Rachael Rollins Ignores Dozens Of Shootings In Boston To Draw Attention To Racist iPhones Because She Can’t Figure Out How To Use Black Judge Emojis


April has been a very violent month in the City of Boston.

People are getting shot everywhere, most of whom are “marginalized” folks. You probably haven’t heard much about it because none of them were shot by white cops so their lives don’t really matter to Coca Cola, Ben and Jerry’s, Monica Cannon-Grant, or anyone near the levers of power. Nor do they matter to DA Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins, who hasn’t said a word about any of them because she’s too busy bragging about not arresting anyone and whining that Derek Chauvin was entitled to criminal defense.

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Over the weekend Rollins must’ve been hitting the sauce once again and trying to figure out how to use her iMachine, because she tweeted out this work of art:

Siri, show me what it looks like when you go full SJW and full Boomer at the same time. I wish right about now that one of her prostitute sister’s children would take her phone from her and show her how to use it properly. This is embarrassing, even for her.

Sure, lots of people in Boston are getting shot, but the primary concern for the District Attorney is Road Rage Rollins’ racist Apple product that doesn’t let her use black judges for emojis. So instead of tweeting out whatever she planned to tweet out about judges, she decided to switch gears and point out the systemic racism of iPhones instead.

As many said in the ratio that ensued in her replies, there is a simple solution for her racism problem.

Ya see, there’s no such thing as yellow people, which is the default color for all emojis depicting human beings on iPhones. So you can either go with the yellow, or play around with it a bit.

Emojis are also based on presets, so this means she’s never used a black person emoji for anything.

A normal human being would remove the embarrassing boomer tweet and try to do something about all those people getting shot due to the revolving door she’s put in place for criminals in Suffolk County. Not Road Rage Rollins though. She’s not here to put criminals away or keep people safe.  She’s here to race bait, abuse her power, lie on Howie Carr, threaten civilians on Christmas Eve during traffic disputes, threaten to make up lies about news reporters in order to have them arrested, and stop prosecuting crimes that her ratchet biracial family members coincidentally commit in high numbers.


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