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Canton Cover-Up Part 275: Court Documents Show Ken Mello Has Long History Of Unpaid Child Support And Court Judgements

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Michael “Pass the Gravy” Morrissey asked no fewer than ten attorneys before he found one willing to act as Special Prosecutor in the senseless case against Turtleboy. Enter Ken Mello, the only attorney brave stupid enough to take this on. As seen in his interview with the Fall River Reporter, Mello is not what one would refer to as someone with extensive experience  in trials and criminal matters. Since Turtleboy was arrested back on October 11th, and Mello entered the picture, many sources have come forward with information on this “special” prosecutor. No one expected any character in the Canton Coverup to be a bigger lowlife than Chris Albert, but Ken Mello said “hold my beer.” Like Albert, Mello has a checkered past of foreclosures, tax liens, and small claims court default judgements. His deadbeat antics span many district courts, as well as superior, and probate courts over the years. He may even set a new record for number of MassCourts appearances, not just in the Canton Coverup series, but in all of Turtleboy’s ratchet stories over the years. Many have predicted Jen McCabe to be an early shoo-in for 2024 Ratchet Madness, but Ken Mello may be the dark horse that gives her a run for her money. 

We first looked into Mello’s experience as an attorney. Here is what we found:

Mello received a public reprimand in 2016 from the Mass BBO for “neglecting the interests of two clients in unrelated matters.” In the first matter, Mello was retained to represent a client in a personal injury claim. Mello filed a complaint in the Bristol County Superior Court however, he failed to to allege damages in excess of $25,000 which is required in order to file suit in superior court. This failure resulted in a judgment nisi and the lawsuit was dismissed. And surprise – Mello failed to alert his client of the dismissal. The client ultimately discovered the dismissal when she contacted the court on her own. 

This isn’t the only time Mello failed to take action on a case in which he represented the plaintiff. In fact, we found at least 14 cases were dismissed due to Mello’s failure to act.


In the second case, Mello represented a client in a criminal matter. Following trial, the client was convicted and sentenced to prison. Mello properly informed his client of his possible appellate options. However, Mello failed to file a notice of appeal or withdraw from the case. Incredibly, Mello refused to return the client’s file until bar counsel opened an investigation into the issue. 

Also noted in the public reprimand, Mello’s conduct was aggravated by the fact that he received an admonition in 2006 for similar misconduct. He failed to prosecute a client’s case resulting in its dismissal. He also failed to communicate with his client. Admonitions are listed on the MA BBO website however, the attorney who is the subject of the admonition is not public. We were able to determine which admonition refers to Mello and the case that is referenced in the admonition based on Mello’s case history.


According to the Mass BBO website, Mello does not currently carry Malpractice Insurance. With a colorful history of complaints, losses, and general mediocrity, what could go wrong?



As if this weren’t bad enough, Mello has also been sued in a number of cases from failure to pay vendors for his private practice to malpractice claims. The judgments against Mello in the two malpractice claims are still outstanding. This means not only did Mello fail to properly represent these two clients in their respective cases but he also did what he does best, and failed to even respond to the complaints filed against him. There is currently a judgment for $22,658.09 and $30,318.11 for his misconduct in the 2006 and 2016 cases, respectively. 



Since being appointed special prosecutor against Turtleboy, Mello has quite literally become Chris Albert’s bitch—as seen when he called the Canton Police on the Canton 9 for peacefully holding signs outside of his mediocre pizza shop.


But who knew that the two of them are also two peas in a small court/tax liens pod. In between getting sued by his former clients, he had one case that made it to superior court with FIA Card Services — similar to his pal, Chris Albert, who doesn’t show up for court hearings, a default judgment of over $11,000 was issued. 

Mello has also lit up small claims courts over the years, spanning multiple districts, putting even Chicken Parm Charlie to shame. 

Like Chris Albert, Ken Mello has also managed to consistently rack up tax liens throughout the years. In the world of tax lien delinquents, Ken Mello walked so Chris Albert could run

Also like Chicken Parm Charlie, Mello eventually settled some of these debts, but not before wasting taxpayer money and court time by initially dodging them. 

