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Several Women Allege Celebrity Veteran Landon Steele Abused Them


This is Landon Steele.

He is a decorated veteran, who served his country overseas, and has gone on to do private contracting work in places like Haiti.

He’s also had some very serious allegations made against him by several women, and they are alarming to say the least. I was warned by mutual friends that he had a lot of connections and that it would be unwise to write this blog.

Jane Doe #1 from Santee, CA recently took out a restraining order against him and accused him of domestic violence.

Here is her affidavit.

According to Jane Doe #1:

  • Landon began dating this woman and living in their house with her two daughters, but he quickly turned mentally and physically abusive towards her
  • Landon told her to drink while she was pregnant, and used his background as a medic to attempt to convince her that this was good for the baby
  • Landon hid liquor throughout the house and blamed it on her two daughters
  • Landon was frequently drunk and possibly high while living there
  • She accuses Landon of pushing and cursing at both her and her children while drunk
  • Landon complained about headaches so she took him to the VA hospital where he saw a doctor who told him that he was taking stimulants. Landon lashed out at her on the way home, blaming her for taking him there
  • She accused him of trying to suffocate her, but was afraid to call the police because he said he would knock her out or even kill her if she did.
  • He blamed her for making him angry and abusive.
  • She kicked him out and he moved into a shelter, which he blamed on her.
  • It was arranged that he would come and pick up her belongings, so she had a friend (Jane Doe #2) come over for support.
  • When he arrived he tried to negotiate his way into the house, but they left his belongings outside. After taking pictures of her house and accusing her of various things, he then texted her and accused her of cheating on him because there was another car there (Jane Doe #2’s).
  • Jane Doe #2 confirmed this version of events in her affidavit.

Jane Doe #1’s brother also wrote an affidavit confirming what she wrote, alleging that she called him when she was worried Landon would hurt her. He overheard him being abusive, and when he helped his sister move out her stuff he discovered liquor bottles in Landon’s belongings.

Retired First Sergeant Jane Doe #3 submitted an affidavit as well.

According to her:

  • She offered him a job with a veterans non-profit for suicide prevention called VetRest, and a place to stay in Maryland.
  • Landon had a severe dependency on alcohol and drugs.
  • She ended up terminating him from Vet-REST after a failed intervention. 
  • She witnessed violent outbursts and physical aggression while living with him
  • She witnessed him being abusive to his ex-girlfriend
  • Landon had daily communication with his mother who sent him money. When she wouldn’t send him money she witnessed him being abusive towards her and falsely accused his mother of allowing a neighbor to sexually assault him at gunpoint as a child.
  • Landon’s mother said that he lies and manipulates for personal gain and his dependency.
  • Jane Doe #3 told him several times he had to stop the daily drinking, which he couldn’t do, and when he did he attempted to hide it by doing drugs instead.

She continued.

  • His girlfriend at the time (2016) contacted Jane Doe #3 for help with his drinking.
  • She heard him call his girlfriend a whore and accused her of cheating when she was pregnant.
  • At the intervention she was made aware that Landon had a loaded gun and ammo hidden in the house, so she took it but said nothing to him because she didn’t want to derail the intervention. 
  • Landon agreed to go to rehab, but then lashed out at his girlfriend, blaming her for being involved in the intervention.
  • He checked out of rehab early after just 2 weeks and he was terminated from VetREST.
  • Women in Texas, Minnesota, Kentucky, and California have contacted Jane Doe #3 asking for help due to his abusiveness.
  • All of these women told similar stories of drug and alcohol use and manipulation so they would financially support him, and she was worried he would hurt them.

A veteran named Jane Doe #4 who dated him also wrote an affidavit alleging similar abuse.


According to her:

  • They became Facebook friends through a mutual veteran friend and he began contacting her regularly
  • Landon made up a lie that he knew who she was because he was supposed to replace her friend Rachel who died in combat. Her unit commander later confirmed that this was not true. He still lies about this incident on Facebook to this day.
  • Landon told her he had to go to Michigan for a top secret mission protecting drugs on a boat. He and a friend named David Taylor prepared to drive from Rhode Island to Michigan and asked to stay at her house. They ended up staying for over a month as he made up excuses that the mission was being postponed. He told her that it was top secret and he had to turn off all his devices and go off the grid for it.
  • David Taylor later got sick of him, became suspicious, and moved back to Rhode Island, but Landon stayed. Taylor later told her that he found out there was never a mission in Michigan, and Landon made the whole thing up because he had screwed up with his Rhode Island girlfriend and wanted to start fresh with a new girlfriend. Since he had no money or a car he used David Taylor for a ride.
  • Landon lived with her for several months, where he drank excessively, and was disruptive and destructive. He always had 2 guns on him, and sometimes left them in the open with the safeties off while drinking.

