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DA Marian Ryan Drops Child Abuse Charges Against Mikayla Miller’s Mother After Mob Demands It


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Last week in Framingham District Court Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan entered a Nolle Prosequi (voluntary dismissal by the prosecution not to pursue a case further) against Mikayla Miller’s abusive mother Calvina Strothers on charges of child abuse (A&B on a family member).

Turtleboy was first to report in May that Strothers was arrested in March of 2020 for abusing Mikayla, who had to live in a foster home as a result. According to text messages exclusively obtained by TB Daily News Strothers frequently visited her boyfriend in Chicago and was not around when her daughter was going through a mental health crisis that ultimately ended in suicide. Despite being ruled a suicide by the medical examiner’s office Strothers has continued to float the baseless conspiracy theory that her daughter was lynched by 5 white teenagers. In doing so she attracted the attention of virulent racist Monica Cannon-Grant and race-baiting grifter attorney Ben Crump, who led protests in her name, demanded Ryan recuse herself from the investigation, and helped Strothers raise over $60,000 with a GoFundMe.

The fake mob outrage and debunked conspiracy theories accomplished two things:

  1. It pressured Ryan’s office into dropping child abuse charges (something Monica Cannon-Grant had been demanding) since the defendant suddenly transformed into the victim, despite being the biggest reason Miller chose to take her own life.
  2. It enabled Strothers to pay her bills, including hiring two expensive attorneys from Dorchester and Brookline.

Considering the default judgements against her for not paying off $10,060.12 in credit card debt, this GoFundMe money from a fake story weaponized by faux racism certainly came in handy.

Monica Cannon-Grant suffered no consequences for perpetuating this lie. She hasn’t mentioned Mikayla Miller in almost two months because she can no longer profit off of her death. The “independent autopsy” results she promised never came back, because you can’t do an autopsy on ashes. Instead Monica spends her days recording Boston Police every time they pull over a black person, spreading skepticism about the COVID vaccine on Facebook, and raising money for a “back to school party” that uses donated funds to pay for 90’s rap bands no kid has ever heard of and for Didi Delgado to read poetry.

Meanwhile Megan Anderson, the mother of Kaitlyn Anderson, who was falsely accused by Strothers and Cannon-Grant of orchestrating the murder of her ex-girlfriend Mikayla Miller, has received no justice. Despite having multiple attorneys contact me offering to represent her for free in order to sue Monica Cannon-Grant for defamation, her attorney Joe Cataldo has done nothing to seek compensation for the slander and abuse heaped upon his client. If Mrs. Anderson wants justice she is still free to contact me for help, because she won’t get that with Attorney Cataldo.


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