Boston Elementary School Administrator Fired For Posting Swastikas Targeting Teachers, Sexual Misconduct, Hired To Be Chief Off Staff For City Councillor Tania Anderson 

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This is James Lambert, a social justice activist from Boston.

Boston City Councillor Tania Fernandes Anderson announced on her private Twitter account (which public officials are not allowed to use) that this bootleg Reading Rainbow would be joining her as Chief of Staff, citing his “wealth of experience from the fields of education and civic engagement.”

Considering her recent history, it’s fair to speculate about the kind of people Anderson hires. In August she became worried that white people would be moved into her district, so she delivered a vulgarity filled speech at a City Council meeting in defense of accused serial rapist Ricardo Arroyo (who was removed from the redistricting committee), yelling “”What the F**K do I have to do in this F***ING council in order to get respect as a black woman?”

She married her current husband Tasmanian Anderson while he was serving a life sentence for first degree murder (who she is actively trying to get him freed from prison), and posted a series of racist statements on Twitter, bemoaning the fact that white people were hired for jobs.

As it turns out the man she just hired to be her Chief of Staff is a well known sexual predator, a bigot, and a disgraced former Boston Public Schools employee who was recently fired for misconduct.

James Lambert was hired to be the Chief of Operations at the Condon School in South Boston. We have written about this school multiple times before due to the actions of former disgraced Principal Robert Chisholm. In February of 2021 we first reported how the Condon School was forcing their K-8 students to participate in a lesson on defunding the police.

In June of 2021 we published screenshots of text messages between Chisholm, Condon School Family Liaison Scarlett Santos, and other employees, mocking white parents.

Later in June of 2021 an investigation was launched after fliers were passed out around the school, accusing Chisholm of allowing rampant sexual harassment from unnamed employees towards three teachers in the school.

Neal O’Brien, the representative for Service Employees International Union Local 888, claimed in a June 16 e-mail sent to then-acting School Committee chairman Michael D. O’Neill and Superintendent Brenda Cassellius that a school employee at Condon allegedly had “repeated discussions of his genitalia in the workplace. O’Brien also wrote in the same e-mail, obtained by the Globe, that a schoolteacher allegedly attempted to attack and intimidate a Condon employee with a car. O’Brien said the school’s principal failed to properly investigate the complaints in a timely fashion

“There has been a ridiculous level of neglect in investigating sexual harassment and attempted harmful vehicular attacks on staff at the Condon school,” O’Brien wrote, alleging that principal Robert Chisholm “willfully and maliciously neglected to act.Your silence is deafening and your lack of immediate action in these matters is a disgrace,” O’Brien wrote in the e-mail

According to sources, that employee was James Lambert. He was never suspended or fired for it.

Sources tell us that Lambert was the de facto principal at Condon, and was calling all the shots there. Chisholm, like many pathetic white liberal beta males, allowed Lambert to run the school he was in charge of because he feared being labeled as a racist. At the June 2021 Condon School graduation Lambert announced that the school would not be allowing the National Anthem to be played, or American flags to be displayed, because they are symbols of white supremacy. However, they did fly BLM and Pride flags, which are most closely associated with communists and their allies in the Democratic Party.

“At this time, we are going to move forward with the ceremony. In years past, we would stand and say the pledge followed by an anthem. This year, in light of all the trauma and endless pain, we want to come together by standing for a moment of silence. Here, at the Condon, anti-racism is embedded into our mission.  From our leadership staff down through our student body, we are all encouraged to call out what isn’t right and fair and hold each other accountable to growth despite the discomfort. This collective moment of silence will represent unity, show respect to those who’ve sacrificed and lost their lives that they may not be in vain. As well as to further embody our tone of resilience and show commitment to not participating to intentional ignorance. May all in attendance who are willing to commit to taking responsibility to ending intentional ignorance, violence and racism and believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with dignity, please stand with me.”


In July of 2021 Lambert was cleared of sexual harassment allegations after an internal investigation revealed that they could only substantiate one instance of sexual harassment.

In April of 2022 at the Condon School a live .45 caliber bullet was found in a school bathroom. Due to Chisholm and Lambert’s hatred and distrust of police they didn’t call BPD, and Chisholm drew harsh criticism from City Councillors.

The police report of the incident said the principal did not think a search “was necessary at the time to shut the school down for a K-9 sweep,” NBC Boston reported. Chisholm’s decision drew sharp criticism from Boston City Councilor President Ed Flynn and Councilor Michael Flaherty.

“When school leadership fails to take potential incidents of violence and hate seriously, it creates an environment that is indifferent to violence and inappropriate behavior,” the pair said in a statement. “All of our children deserve to be in a safe, stable, and welcoming learning environment at our Boston Public Schools

Around this same time Lambert began to seek revenge on the teachers who complained about him. According to sources we spoke with in the building Lambert began to label his accusers as white supremacists. Soon afterwards a flier with a swastika and pictures of his accusers were posted in and around the school.

These reports gained media attention, prompting Lambert to respond on social media by posting a video of some sort of bizarre struggle session where Condon staff members (including himself) read off a teleprompter about how they were being unfairly labeled as incompetent because they were committed to anti-racism.


However, Lambert’s schemes began to unravel when a former romantic interest of his began to spill the beans on what he had been doing. Kristin Dowd is a para-professional in her 50’s who works with special needs children at Condon. Dowd alleged that Lambert (her boss) and the school’s “anti-racist and equity consultant” Maria Mosquera had used her school computer to publish and print the fliers with the swastikas and teacher’s faces on them.

Dowd was aware of this and did nothing because of her relationship with Lambert. Boston Police investigated and determined that it came from her computer, so Dowd came clean. She also reportedly has a video of him in her 18 year old teenage daughter’s room looking at her underwear and videoing it. Additionally, Dowd accused Lambert of trying to get her 18 year old daughter to physically assault at least one of his accusers by offering to pay her $100.

An email BPS administrators to Dowd ensured her that Lambert would no longer be working at the school after that.

After Dowd came clean with BPD Lambert began to threaten and harass her, so she applied for and received a restraining order in July.

Orders are not easy to obtain. You must have 3 or more instances of targeted harassment, and you must convince a judge that this harassment has left you in legitimate fear for your life. According to a police report Lambert was enraged by her application for an order and attempted to get a retaliatory order against her, but was unsuccessful because a judge determined that he was not in fear.

After years of rampant sexual harassment towards staff, physical intimidation, and blatant racist brainwashing of students, BPD finally decided to fire James Lambert.

Naturally then Tania Fernandes Anderson thought he would be the ideal Chief of Staff for her, which isn’t surprising because her husband is a convicted murderer, she’s overtly racist herself, and she supports powerful men who have been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women (Arroyo) as long as they align with her political ideology.


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