Poor Behavior

Pedophile Honored On Veteran’s Day Who Told 14 Year Old To Worship His Balls And Now Works At Providence Nursing Home



Two years ago we published a story about a former North Attleborough Selectman candidate named Matt Trowbridge who got caught by the Mass Predator Poachers trying to have sex with a 14 year old boy.

Unfortunately the censorious twats at YouTube have removed the video (unless Jay from PPM has an extra copy?), but of all the pedophiles they have caught this one was one of the creepiest due to his arrogance. If you saw the video it was blatantly obvious that he was hardly even embarrassed that he got caught, and would likely reoffend within a few days.

What made it creepier is that he also was a Santa and Batman for hire, who routinely had access to children.

Last year we wrote about him again after discovering that he changed his name and found employment at an old folks home in Providence, where he was organizing a drag show for residents.

He was quickly terminated after we wrote about it, but he’s back again and working at a new old folks home called Wingate Residences on Blackstone Boulevard, also in Providence. It’s unclear what name he’s now using,  but we know this because a motorcycle club called Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club, Nathaniel Greene Chapter posted pictures from a Veteran’s Day visit there, and Willy Worship My Balls appeared in one of them.

And we all know that bikers don’t have a high tolerance for pedos.

Update – Nam Knights of America has responded, removed the post, and condemned Matt Trowbridge.

Matt Trowbridge is a child sex predator who should have no quarter in a civilized society. Not everyone reads Turtleboy or follows YouTube pedo poachers, which is what he’s counting on. He loses one job, moves onto the next, and since he’s never been convicted of a crime this doesn’t come up in a background search. But let’s be clear Matt – you need to move far away from here if you expect to continue to carry on like none of this happened. Because every time we find out where you’re working we’re going to continue to post about it.


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