Nonbinary Antifa Maynard Teacher Says She Has Full Backing Of Union And Administration, Calls Concerned Parents Dumb For Caring About Inappropriate Outfits And Criminal Charges


Yesterday we published a story about a nonbinary Antifa communist named Jay Verchin, who is a substitute teacher in the Maynard Public Schools and indoctrinates children as young as 5 with transgender ideology. Despite coming to school dressed like a circus freak, and having previously been sent home for wearing inappropriate Daisy Dukes, Principal Mike Barth is standing by the teacher and shaming parents whose children are distracted and confused by Verchin’s bizarre behavior. He even called Jay a role model.



Since Jay knows that she has unlimited protection as a member of a “marginalized” group, she does not fear any sort of repercussions. Yesterday she posted on Twitter, bragging about how parents want her to be their children’s teacher, and claiming that she is now a full time employee of the district.

However, Principal Mike Barth previously told a concerned parent that he allows Jay to wear whatever she wants to school because she could be making more money at Home Depot, which would indicate that she is not full time.

So either the principal is lying or the communist Antifa teacher is. If she’s not a full time teacher then he is inaccurately representing herself as one on social media.

Today Jay mocked people who thought she would be fired for her abhorrent and inappropriate behavior by bragging about how she had the backing of both administration and the teacher’s union.

Then he plugged his music, and said that concerned parents were “transphobes who are too stupid to read.”

Jay was previously a singer at All Saints Church in Worcester, but quit in October when they sang slave spirituals because it was offensive to her as a white person, even though almost every genre outside of Country music evolved from slave spirituals. Here she is posting a picture of herself giving the church the middle finger on IG.

According to parents we spoke with, students at Fowler Middle School are well aware of the first blog about their teacher and were reading it during school. The district’s IT department has since blocked access to entirely so that students cannot read about what a deviant their teacher is. Students might also might discover that the “role model” for LGBT students was arrested and charged for her involvement in a riot in which a mob threw glass bottles at police, forced a cop to run for his life, hit one officer with a concrete slab, destroyed a police car, and were in possession of a molotov cocktail.

Why are the Maynard Public Schools preventing students from knowing the truth about their teacher? Why is this Homer Simpson in a muumuu individual such a protected asset for the district? Are the MPS blocking access to TikTok, since it’s Chinese spyware that rots their brains?

Superintendent Brian Haas has been ignoring parent emails for the most part, although he did respond to one concerned woman, assuring her that he spoke with Jay and the School Committee, but didn’t explain what actions were being taken.

Keep in mind, this is the same superintendent who just two months ago sent out an email apologizing for a student Thanksgiving reenactment, calling the national holiday a “day of mourning,” after a UMass Boston professor said she was offended by it.


Just to be clear, Superintendent Brian Haas will act immediately if a ridiculous woman claims to be offended by a student Thanksgiving reenactment, but won’t say a word if a riotous, communist nonbinary Antifa teacher uses Maynard’s classrooms to force 5 year olds to call her a bunch of made up pronouns. Feel free to email Brian yourself and ask why that is – [email protected].

These are still up on Jay’s IG.

Bondage and boobies. Any student with a phone can access those images in school, but they cant read Turtleboy Daily News because we’re offensive. These are the values of the Maynard Public Schools.

Just to be clear, if Superintendent Brian Haas continues to allow this person to violate the district’s social media policy and taunt concerned parents on social media, then I will have no choice but to organize a peaceful protest outside of Fowler School sometime in the near future. We will not be ignored, and we will not allow schools to keep predators like this around children.


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