Providence Mayor Who Fell For Kylie Kirkpatrick Scam Deputizes Army Of Karens To “Socially Shame” Those Who Won’t Wear Masks 


Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza chimed in yesterday about what members of the community should do when they see other people not wearing masks.

With masks soon to be mandatory, even outside in a public space, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza is encouraging people to speak up if they see others going against safety protocols.

“If you’re out there and you see someone not abiding by the rules, you should socially shame them so they do fall in line,” Mayor Elorza said Tuesday morning while speaking with NBC 10’s Gene Valicenti on WPRO radio.

Elorza said there aren’t enough police to monitor if people are masked up, and requesting residents speak up and be “part of the solution”

“We all have our way that we can either nudge them or push them to make sure that they’re being responsible as well,” Elorza continued.

The Mayor of the city just deputized an army of Karens to “shame” anyone they see without a mask on.

Because apparently the Providence police can’t violate civil liberties of free people effectively enough without the Mayor encouraging mobs of people to bully and shame free people who do not “fall in line,” which totally does NOT sound like a Fascist dictator demanding compliance.

If you’re on Team Lockdown, you did this. You might not agree with his tactics, but you created this monster. You gave the government absolute authority because you naively believed that politicians are not blood thirsty psychopaths drunk on power.

It’s not surprising that Jorge Elorza fell for the baseless fear mongering that wearing a mask saves lives. After all, this is the same man who got conned by Kylie Kirkpatrick and agreed to fly her and her lying son Ryan Kyote across the country in order to meet with him about the non-existent lunch shaming that never took place in Napa.

Kylie was arrested two months ago and has since been charged with 8 felonies, including fraud and child abuse. If you haven’t read that story then click here and your mind will be blown. Remember – Jorge Elorza fell for this scam. H

He also hired a staff member who wanted to ban police from the gay pride parade last summer.

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Now this man wants citizens to not only fall for the propaganda that masks will save us, but urge mobs of civilians to shame and harass those who don’t “fall in line.”

When the mob was running Providence it transformed into a vibrant, destination city. Under Elorza’s watch it has turned into a cesspool of crime that can’t even keep a Fire and Ice open because no one wants to go there anymore. Bring back the Mafia. The city was less authoritarian and better run back when they were in charge.


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