Hack Police Chiefs Write Letter To Senate Endorsing Rachael Rollins For US Attorney Despite Calling Cops Racist Murderers


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Rachael Rollins had her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, and in a very rare move the 22 member bipartisan committee did not rubber stamp her approval for United States Attorney. Instead the 11 Republicans led by Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz voted against her, while the 11 Democrats led by Cory “Spartacus” Booker and Chris “I let Joe Biden sniff my kid” Coons voted for her. This has not happened since 1993. The vote now goes to the entire Senate, which the Democrats control by one vote thanks to Donald Trump encouraging Georgia voters not to bother showing up for the January 5 special election that both Democrats ended up winning, because he said the whole thing was rigged anyway. If all 50 Republican Senators vote not to confirm her (which is hardly a given since Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Ben Sasses are still Senators), then at least one Democratic Senator (Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema) would have to vote against her in order to stop her confirmation.

Senator Cotton and Senator Cruz rightfully brought up her history of not prosecuting serious crimes that members of her family committed (including her 3 time felon brother), her Christmas Eve road rage incident, and the threats she made towards a Boston 25 News reporter outside her home to make up a false allegation in order to have the reporter arrested.

Democrats on the Judiciary Committee all noted the “bipartisan support” Rollins received from “Republicans” like Bill Weld. They also claimed she was supported by law enforcement officials in Suffolk County, because of this ridiculous letter signed by State Police Colonel Chris Mason, BPD Commissioner Gregory Long, former BPD Commissioner William Gross, Chelsea Police Chief Bryan Kyes, Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty, MBTA Chief Kenneth Green, and Revere Chief David Callahan.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – police chiefs aren’t real cops. They might’ve been at one time, but somewhere along the way they became politicians. Just go watch The Wire and it will all make sense. These people know whose ass they have to kiss to climb the ladder, and they know how to play the game. No serious law enforcement officer would ever support a lawless anti-police tyrant like Road Rage Rollins.


“She leads a team of over 300 employees serving some of our most vulnerable residents ranging from people with substance abuse disorders, and mental health issues….”

Just a reminder that when Rollins went on the Howie Carr Show with me (who she called “Mr. Boy”) in January she demeaned drug addicts at the South Bay Mall by calling it a “a haven for emotionally disturbed people,” at the 3:20 mark.

“Her focus is on victims…”

She referred to her victim Katie Lawson’s story as “the rantings and ravings of a white woman,” and compared Lawson to the woman who got Emmett Till lynched.

She interfered in the Mikayla Miller investigation in a completely different county, leading to death threats against Miller’s ex-girlfriend who was blamed for lynching the suicide victim.

She cares so much about victims like 73 year old Delois Brown, who was killed in a drive by shooting while sitting on her porch, that she ignores their cases completely and allows them to become cold cases.

Local ministers put up a reward to find her killer, but Rollins hasn’t used her platform to talk about it at all. She could find the person who killed Delois Brown, she just doesn’t feel like it because Delois Brown wasn’t killed by a white cop. Instead of doing that she’s been on Twitter complaining that iPhones are racist because she couldn’t figure out how to use a black judge emoji.

In their letter the hack chiefs praised Rollins for the way she handled the George Floyd riots, but they failed to point out that she encouraged rioting when she tweeted out the following:

“While we are being murdered at will by the police & their proxy, privileged racists like Amy Cooper play the victim. No more apologies. No more words. Demand action. Radical change now. Nothing less.”

The police union issued a press release denouncing her for that.
“On behalf of the BPPA, we write to condemn your reckless statements labelling all police officers ‘murderers,’ and the corresponding Tweets that undoubtedly incited violence against the proud men and women of the Boston Police Department,” read the union letter from June 2. “To be clear, our officers, arguably the best trained in the nation, deserved better. Your statements were and are dangerous, divisive and wholly unwarranted.”

The BPPA letter indicates that officers still responded even though they believe her Tweet incited rioters to take action by attacking police.

Rollins responded by calling their concerns “white fragility,” because only white people are cops, and if you don’t like being wrongly called a murderer you are fragile.

These chiefs are a disgrace to law enforcement everywhere. William Gross had potential, but he abruptly resigned and withdrew from the Mayoral race rather suddenly, and was always chummy with Rollins.

Chief Delehanty, Chief Long, Chief Callahan, and Colonel Mason are all white guys who know that they have to say these obviously untrue things about Road Rage Rollins because they’re political hacks who can’t afford to take chances due to the color of their skin.

Chief Kyes’ endorsement should be taken with a grain of salt too, considering he endorsed a disgraced drug dealing state trooper before she was terminated as a result of our reporting.

MBTA Chief Green had some strong things to say about policing and race after George Floyd was killed as well (starts talking around the 4 minute mark).

He referred to the “murder” of Michael Brown, when in fact Brown was justifiably killed in an act of self defense after robbing and assaulting an immigrant store clerk.

He claims that, “Before anything else, before any titles or positions, I’m a black man.” Now imagine any of these white chiefs saying, “before I’m a cop, I’m a white guy first.”

He claimed that Derek Chauvin, “had no sanctity for black life,” when in fact George Floyd’s murder had absolutely nothing to do with race.

He stoked the flames of division when he said, “I was engulfed in fear because George Floyd could’ve been any one of my three sons,” thus encouraging distrust of the police in the black community.

So it’s not really surprising to see his name on this letter either.

The bottom line is that under Rollins’ watch Boston has seen the number of homicides and shootings nearly double. William Gross has publicly criticized Rollins’ office for “letting criminals back on the street, saying the decisions have led to an increase of violent crime.” Yet he signed this ridiculous letter anyway, because he doesn’t want to be disinvited from the cocktail parties now that he’s retired.



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