Vote For Who Should Advance In Round 2 Of The Bristol Blarney Bracket Of Ratchet Madness


No major upsets there. Amanda Sawyer is crazy, but she’s not quite as ratchet as two lovers with tattoos all over their faces who bonded over homicide.

Onto the Kate Peter Bracket to get our final 4 contestants in next week’s Sweet 16.  


1. Bristol Blarney vs. 9. Luke Noble

1. Bristol Blarney

  • Spent a year and a half exposing deadbeat parents and ratchets while failing to disclose that she lost all 4 of her kids multiple times to DCF, and gave 2 away permanently because she didn’t want to stop having sex with dangerous drug addicted men
  • Created a fake Facebook account called Aiden Blarney while employed by Turtleboy for the sole purpose of sabotaging a fundraiser that was her idea to begin with
  • Stole $300 from the company and played the victim when she was questioned about it
  • Formed a cult in a Discord group where she made up blatant lies about me stealing money from a victim of domestic violence
  • When told that I had information about her history she filed for a harassment order in a failed attempt to keep me from writing about it
  • Currently facing criminal charges in Leominster District Court for hacking into the Turtleboy Facebook page in order to write a threatening comment to herself in a failed attempt to violate me on a harassment order
  • Attempted to lecture a judge on how federal law and ended up making a fool of herself
  • Probably burned a company truck in a vain attempt to frame me for it
  • Brought a trio of ratchets with her to court, including a woman who goes by “Masshole’s Wife” and threatens to send mobs to 4 year old girl’s cheering events
  • After losing her kids to DCF due to hazardous conditions in section 8 apartment she made a YouTube video pretending to obtain an abortion while 6 months pregnant
  • Kicks dogs and repeatedly abuses junkie boyfriend, who she calls her husband despite still being married to other drug addict who abused her
  • Filed a fraudulent federal complaint with YouTube in a failed attempt to get me kicked off the platform for copyright
  • Neglected teenage daughter in order to work on YouTube show that nobody watches
  • Questioned by doctors, police, and DCF about suspicious bruises on her daughter
  • Is a “recovering” alcoholic and drug addict who got first baby daddy hooked on crack




9. Luke Noble

  • Caught on video verbally berating his crying 3 year old daughter, telling her to shut the f up, and asking his ex-wife how they created such a monster
  • Had his bootleg lawyer threaten me with litigation if I published factual information about Luke
  • Put his social media accounts back up two days after being exposed, and posted a picture of himself and his new wife at the bar drinking a Corona during a pandemic
  • Issued statement to newspaper asking people to stop circulating the video of him verbally abusing his daughter
  • Divorce documents show that he was accused by that same daughter of sexual abuse, which was corroborated as credible by both her therapist and pediatrician
  • Held in contempt of court after trying to switch doctors and therapists because they had testified against him
  • Sued his ex-wife and only agreed to drop the lawsuit if she signed a NDA promising not to talk about all the things he did while they were married




12. Failure Swift vs. 13. Chicopee Herpesaurus

12. Failure Swift

  • Unemployed woman who filmed herself harassing her husband Metro in bed after a long day of work, for the purposes of public humiliation, because he wanted to watch TV
  • Posted the video on Facebook but later told Metro that she was hacked
  • Spent $35K of Metro’s money on her pyramid scheme that she calls a business
  • Accused by Metro of being a “f***ing thief,” and when confronted about the stolen money she said that it was illegal for him to look at his own bank records
  • Began illegally selling anti-skin cancer medication
  • Took out restraining orders against in-laws and doesn’t allow Metro to have a relationship with them
  • Has been married nearly half a dozen times, leaving each husband after using up all their money
  • Hired an attorney to sue me for defamation after publishing blogs about her public videos, including another video in which she was kicked out of Kent Hospital in Warwick for pretending to have had a stroke
  • May have pretended to have skin cancer because she’s still jealous of Metro’s ex-husband who his family loved and who died of cancer
  • May have been the reason Metro was fired from previous position as band director at West Warwick High School
  • Doesn’t allow her daughters to have a social life or friends
  • Has started multiple questionable GoFundMe’s for diseases that she either doesn’t have or embellishes
  • Forced her talented musician husband to form a Jazz duo with her as the lead singer after several failed attempts to make American Idol, guaranteeing they would never get any gigs



13. Chicopee Herpesaurus

  • Had cops called to her house 6 times in 2 days after hosting never ending revenue generating parties
  • Keeps piles of trash on the porch that squirrels mate in, that goes all the way up to the ceiling
  • Had to negotiate her surrender to the police after initially refusing to come out
  • Regularly has rival women show up to her house trying to fight her because she had sex with their boyfriends
  • Gave up her litter of children to “live her best life” by joining a gang called the “Afty Kings” that stays up all night drinking Hennessy
  • Afty Kings use people like her to whore their apartments out and charge a cover fee
  • Frequently allows underage boys in flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats to attend the parties at her crib, where she no doubt misses rent payments on the regular




