Ratchet Quincy Family Swears At Jury, Blames Court Appointed Attorney After Guilty Verdict In Murder Trial 


Three years ago we published a story about a Quincy woman named Alyssa Delamano after she was arrested for fatally stabbing a complete stranger named Cameron Nohmy in a parking lot. Her mother Joellen defended her innocence on Facebook, vowing that she would be exonerated in court. 

“Innocent till proven guilty.”

While this is true, unfortunately for Mom the Quincy Taco Tickler was found guilty last week after a trial in Norfolk Superior Court, which was presided over by Judge Daniel O’Shea – the judge currently assigned to the Karen Read case. The jury verdict ended in the most ratchet way possible, with Delamano swearing at the jurors and her mother yelling at the free court appointed attorney who couldn’t get her off for a crime that she clearly committed.

The family spent most of the trial taking selfies outside of court and dressing as ratchetly possible inside of court, just in case the jurors had any inclination to find her not guilty.

Interesting that they’d complain about Attorney Eliot Levine, considering they fired two attorneys prior to him. Also notice that Beverly Cannone was once the presiding judge in this case, but because it’s no longer her turn to be the judge in the main courtroom she stepped aside and let Daniel O’Shea handle the case. She has chosen to do the opposite for Karen Read’s case, proving that she’s more than willing to allow judges to switch during a murder trial unless she doesn’t feel like it.

The Taco Tickler has a long and documented criminal history that includes guilty findings for A&B with a dangerous weapon, violating an abuse prevention order, and larceny.

But she learned it from watching Mom, who has a Google trophy collection larger than her daughter’s that days back to her glory days in the 90’s.


To the surprise of no one the ratchet rangers were in the comments section defending Alyssa’s honor. For instance, Pretty Siddity Kdot (which may unfortunately be her real name), mocked the victim for being killed while blaming him for his own demise.

She showed up to court posing for pictures with the Taco Tickler’s mother while wearing her “Free my baby” t-shirt.

I’m almost positive the blonde nonbinary thing with them outside of court yelling “free AD baby,” was the same one who made a puke sound when they/them passed by me at the 2:40 mark as I approached the courthouse for the Karen Read protest on July 25.

July 25 was the same date that the jury for the Taco Tickler’s case was chosen, so it would make sense that her supporters would be there and that they would not be fond of my coverage.

As it turns out simply yelling “free her,” and “muh baby dindu nuffin” is not sufficient grounds to be acquitted for first degree murder, no matter how many 100 emojis you use.

Quite frankly it’s a miracle that anyone in her family is still alive, since the concept of having a job or living past the age of 50 is foreign to them. Pretty much everyone she knows is dead and I can’t imagine why, since she seems to live such a stable lifestyle and takes glamorous vacations on top of boulders.


Her son Jeffrey also recently died, but she speaks to him through a medium. Auntie Bev denied a motion from the Taco Tickler to attend his wake.

But they’ll always have their priceless family memories together.


Luckily for Jeffrey he saved time and taxpayer money it would’ve cost to fight the vandalizing property charges which were dropped on account of being dead.

Alyssa was really going places in life before she decided to throw it all away by stabbing some poor innocent man to death for no reason. One person who will not be missing her is Colleen Callahan, AKA “Coco the Blood,” who was filmed getting beaten up by the Taco Tickler on Facebook Live, and ended when Joellen called her up to remind her that she was still streaming. Prior to the fight the two ratchets were actually recording a video of themselves taunting a rival ratchet, but their friendship ended at the 1:50 mark when Coco the Blood spat in order to prove a point, but it landed in the Taco Tickler’s niece’s bed, prompting the beat down. Mom calls at the 3:05 mark, in one of my favorite videos of all time.

Anyway, it’s nice to see justice finally being served in that courthouse. The system seems to work OK in that courthouse as long as Beverly Cannone isn’t overseeing the case.


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