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Monica Cannon-Grant Publishes Text Messages With Rachael Rollins, Maura Healey, Urging Monica To File Harassment Order Against Turtleboy For Reporting About Her 

Editor’s Note: We discussed this topic on the Live Show (1:05:15)

Monica Cannon-Grant is very upset about the Boston Magazine article chronicling how Turtleboy and a Boston man named Jamarhl Crawford teamed up to expose her unstable behavior, ultimately leading to her being charged with 18 counts of fraud in federal court. In particular she seems to be in shock that former District Attorney and current US Attorney Rachael Rollins attempted to weaponize Rayla Campbell and Turtleboy against Monica at an August 2020 Joe Kennedy for Senate event, because Rollins supported Kennedy’s opponent Ed Markey. Monica is now sharing private group text messages between herself, Rollins, and Attorney General Maura Healey, in which the former DA instructs Monica to go to court and apply for a harassment order against me for reporting the truth about Monica.

Of course she tagged Joe Biden as well.

Here’s the text message Rollins sent Monica, instructing her to go to court TODAY, and telling her to give her the names of anyone from her office who suggests she do otherwise.

The fact that Monica had Maura Healey’s personal cell phone number and felt comfortable attempting to weaponize her office to silence a media outlet that has been critical of all 3 of them, is troubling.

By the time she sent this text message (August 6, 2021) she had been communicating with Rayla (directly) and Turtleboy (indirectly) for over a year. She knew Monica was a menace and that our reporting on her was accurate, which is why she distanced herself from Monica. Yet she still urged her to clog up the courts by filing for a frivolous order that she knew Monica did not have grounds to obtain, in the hopes that it would silence my criticism of both of them.

It’s important to point out that between the time when Rollins was sending us information about Monica’s whereabouts (August 2020) and the text message above (August 2021), we reported on two major stories involving Rollins:

  1. Her involvement in a Christmas Eve 2020 road rage incident in which she threatened a civilian and illegally used her blue lights while driving her kids in a state vehicle she was using for personal reasons, and her subsequent threatening of a Fox 25 News reporter who attempted to question her about it.
  2. Her interference in the Mikayla Miller lynching hoax, in which she weaponized Monica to lead a massive protest in Hopkinton based on the lie that the teenage girl didn’t commit suicide. This was done to undermine Middlesex County DA Marian Ryan, whose office serves Hopkinton.

Rollins initially thought that feeding us information about Monica would get us to protect her. When that didn’t happen she once again began to covertly assist Monica, who had no idea that Rollins was playing both sides.

In that text message Rollins stated:

“It the police leaked something file a formal complaint with Commissioner Long and Mayor Janey. I am sorry you are dealing with this.”

That is in reference to this blog we published about corrupt Boston Police Captain, who allowed Monica to file a complaint over the phone about Turtleboy and Rayla peacefully protesting her overt racism and violence at the grand opening of her now defunct and fraudulent nonprofit in Hyde Park. She specifically went to Coleman, who does not oversee her neighborhood, because she knew he would assist her. We became aware of the complaint and Monica’s ties to Captain Coleman, so we talked about it on the Live Show and showed the absurd report she filed. Rollins urged Monica to file a complaint with BPD about the publicly available report being “leaked.”


Rollins also urged Monica to file charges against Jamarhl Crawford, who has been documenting Monica’s behavior for several years now.

She knew that there were no grounds for Monica to file charges against Jamahl or this reporter, but she still urged Monica to do so, knowing that it would take up valuable police and court resources that could be used to help actual victims of crimes.

Monica also published screenshots of a text message that we’ve already published, showing Rollins messaging Rayla Campbell and giving her a script to read attacking Joe Kennedy for not condemning Monica.


Rachael Rollins is a conniving snake and Monica Cannon-Grant is a mentally unstable, race baiting con-artist. They both had political influence in Boston, and attempted to weaponize it to hurt people criticizing them. The difference is that Rollins is smart and conniving, while Monica is stupid and loud. Rollins came to us because she thought that we do the “enemy of my enemy” thing, but the fact of the matter is that we are loyal to nobody and only report the truth. They deserve each other.



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