Mello, who had the audacity to criticize Turtleboy’s parenting in court on December 26th, appears to have a history of child support nonpayment as well. While we haven’t been able to 100% confirm this is the same Ken Mello, the timing of this lines up with his 1997 divorce from first wife Beryl Mello, who sought sole custody of their children and had to constantly drag his ass back to court over the years to pay for basic necessities such as medical and dental work. It also aligns with the 2000 foreclosure of their home in Somerset, MA.

Like his list of small claims, his probate matter was far too long to showcase it all, but you can go over the decades long back and forth of Mello fighting his ex to support his children on Masscourts yourself. 


There was an additional Superior Court case involving Mello which piqued our interest, though we were only able to gather limited details at the time of this reporting— in 1997, he was listed as a defendant along with John Silvia, Jr. and several other Somerset companies that Mello was associated with.

John Silvia, Jr., a disbarred lawyer and convicted felon, was ordered to pay back 400+ investors $20 million back in 1997, according to this Herald News article. He ran into further trouble in 2014 at the time of said article for securities fraud and was ultimately turned over to the FBI. It is unclear what involvement Mello had with this criminal, but as they say “you are the company you keep”. In a later 2018 Herald News article, Mello claims he was scammed by John Silvia Jr., but does not address why he was listed as a defendant with him back in 1997, nor why he was listed along with Silvia in this Taking of Land document filed by the town of Somerset back in 2001.


Also in the 2018 interview, Mello expressed sympathy for his felon frenemy. Ya got that? Despite scamming hundreds out of millions in retirement investments, he’s still got Mello’s sympathy, so there’s that.

As previously mentioned, we were not able to gather substantial details on this case at the time of our reporting, but anyone with further information is encouraged to reach out. 

When he’s not tied up with being personal attorney to the cop-killing McAlbert crew on taxpayers’ dime, Mello spends his free time liking questionable Twitter posts, like the boomer he is. His latest like is telling, as it’s highly critical of lunatic Wendy Murphy and her deranged son Grant. As you may recall, Wendy Murphy has been on the Karen-is-Guilty train from the beginning and even made abhorrent jokes about Karen being raped in prison. Her evil spawn Grant Smith Ellis mysteriously jumped on the grifting bandwagon the day that Turtleboy was arrested on 12/26. Grant, who usually sticks to manically tweeting about cannabis and the Israel crisis, came out of nowhere adding nothing but false, biased, and downright unhinged reporting on the Turtleboy and Karen Read cases.  Based on Mello’s previous likes, which include posts by the usual star Twitter trolls, this one was likely a Boomer fat-finger special. 


Out of over 42,000 attorneys in the State of Massachusetts, hos did Morrissey land on this dud? Mello’s failures span the majority of his 39-year career – some as recently as 2021. How many chances does an attorney get? What if all of these clients who were neglected by Mello complained to the Mass BBO? Would he even still be able to practice law in Massachusetts? This is the standard Meat Pie Morrissey, an elected official, believed was qualified to prosecute witness intimidation charges in a high-profile matter. This is the type of attorney Meat Pie Morrissey is forcing the taxpayers of the Commonwealth to pay for. We should all be outraged. 

Mello will be back in court tomorrow morning at Aidan’s next hearing in Dedham District Court at 9:00 am. He shared an important message this morning— “I will have a huge smile on my face the entire time because I know the end is near, and I have an army of support behind me. Knowing that Mello is what I’m up against doesn’t hurt either. I hope to see a lot of you there tomorrow!”

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  1. Can’t wait till this fat, low life also has to explain himself. You’re an embarrassment.
    You should have been disbarred long ago you fng pos.

  2. Wow talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel!
    It’s amazing he can hold a law license, this guy is lower than whale shit .

  3. Thing is…Turtle Riders will read all these documents and add it to the plethora of information they’ve gathered so they can judge this and the adjacent cases based on actual information gathered.
    The other side, well, they’ll just read the headline and proceed to spew hate.
    One side acts in good faith, and one doesn’t.
    Who’s who?
    You make the call.

      1. I honk my horn in your general direction. Your mother was a hampster and your father smelled like elderberries.

  4. Love how he is still dedicated to blogs after a slut and a crooked detective put him in lockup. Bet the cops thought blogs would stop after that but somehow he’s getting them written.keep em coming

        1. I am right with you! Why is Teddy the first one to get the scoop or court documents before they are impounded??
          There is no way I trust anyone so cozy within Norfolk County LE or courts. And Teddy reeks of mushroom gravy!

