Sturbridge Against Racism Group Shuts Down After Being Exposed For Bullying And Harassing Small Businesses For Months


Yesterday we published a blog about a Facebook group called Sturbridge against Racism that was distributing a list of local businesses and targeting those who hadn’t publicly pledged allegiance to black lives matter. Those who did not were harassed with phone calls and put on the naughty list, while those who complied were noted as “pro democrat” and “progressive,” so they wouldn’t be bothered. Sarah Prager, a white woman and suspected white supremacist who has no job and profits exclusively off her sexual identity, was leading the charge.

She tried to play dumb and act like she wasn’t targeting businesses.

But that is exactly what she was doing.

She literally was pressuring small businesses into signing a statement vowing their support for BLM.

Totally not a cult.

On top of that she was using the group to organize mass reporting campaigns against people who had different political opinions than her related to BLM.

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Because she’s right, and you’re wrong, and therefore any tactic she uses is moral.

Sarah saw the Turtleboy blog, and instead of bowing her head in shame and apologizing for being a bully she did exactly what people like her always do – victimized herself, pretended she’s in danger, and blamed us for screenshotting her words and criticizing them.

“People of color have a right to find out where is safe and where is not”

There is nothing more racist than a white person who chose to live in a white town, infantilizing black people by assuming they will feel “unsafe” if the guy who makes their coffee is a conservative.

“infamously irresponsible extremist website known for going after anyone who is not a conservative extremist”

Everyone who criticizes your horrid behavior is an “irresponsible extremist.” Let me rephrase that for you:

“infamously diligent common sense website known for defending victims of all political persuasions from online and real world bullying by exposing their oppressors, criticizing their actions, and giving them a taste of their own medicine”

They tried doing the ol’ “mole hunt,” which is like a Becky version of the Salem Witch Trials for soccer Moms where the group starts accusing random members of being the leak because they didn’t post about BLM enough. But they decided to shut down the group instead because they realized that a group with 200+ members can never possibly be private.

Sarah Prager claims her group does not exist for the purposes of bullying small businesses but after spending a few hours yesterday looking through the page it appears as if that is a lie. I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Worst Sturbridge SJWs and the insane things they’ve posted in that group, because every single one of them deserves to be shamed for taking part in this. These are horrible people doing horrible things, and they don’t get to pretend that they’re the good guys any longer.


10. Jessica Fairbrother – Not a fan of Turtleboy calling out racism. 

The Davis Farmland blog was actually a big hit in this group, and I figured that an anti-racism group would appreciate me calling out MC Spectrum’s use of the n word in public, but apparently they sided with him since he hates Trump.

“IEP Diddy, are you frigging kidding me? That is a clear reference to special ed students!!”

She cracked the case everyone!

You thought your satire would fool this ginger? Think again!


9. Lisa Sanderson – Boycott business owners for voting for Trump

Sure, you could like Donald Trump because you agree with his position on free speech, free trade, or a variety of other political topics. But according to Lisa you can only like Trump if you are a racist, therefore you must lose your livelihood.



8. Kikibeth Hoop – Can’t find POC owned driveway company

I laughed so hard the first time I read that one. She really, really, really wants to prove that she’s one of the good ones by announcing to the world that she wants a black guy to pave her driveway. But as it turns out there just aren’t that many black guys that gravitate towards careers in asphalt, especially because she intentionally chose to live in a part of the state that is far removed from any sort of diversity. Does anyone know a black guy she could use? Anyone? Seriously, any black guy will do. They don’t even have to do a good job, she just wants to take a picture of the hired help paving her driveway so she can virtue signal about it.


7. Joanna Shapiro – Boycott the Sturbridge Police

How dare a police department recognize the sacrifices of murdered police officers on a day in which they are supposed to memorialize and remember fallen police officers! Joanna HATES the families of Ron Tarentino, Michael Chesna, and Sean Gannon, and would prefer if you just let them be forgotten instead.


6. Chad Hoover-White – Boycott Eller’s Restaurant because the owner went to Washington and won’t condemn Trump

Guys, he asked the owner of a restaurant to say something and the owner wouldn’t say it! Can you believe that? He’s God damn CHAD! And he’s really hurt by the fact that another grown man won’t do as he commands.


5. Amanda Ivey – Someone harassed my employer!!

The admin of a group that exists to target and harass people at work for their political opinions can’t believe someone contacted her employer over her political opinions. You can’t make up this kind of irony.


4. Jenn Reed and Kate Garvey – Harass Garieri Jewelers

We blogged about Garieri Jewelers 3 years ago after a mob attacked them over their billboard satirizing Colin Kaepernick.

Luckily they didn’t care and their business went through the roof because of it. Jenn Reed figured she’d give it another shot.


What’s next…Q Anon????!!!

LOL. These people’s fascination with whatever the hell Q Anon is never gets old. I swear, they know more about it than any conservative alive today.


3. Jill and Joe Delaney – Harass a coffee shop for hosting coffee with a cop, then ban anyone who disagrees with this tactic

This is what we’re dealing with here.

Nuff said.

“Super fashy.” LOL.

A couple people tried to get them to reconsider, since coffee with a cop is all about community outreach. But I guess Sturbridge was too white to be allowed to host an event like this.

Nick Crouse attempted to disagree, so of course he was attacked by the purple haired woke monster for being bigoted.

Sorry Nick, but your defense of a coffee shop from an online mob for the crime of hosting a community outreach program means you’re making the non-existent black members of the group unsafe.


2. Sarah Prager and Jill Delaney – Destroy a small business owner for not firing an employee for voting for Trump

God bless this man for not backing down. These people are so presumptuous that they assume business owners and their employees must answer their ideological purity quiz before getting business from them. Any business owner who does this to a speech Nazi like Sarah Prager will always get my business.

The owner of the business told them she would address it, but this wasn’t enough for Jill Delaney, who apparently thinks that she gets to make personnel decision for privately owned businesses.

Again, the guy didn’t say anything racist, he just told a stranger who was harassing him to pound sand. For that his family’s business must be destroyed.


1. Hazel Humphreys 

She’s my favorite of them all, and she goes to the same dentist as Giannetti.


She’s trying to figure out how to explain to her 4 year old why Aladdin is problematic.

Yea, your kid doesn’t care Hazel. He just wants to sing the songs and laugh at the Genie. Stop ruining his childhood.


How to speak my 4 year old child about why she’s drawing on a cardboard sign and pretending to care about black people even though he goes to a school with no black kids.

You know how to speak to a 4 year old about racism? Simple – you don’t. Because they’re 4 and they don’t give a shit. So instead of ruining their innocence just let them have fun and be kids, you soulless ghouls.


Looking for non-racists to cut her trees.

Damn racist tree companies! Can’t find one that’s not associated with the KKK!


Targeting businesses.

But wait, I thought they didn’t target businesses? Turns out the “notes” they had in their spread sheet apparently are just unverified anecdotes miserable white women who can’t get over the fact that some people don’t agree with their political opinions.


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