work and had the paperwork report. This white supremacist had a relationship with a cop and took a picture of the cop’s screen.”

“The detective who had been helping me contacted me, and he said you haven’t given me the information that we need so we can move forward. I said we haven’t given you the information because I feel sketchy just talking to you. I said this white supremacist organization dropped this article.”

That officer said to me “I was trying to be diplomatic but it definitely came from the inside.”

She’s admitting now that she has these cops on speed dial and can use them as a weapon to silence peaceful protesters with bogus police reports.

“They literally handed my police report over to people who show up to protests with AR-15s and kill people. For the black man who held my information over to white supremacists because they felt inferior…..”

“We got some demands. I want the officer who released that report fired.”

20:30 – tells dramatic story about how I drove her to try to kill herself in a hotel room but her kids and friends all texted her and told her not to

30:00 – tells story about Asian woman who donated $7K but she gave it back because the Asian woman said that Asian people struggled more than black people

32:45 – tells story about how if her friend punches someone in the face at the club she’ll start punching too, then ask questions later

This protest should be fun. I’m going to try to be there, but unfortunately with remote learning I’m now officially a babysitter because the teacher’s union is afraid to be around my kid, so I might have to call in a favor in order to get childcare. We will see.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries