North Providence Mom Arrested For Beating Driver In Front Of 8 Year Old Child Was Featured In January For Assaulting Cranston Cop And Threatening Driver While On ATV



In January we published a blog about a North Providence mother named Shyanne Boisvert who was arrested for terrorizing Cranston drivers with her posse of losers in ATVs, and then assaulting a cop while her children sat at home wondering where Mommy was.

It wasn’t her first time doing something like this either. Here she is taking a digger in Boston.

Shyann never took responsibility for her actions, and instead started a GoFundMe to raise money for her legal defense, after blockading a woman in traffic, banging on her window, and then assaulting a cop.


Well, she’s back, and this time her and her posse dragged a mother out of her car in traffic and beat her in front of her 8 year old child.

Providence police said Thursday a 24-year-old woman was arrested in connection with a violent ATV attack earlier this week. Police said Shyanne Boisvert, of North Providence, was charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct. Investigators said Tuesday that a woman told them she was dragged from her car and punched and kicked by a group of ATV and dirt bike riders after she honked at them to move at a green light. An 8-year-old was in the back seat watched the confrontation, said police. Boisvert will face a Providence District Court judge Friday. Boisvert, who was riding a motorcycle, was sentenced last month in connection with an incident in January involving ATVs and an SUV driver in Cranston. According to records, she was charged with simple assault. She was given probation for one year with community service.

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The video is disturbing.

That’s a man pulling a woman by the hair, punching her in the face repeatedly, and then smashing her face into the road while her horrified child looked on. And all for the crime of trying to drive on a public road.

These people are terrorists. They hole public city roads hostage and don’t allow law abiding citizens to pass. When citizens attempt to assert their rights they are assaulted. It’s a pattern, and if Mayor Jorge Elorza cared he would be increasing police presence to stop this. But because he is a Democrat and a supporter of the defund the police movement, he has invited this sort of lawlessness.

The violent incident happened City Councilor Kat Kerwin’s district. Last year Kerwin, who wants to defund the police, made headlines when she she was caught on police body cam threatening officers while drunk at a bar. She has not responded for comment.

Kerwin and Elorza both had plenty to say last month about police pepper spraying a mob that attacked them on Sayles Street, using it as an opportunity to call for more defunding of the police as Providence began to see record violence.

A woman had her face beaten into the pavement in Kat Kerwin’s district and her solution to this problem is to defund the police. A Warwick woman named Miya Brophy-Baermann was murdered over the weekend in a drive by shooting, five other people were shot, and the Mayor has not mentioned her name. She was white and wasn’t killed by police, so her life does not matter to Kat Kerwin and Jorge Elorza. Providence Fraternal Order of Police have been vocally critical of city leadership on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Shyann Boisvert learned nothing from her arrest in January and has continued to not only violate her probation, but do it publicly on social media, frequently posting videos of her and others illegally riding ATVs on public roads while doing dangerous stunts.

Her IG story has videos of her driving while smoking blunts, and promoting her Only Fans account.

Because, of course she has an Only Fans account.

And just in case whatever guy she’s having unprotected sex with this week wasn’t sure where to insert his yogurt slinger, here’s a road map.

Why does DCYF allow this ratchet excuse for a mother around her two kids?

“I’ll live for you two forever.”

Please don’t. Those kids are much better off not knowing who you are. Please just crash and stop living. Thanks.

Two other IG accounts who posted pictures of themselves there (which they have since taken down) are Bloxboyj401 and killa_kevv.

Any grownup who still thinks it’s cool to do wheelies is a loser, and the world would be a better place without them. The quicker they crash and die the better. Sorry, not sorry.


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