  • A state trooper friend came to her house, knocked on the door, and Landon drew his glock and put the red dot on the trooper’s chest. The trooper was upset and hasn’t talked to her since.
  • Landon had a mental breakdown because she didn’t stand up for him, took his gun while drunk and went to the top of a hill where she worried he would hurt himself.
  • Landon lied to her about several things including having a million dollars in an account after winning a lawsuit.
  • Landon told her that he worked in a drug investigations unit in Minnesota, was shot in the face, and while he lay their dying he thought of the wife he had never met – her. She later found out that this is a common story he tells women to seduce them and take him into their home.
  • He stole her medications.
  • He made promises to pay her rent and utilities but didn’t follow through and had many lies to excuse it.
  • He told her he was doing a CIA mission to Haiti and could not tell her details about it, so she could not confirm if it was true. He took very little possessions with him and said he had to practice his shooting a lot before leaving.
  • He still owed her money, but made up stories about Haiti not having PayPal, bank cards not being sent to him, fire fights preventing him from getting to money transfer machines, and other things she later found out were not true.

  • After dodging her requests for money owed to her he called her out of the blue and demanded that she look up symptoms of Ebola and the Zika virus because he thought he had it. When she refused he blamed her for causing his death.
  • He said he wanted to stay in Haiti for more than a month and claimed he was providing care, but in her opinion he was neglecting patients in favor of posting pictures of himself doing great things on social media.
  • After this incident and several belligerent messages sent by Landon she decided to end things with him.
  • Since breaking up with him he has moved on to 4-5 different women around the country, telling them he’s in love with them and promising to take care of them. She’s been in contact with several of these women and they almost have a mini-support group.

Another woman named Jane Doe #5 from Kentucky wrote an affidavit telling a similar story.


According to her:

  • She began communicating with him on Facebook because she was under the impression that he had done work with a Veterans organization that she had volunteered for. 
  • She spoke to him while he was in Haiti but his stories seemed dramatic, sometimes about hiding in mountains with police everywhere.
  • She invited him to a charity event in Columbus and offered to pay for his plane ticket. He accepted, but she became skeptical once she found out that he was lying about being in Walter Reed hospital with a friend of hers.
  • He cancelled his trip to Columbus, told her he was ill, and then posted a picture at the airport saying he was going to Oregon. He then told her he was going there for a job offer to work on a secret operation.
  • He told her the same story he told other women – when he was shot in the face while working on a drug unit his life flashed before his eyes and he wished he had a family and a home and a wife. And that wife was her.
  • Landon told her he wanted to see her so he flew to Kentucky and he took her out to dinner with the father of a soldier who was killed overseas. Landon lied and said that he was there when the remains were discovered in 2008.
  • She allowed him to stay in her house but he left his two guns out in the open. She objected because she has two kids and he accused her of not liking guns.
  • While she was at work Landon rifled through her cabinets looking for pills.
  • She introduced him to more friends, and he shared stories about his past that were filled with discrepancies.
  • A veteran with suicidal tendencies called her one night since she worked for an organization that specialized in this. Landon had told her that this was what he did as well, so she allowed him to speak with the veteran. Instead of comforting him he yelled and swore at the guy and she took the phone away.

It continued.

  • She went out to dinner with him and he was aggressive, inappropriately touching her under the table. He did not stop when she asked him to. 
  • When they got home she ended it and kicked him out of her house when he was drunk.
  • During his time there he was frequently drunk, made up lies about finances and life experiences, screamed at her dog, and stole money from her son’s piggy bank to buy cigarettes. He also was possessive and aggressive towards her while claiming ownership of her possessions.
  • Because he did not want to leave he guilted her by telling her he had nowhere to go and continued to make up lies about not being able to access his bank accounts.
  • She was unaware that he does this to women all the time and felt bad for him, so she attempted to get him help at the VA hospital. He lied and told her he had made an appointment because he was not well, but it was just a ploy to please her so he could stay there for free for longer. A CT scan was conducted and there was nothing wrong with him.
  • Before leaving the house he posted pictures on Facebook of a new gun he purchased, which he shouldn’t have been able to do.
  • She found out that while he was staying with her that Landon was already making plans to move onto the next woman in Minnesota, and repeated the same lines he did with her. He lied about that once she asked.
  • She had let him use her second car while staying with her and said he wanted to buy it. Instead he trashed it, broke it, and left it worthless in her driveway.
  • Landon repeatedly told her he would chip in for rent and groceries but never did.

Another person found a bottle of vodka that he left in their vehicle, nearly leading to an unfortunate arrest. Landon denied his culpability once given the chance.

He posted a video criticizing black lives matter back in 2015, which has over 3 million views. At the end of the video he says, “I’m going to go shoot some guns, go home take a nap, and probably wake up and drank some Jameson.”

In 2016 in Wisconsin Landon was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a firearm while intoxicated. The former was dismissed while the latter ended with “guilty due to no contest plea.”

Earlier in 2016 he was in eviction court in Minneapolis for non-payment of rent.

Another veteran in California named Sarah met Landon while she was deployed. They started talking on Facebook and began a relationship. At the time time he was back in Wisconsin and said he wanted to move to San Diego. But since he had no car she flew to Wisconsin, rented a car, and drove him back to California.

