Top Billerica Administrators Responsible For Paying Monica Cannon-Grant To Speak At High School Flee District After Being Hired In Westwood And Belmont


The two senior most administrators in the Billerica Public Schools, who were under intense scrutiny for paying Monica Cannon-Grant to speak to high school students at a school wide Black History Month assembly, have accepted new jobs in other districts. Superintendent Tim Piwowar and Assistant Superintendent Jill Geiser both announced this week that they would be taking new positions as Superintendent in the Westwood and Belmont Public Schools respectively. Piwowar announced that in an email earlier this week.

Piwowar has come under fire from parents in the district for his lack of transparency, handling of school closures during COVID, allowing teachers to lecture elementary school students about white privilege and push transgenderism, and attacking this media outlet for accurately reporting on a horrific bullying incident at the high school in 2019.

Piwowar was also one of three finalists for the Melrose Superintendent position, which became available when Superintendent Julie Kukenberger resigned in October. Kukenberger, like Piwowar, was fleeing after a series of unpopular decisions caused the city to turn against her. She cancelled Halloween in the Melrose Public Schools in 2021 because it wasn’t “equitable,” while sending her daughter to a private school where Halloween was celebrated. She led the charge to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day and change Melrose High School’s mascot from Red Raiders to Red Hawks because….racism. She also pushed for more diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings for teachers and students, and allowed the high school to hold a bake sale where vagina cupcakes were sold in order to “normalize female anatomy.”

But Kukenberger was even worse with finances, which she seemed to ignore while focusing on meaningless social justice virtue signaling. She recently faced questions from the City Council and members of the public after she revealed in late September that the Melrose Public Schools had discovered a roughly $2.2 million budget shortfall in July. She took “full ownership of the current fiscal reality,” but didn’t alert the City Council until more than two months after she said the district first learned of budget issues. Her contract was not going to be renewed, as she was a complete and total failure.

Meanwhile, Assistant Superintendent Jill Geiser caused controversy of her own when Turtleboy Daily News first reported that she was the Vice President of the nonprofit that paid Monica Cannon-Grant to speak at Billerica High School. When asked directly by this reporter at a School Committee meeting to denounce Monica’s overt racism both Geiser and Piwowar refused to do so. Like Piwowar she fled the district and was a finalist in both Belmont and Somerville. Despite posting frequently about her support for equity, Geiser refused this reporter’s challenge to put the quit in equity and offer her job to a person of color.

Monica has been openly bragging about how her support from Piwowar and Geiser has been good for their careers as well.

This merry go round of administrators is everything that is wrong with public education. Piwowar, Geiser, and Kukenberger are all incompetent, yet all were rewarded for their incompetence by finding gigs in other districts. Parallel complaints of bad cops moving from town to town were made during the BLM riots, which led to systemic change through the POST commission. Why can’t we do the same with public education? Why do these people fall up instead of falling down? None of these three hacks went into public education to help kids. They are career climbers who wanted to obtain power and much higher salaries than actual educators. They always have their eye on the next position, and will burn your district to the ground before leaving you high and dry on their way out.


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