Canton Cover-Up Part 154: State Police Criminalist Who Said Hair On Karen Read’s Car Was Human Failed Her Proficiency Exam And Was Restricted From DNA Testing, Commonwealth Wants New Testing After Hair Determined Not To Be Human


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Two weeks ago we learned that the “human hair” found on Karen Read’s Lexus’ passenger side quarter panel, which the Commonwealth claims was forensically tested by MSP criminalist Maureen Hartnett, was determined not to be human hair at all. Yet for the last year they have repeatedly stated as a fact that the hair was forensically tested to be human hair, and used this as evidence to argue for higher bail and charge Karen Read with murder.

We now know that the Commonwealth knew by August 25 that the testing they conducted proved it wasn’t human hair. Yet in their September 1, 2023 filing, the Commonwealth once again stated that the hair was confirmed to be human, despite knowing for a full week that it wasn’t human hair.

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This was a huge stain on the Commonwealth’s case and proved that they were despicable liars. In order to provide cover for themselves they filed a motion on September 14, asking to test the hair again, because they didn’t like the findings that their own testing revealed. This time they asked for “exhaustive mitochondrial testing,” which would destroy the hair sample.

Let’s be clear – they would not ask for more testing if the first test came back as human hair. They’re expert shopping at this point, hoping to find someone moronic enough to believe that singular strand of something, which came from Karen Read’s snow brush, once belonged to a human being.

But this begs the question – if the Commonwealth didn’t think the appropriate testing was being conducted, then why did they order this inappropriate manner of testing in the first place? Clearly that thought it was sufficient, or else they wouldn’t have conducted the testing with Karen Read’s expert present. They just didn’t like the results because it proved they had been lying in court filings for the last year.

This move by the Commonwealth was both predictable and telling, because it once again showed that they are directly working with disgraced FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer. We previously showed that this woman was in direct communication with Chris Albert, and was using her Twitter account with 70K followers to spread propaganda on behalf of the Alberts and McCabes.

She routinely gets ratioed and humiliates herself on Twitter like the washed up boomer that she is, so it wasn’t surprising to see that on September 8 she tweeted that the DNA testing that the Commonwealth itself conducted wasn’t sufficient. In that tweet she specifically said that the hair should undergo mitochondrial testing.

Then 6 days later the Commonwealth filed a motion asking for that exact same thing. Almost as if they’re using this bootleg Real Housewives of Jacksonville reject to be their mouthpiece because they’re losing in the court of public opinion so badly.

Coffindaffer isn’t just an expert on mitochondrial DNA testing either. She was a guest on Court TV last week and offered her expertise on Google searches as well. If you want a good laugh as you listen to this menopausal monstrosity attempt to explain how she concluded that Jennifer McCabe didn’t Google “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, then start watching at the 23:15 mark.

I like Vinnie Politan, but calling this woman an “expert on cell phone searches” is the biggest lie ever told on television.

However, what Coffindaffer and the Commonwealth failed to point out was that Maureen Hartnett, the State Police criminalist who initially tested the hair and wrongly determined that it was human hair, failed her proficiency exam and was not allowed to conduct any sort of testing at all. Last October Hartnett’s boss Michelle Lavasseur informed Hartnett that she was restricted from performing any sort of trace identifications involving hair roots. Hartnett ignored this direct order from her boss and told Adam Lally what he wanted to hear – that the hair was human.

We did not learn this information until it was made public in court on Friday. That alone should get this case tossed out. But it won’t, because facts, evidence, and truth doesn’t matter when the Judge is Beverly Cannone.


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