Westerly Woman Alleging Police Misconduct Interrupts Live Show With Mindy Robinson, Hurls Homophobic Slurs At Me, Fills Out “The Form” From Desk Girl


Our good friend Mindy Robinson came on the Live show today to talk about our intersecting investigation into alleged Twitter philanthropist Bill Pulte. The audio was fine, but the video stream buffered a lot. You can hear it all fine on YouTube or SoundCloud though.

However, the show was interrupted at the 30 minute mark after a woman previously featured in a blog on Friday repeatedly called my phone, leaving me no choice but to answer. Her name is Stephanie Northrop (known by some as “Can’t Jemima”), and she was very upset about the coverage of her story. Unfortunately the three epic minutes we had with her had to end early since we already had a guest booked for that show.

The Westerly woman alleged misconduct on the part of the WPD for arresting her sex offender roommate in their driveway, while her sex offender boyfriend was in jail. A few days later she requested assistance of this same police department after her wallet was lost with her medical marijuana card inside.


Can’t Jemima: “You are a piece of s*** dbag, and you have your head up your a** so f***in far that all you can see is the bulls*** that spews out of your ignorant c** guzzling mouth.”

Me: Do you have any thoughts on Bill Pulte?

Can’t Jemima: All I have is thoughts about you being a piece of s*** scumbag c*** sucker.

Me: “I’m going to get demonetized.”

Can’t Jemima: “I don’t give a f***. You’re a c** guzzling f***ing c*** sucker.”

Me: “I’m a swallower so get it right.”

Can’t Jemima: “You’re a f***ot too.”

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She is absolutely delightful.

With any luck she’ll come on the show tomorrow. But tomorrow couldn’t wait for her, so that’s where Desk Girl jumped in and made her triumphant return. And yes, she got her to fill out “the form?”


It’s been so long. God we missed you Abi.

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