    1. He’s such a high risk that the cost of insurance is like getting flood insurance on waterfront property in Scituate. Old Gordo is “self insured” Hahaha!

  5. That explains why he agreed to be special prosecutor. He needs the money. But being alberts bitch not sure he had much of a choice either way. Wonder if he is a target of usao investigation as well.

  6. This will all go away after the trial. The USAO will come out with their findings. Michael Chunk Morrissey will be disbarred. Mello will still be a handsome trophy husband. The Alberts and McCabes will all need to move and will end up not having anyone so they’ll just start inbreeding.

    Take a deep breathe, everyone. The bottom cards are wobbly.

    Also… we should all spell how, “hos” from here on out. And when we see other people spell it h-o-s, we’ll know they’re a Goonie, too. 🤜 🤛

  7. Thurs Jan 24 Ken Mello just seized 2 cell phones from Karen read as part of the “witness” intimidation case. Just when you thought ndao and msp couldn’t dig a bigger hole for themselves. This next month is gonna be wild.

    1. Pretty fd up. We all know they will come back and say it was due to mis information.
      They are just grasping at straws.
      Yet BA never had to turn over phone.
      There are active murder investigations in Norfolk county and this is where they spend their resources!
      Any news on the man that was murdered in Sharon 2 months ago? Or are they understaffed?
      Too busy trying to frame people that may out them?
      All of this will just make Norfolk DA look worse.

  8. Hahahaha. What a piece of shit we’re paying for. When will these morons learn, don’t poke the turtle.

      1. Absolutely disgraceful. It should come out of gravy boats pension seeing that he keeps pushing it

  9. Why is it that the Killer Krew are so damned obsessed with homosexual prison rape? From Wendy all the way down to the dreck that tries desperately to troll the Turtle Riders on these pages. You have to ask yourself why.

    1. They’re projecting. I just want them to poop their pants when they get arrested because it would look good on TV.

  10. Why would Morrissey be under investigation?
    The waters are deep.
    -O’Donnell his friend, weakly developer was on trial for rape until the witness died mysteriously in a one car accident.
    -Chris Mcallum was murdered outside Quincy bar (son of his friend who was Quincy pd was the murderer) took a year to arrest him even though witnesses.
    -qpd recently suspended now that his dad is no longer chief had in appropriate relations with an under age disabled teen. Also son of a friend.
    His own car accident.
    The list is long.

    1. His wealthy developer friend’s son shot a fire fighter in the stomach. Again, witnesses but took a long time to arrest the younger O Donnell.
      Didn’t get much time.
      Dirty dirty hands.

      1. I think it’s O Connell not O Donnell.
        Too many Irish names.
        The guy was so connected they let him travel out of state while awaiting trial.
        Didn’t want to interrupt his business dealings. Can’t make this stuff up.

  11. You think Morrissey regrets that CNN speech At Berkowitz retiremenT party?
    All on tape.
    “Hey if you need a boat skip in Marina Bay, I know the harbor master “.
    In other words, it’s an old school good ol boys club. I do favors and get favors.
    Can’t wait to see the Netflix on his office alone.
    All those families that have people that were hurt/killed with no real justice.
    Sandra Birchmore, Scott McCallum ..
    Those ghosts are going to haunt you. Just like John O Keefe’s.

      1. must have meant Chris. Purp had ties to Morrissey. Lawsuit filed against Quincy because of the investigation and conflicts .

  12. Seems like maybe not the best strategy to attack the prosecutor’s office? Who the hell is advising Aidan? That idiot lawyer of his could get in a lot of trouble breaking the jailhouse phone rules. This whole thing is a such a shitshow, wake me when it’s over.

    1. Look at my tits they’re perfect.
      Anyway it’s a great strategy as opposed to sitting in there waiting. TB is forcing their hand and they’re so fucking arrogant and stupid that they keep on making giant mistakes that are going to put them in deeper shit.

  13. Karen just had 2 phones seized. Brian my guy, you gotta stop making these fear dookies. The entire state can smell it every time you poop.

  14. It was so awesome seeing all those turtle supporters there at today’s hearing! The smile on Aidan’s face said it all! Keep standing strong turtle riders! Yall are the toughest patriots I’ve seen in awhile! 💯🇺🇸✌️🫶🏻.

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