Reader Email: The RMV Suspended My License For A 2003 OUI In Arkansas And Forced Me To Pay $100 Fine That I Already Paid, But Stephanie Pollack Still Has Her Job


Reader Email: I have an interesting story about the RMV you may be interested in. It was brought to my attention yesterday, August 19, that my license was suspended the prior Friday due to an out of state (Arkansas) OUI that occurred 16 years ago. I paid all fines, attended classes, and had my license reinstated in both states 16 years ago, yet it came back because the registry allegedly forgot to charge me 100 dollars 16 years ago. I say allegedly because I believe I paid it but obviously cannot prove it now.

I am sure that I am one of many who are going to be affected by this. This could have had detrimental repercussions to my life and career due to the registry’s negligence. I could have ended up in jail because they suspended my license without notifying me. The only reason I found out was because my employer runs our license status weekly. The logical thing to do would have been to send me a bill and have me pay it. In my opinion this is abuse of government authority. It also took 4 hours to get through to the registry to find out what was going on, I waited on hold the entire time. There is absolutely no reason why citizens should be gravely affected by the shortfalls of the registry. I hope this story interests you and I’m sure if you dig you will find many others like mine.

Just so we’re clear here:

  • We now know that Volodymyr Zhukovskyy got a DUI in Connecticut a month before he killed 7 bikers in New Hampshire while driving a truck under the influence of drugs.
  • We know that the Massachusetts RMV never suspended his license as they should have because information on out of state driving infractions like DUI’s was sitting in 53 unopened bins in Quincy.
  • We know that just a few weeks before the fateful incident Zhukovskyy tipped over a truck, and four months prior to that was arrested in Texas while driving a truck higher than Ben Allbright’s LSAT scores and causing a scene at a Denny’s.

  • We know that Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack was appointed by Charlie Baker, and ultimately was responsible for running the organization that should have red flagged Zhukovskyy and suspended his CDL.
  • We know that if Zhukovskyy had no CDL then he couldn’t drive trucks and the 7 Jarhead bikers would still be alive.
  • We know that Pollack still has her job and hasn’t been held slightly responsible by Baker.
  • We know that Baker promised reform, and that reform apparently means extorting money from law abiding citizens in order to have their suspended licenses reinstated for infractions that happened 16 years ago in Arkansas, for which the drivers already paid the appropriate fees.
  • We know that they are not telling people who have their licenses suspended, putting them in danger of being arrested without having any knowledge that they are breaking the law.

This is what Massachusetts always does when they try to fix something – they make it worse. The problem isn’t the guy who got the DUI in Louisiana in 2002. The problem is the guy who got one in Connecticut the month before. As usual, law abiding citizens are the people who pay the price when the government decides to increase regulations. And worst of all, it’s Massachusetts using a tragedy in order to profit with a tax that isn’t advertised as a tax.


Anyone else have this issue? If so hit us up at [email protected]


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