3. Nikki Evans vs. 11. King Vagrant and Momma Cheesehog

3. Nikki Evans

  • Cheated on her husband so many times with coworkers and a Milford cop that it drove him to kill himself
  • Left him in a house with a loaded gun while he was suicidal
  • Lost over 100 pounds after her husband paid for her weight loss surgery, but lied and said that she lost it through exercise and dieting
  • Played Lizzo on repeat at his wake and didn’t dress him in his firefighter’s uniform
  • Immediately and incessantly used his death to gain sympathy for herself on Facebook, pretending to be a loving wife
  • Never told her kids that her husband killed himself in order to cover for her role in it
  • Started going out, getting drunk, and having sex with more men immediately after he died
  • Claimed that “He did what he had to do, and at the time what he thought what was best for our kids.”
  • Infiltrated Facebook groups for grieving women who lost loved ones, and constantly tried to turn the attention they were getting back onto her



11. King Vagrant & Momma Cheesehog

  • Squatters who never paid rent for over a year and then live streamed their eviction
  • Moved into a van
  • Offered $30K government rental voucher to, but only took $10K of it, refused to move out, and made it impossible for the home owners to do necessary repairs to the property
  • Became upset when no one gave to their GoFundMe, but other people decided to donate to save a dog’s life
  • Both refuse to seek employment and constantly whine on social media about how mean everyone is to him
  • Mom posts racist things on Facebook all the time, calling Obama voters “fa**ot” liberal nigro lovers”
  • Threatened to kill himself in order to send me to jail
  • Came on the live show from their van, compared themselves to Holocaust victims, and his mother ranted about how we support lesbians





2. Landon Steele vs. 7. Vicky Vicodin

2. Landon Steele

  • Pretends to be a war hero despite seeing limited combat in Iraq
  • Accused by five women of being abusive and stealing money from them
  • Constantly poses for hardo military pictures in a failed attempt to become a Facebook celebrity veteran
  • Claimed he volunteered to go to Haiti to fight drug lords, but in reality his ex-girlfriend just wanted him to get off the couch and stop masturbating 5-6 times a day
  • Repeatedly lied about what happened in Haiti, including a tall tale about getting in a gun fight with some local gangs, and stole money from the organization that hosted him
  • Barely eats and is skinny as a rail, compensates by stuffing his chest and ass in order to look like a hardo
  • Frequently displays a medic vest that appears to be covered in blood that he claims happened in combat, but he really just put paint on it in his ex-girlfriend’s garage
  • Lied to a woman whose child died and told her for over a decade that he was with her son in an ambulance on the way to the hospital
  • Used this story to get close with the mother, who he then used for free room and board and a job at a non-profit that he never fulfilled his obligations for
  • Lied and claims to have fought Somali war pirates
  • Accidentally shot himself in the face and blamed another veteran
  • Showed up at a Native American protest at Standing Rock by himself with a dog that was not trained to deal with situations like that
  • Has abandoned and abused other dogs he has acquired by faking his military service
  • Uses image of himself as a war hero to move in with women all over the country, bleed them dry, get drunk all day, never pay rent, steal from them, keep loaded guns around their children, verbally abuse them, and then move onto the next victim
  • Always makes himself the center of attention, posing with a gun in his mouth for an anti-suicide vets campaign
  • Frequently sought out the media on Memorial and Veteran’s Day and lied to them about his service in order to make himself look like a hero
  • Lied to the family members of veterans killed in action about being there when they died
  • Sill has the names of four dead veterans on him at all times, even though he didn’t know any of them, but pretends like they were all close
  • Pretended to be a skilled medic who could speak Arabic, but was quickly found out to be neither
  • Said that he was injured in battle and refused to shake Hillary Clinton’s hand when she visited him at the hospital because he was friends with one of the Benghazi guys
  • Got in trouble while “fighting Somali pirates” after he was caught masturbating all over a room on a vessel stationed outside Sri Lanka, “



7. Vicky Vicodin

  • Stole a $15K ring from an elderly woman in a home where her cleaning company was contracted to clean
  • Ironically her motto on Facebook is, “if you lie, cheat, or steal, GTFO”
  • Mother of six children with custody of just one
  • Pictures from her house reveal a human waste pile with random crackpipes lying around
  • Well known for being a yard sale scammer who sells stolen or broken goods on Facebook
  • After she was arrested by Bangor Police hundreds of people came forward claiming she stole from them as well
  • Attempted to profit off of her junkie baby killing friend’s dead baby by selling t-shirts in his honor and using the proceeds to get high
  • Once attempted to sell donated clothing back to the person who donated the clothes to her because she was so high
  • Spray painted “baby killer” on her own car and posted about it on Facebook to draw more attention to her t-shirt scam
  • Was posting for months about her husband impregnating an imaginary 21 year old meth head named Jamie Lynn, claiming that the state had agreed to let her adopt Jamie’s baby despite losing custody of five of her own children
  • Quite possibly was planning on stealing a baby and needed a back story for it
  • Made up a name for the imaginary baby (Liam) and repeatedly spelled it wrong despite Google correcting it for her
  • Claimed that she was staying with her husband despite the infidelity because he has a sex addiction and everyone cheats





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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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