Despite only dating her for less than a month he wanted to marry her, a feeling she did not reciprocate. After living with her and not paying rent she began to get suspicious. She hired a private investigator who found out that the real reason he wanted to go to San Diego was to stand trial for the domestic violence charge from Alma King.

Soon, just as with the other women, he began excessively drinking, making plans for his next move, claiming to be a contractor. And just like he did with the others, he already had a plan for his next move with the next woman. This time it was contracting work in Montana. Because Sarah put him on her cell phone plan and paid the bill, she was able to see who the woman was that he was communicating with frequently – a phone number near Lawrence, MA, which belonged to former State Trooper Leigha Genduso.

Now Leigha was making plans to move to Montana to be with Landon Steele. She recently updated her cover photo to a picture Landon previously posted in Montana.

Although Leigha denies she is currently in Montana, she appears to still be in Massachusetts. Sarah wanted Leigha to know who she was about to move in with, so she reached out to warn her about his past. Leigha initially responded in a hostile manner, because she was “too old for unstable females reaching out because they have attachment issues with their exes.”

After being presented with the information you’ve seen above, Leigha messaged Sarah back, apologized, and thanked her for bringing it to her attention. Until then Leigha didn’t know there was another woman, and Landon had been telling her he loved her.

Then she had a change of heart.

According to her all of those affidavits were not enough proof for her to avoid moving 2,500 miles across the country to be with Landon.

A concerned friend of Sarah had also reached out to Leigha to warn her about Landon.

Leigha was aggressive with her and the other woman (who is also a veteran) ended up blocking Leigha, but not before she posted a Howie Carr link on Leigha’s Facebook page.

And because Leigha thought they were working in concert, Leigha responded by posting on Sarah’s company’s Facebook page. It was threatening and told Sarah she would regret it if she didn’t do as Leigha asked.



After that Landon began reaching out to Catalina, the former marine from Texas who had tried to warn Leigha about his past, and threatened to sue her if she continued.

Soon after that Leigha Genduso attempted to reach out to Catalina, but was blocked. So she signed into her Facebook alias (which I didn’t know existed until today) and messaged her using that instead. Leigha threatened her, telling Catalina that she had “no idea” who Leigha’s connections were.

Tony. Lombardi.

Undercover state trooper.

Everett resident.

Veteran kite surfer who forgot to take the watermark out of his cover photo.

Mind blown.

Look at the pages Tony Lombardi likes.

The State Police (let it go girl, seriously), the Howie Carr Show (which has been relentless in mocking her), and “Investigation of Turtleboy Sports,” which our old friend Kevin Lynch started years ago before we made peace.

Tony also likes WAAF.

I wonder why.

Leigha and Landon both have a love for dogs. Currently Landon is working with Lyman Bishop, the owner of Hoplite Armor in Montana. Sources tell us he has been helping them develop canine armor for for an agreed upon revenue share once the armor hits the market. He’s been advertising it on his Facebook page.

Other sources tell us that Landon claims that he is attempting to contract with the Massachusetts State Police as well, although it seems unlikely that Leigha Genduso would still have connections there.

Additionally, Landon is a controversial figure who in 2016 was accused by a Native American group of being a paid mercenary group who brought dogs that bit protesters at Standing Rock.

I have not seen video of him sicking a dog on protesters, but there is video of him there.

The women who came forward about this story were also sent messages, threatening that Leigha had connections to MS-13.

Unless they sell crappy weed in North Reading, I find that hard to believe.

Best of luck to Leigha with her new boyfriend. She’s made so many wise life decisions at this point I don’t see what could possibly go wrong. Seems like a nice guy.


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  1. This is not complicated: veteran with PTSD and probably already an alcoholic and/or alcoholic tendencies and possible borderline personality finds vulnerable women with a savior complex who think they can change him. They can’t, he becomes increasingly more violent until they leave and get a restraining order.
    If women continue dating him and he doesn’t get serious, in-patient help, someone is going to die, possibly both him and whoever he is dating.
    He reminds me 100% of a vet. PTSD, heavy drinking, coke use, crazy talk, very manipulative. It never, ever ends well with them.
    This man needs help ASAP and it is not going to come from Leigha. This is sad on so many levels.

    1. Thanks for that, cause all Vets are like this of course never ends good when they are involved. Your what’s wrong with this country.

  2. He’s a total loser but so are all these women. Who lets a man they barely know move in and live off them…especially when you have children. How pathetic, desperate and disturbed these woman must be to let this happen. This Leigha girl is a Grade A loser at life and her parents must be so disgusted and disappointed in her. All of these people are pure trash

    1. Nothing like a liking victim blaming.
      Not all the victims let him move in.
      Not all the victims are women.
      Not all the victims were romantically involved with him.
      He’s definitely a serial abuser and you’re definitely an idiot.

  3. Wanna be. My gayday also is beeping high. This guy is as gay as a night with Liberace

  4. You did not block out all the names in the first affidavit. I can see you did later in trying to protect them, but their full names are still in the victim affidavit. The identity of Jane Doe #1 can also be easily figured out that way.