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Investigating Kate “Bristol” Peter Part 5: TB Fame Goes To Her Head, Urges TB To Raise Money Then Claims To Be Against Raising Money



Kate Peter’s four children have spent most of their lives living with other people, including family members of her two baby daddies and the current man she pretends is her husband. But she doesn’t have much respect or show much gratitude to these people. In 2011 she began writing her blog about dating after divorce which wasn’t catching on, perhaps because she was still married to Steven Young, and still is legally married to him today.

She was also posting incendiary things about him online and airing her dirty laundry despite having an open DCF case.

In August of 2011 she used her Facebook page Kate’s Words to message a family member of Steven Young who had previously taken in all three of her boys, and would take them in again. Kate never provided them with diapers, food, or appropriate clothing, and the children were always handed over smelling like feces and in desperate need of a bath. What these extended family members did was an exercise in love and compassion for Kate’s children. But instead of showing gratitude Kate treated them like this.

The family member reminded Kate that although Steven isn’t a model citizen, Kate is the last person who should be throwing stones.

Kate bragged about her “nice and open relationship with DCF” (a relationship that still exists 9 years later), and told the woman who took in Kate’s kids when the state said Kate was unfit to, that the woman was “petty, vindictive, and pathetic.”

Kate bragged about her aspirations and talent, which apparently meant one day hosting a YouTube channel that stalks a mentally challenged man called Bucket Boy.

She continued to blame Steven for all of her problems and said that her blog and part time job weren’t paying the bills, which necessitated collecting welfare. She also called the woman who raised her boys, “trashy, classless, and unintelligent.”

The family member reminded Kate that she chose to take Steven Young back despite the alleged abuse.

Kate then quoted her own blog and stated that she was better than the woman who helped raise her kids because Kate had superior grammar.

Kate also had her friend Eli Gomez write a threatening Facebook message to the woman who fostered her children when she was too busy being a ratchet to parent.  He told her that the state took Kate’s kids over a system glitch and claimed Kate was a great mother who got setup by a woman who actually changed her kid’s diapers and did laundry, something Kate almost never did.

As you can see, disrespecting people who gave her help and opportunities is something Kate has been doing long before she met me. But the pattern continued with Turtleboy.

The first time I ever truly felt disrespected by Kate was on October 6, 2019 – the night she did her show on Camel Toe Truck Girl getting arrested at Encore Casino. Their audience was bigger than they’d ever seen before because their entire business model revolves around Danielle and Josh Abrams being ridiculous.

As the owner of the channel, and the only reason Kate was able to monetize her following, I wanted her to share the link for the Turtleboy legal defense fund. I thought it was a no brainer since Kate worked for me and had always been a team player. I texted the producer and told him to have her plug it. At the 36:00 mark he asks her to and she defied my wishes on air because “I don’t e-beg on my show.”


Kate, this was never your show. You were on my channel because I allowed you to be. None of this ever belonged to you. So I called in at the 36:45 mark to ask her to share it and I got this reaction.

Then later again when someone brought up the fundraiser at 1:18:45 the same thing happened.

How dare I, the owner of the channel and the only reason Kate was at all relevant in the first place, ask her to do something beneficial for the company she worked for.

I can’t tell you how enraged I was when that happened. I had never seen this side of her before. To disrespect me like that in front of followers that only knew who she was because of the brand that I built, was a slap in the face. This was less than two weeks after Kate published a blog in which she called her idol.

I’m paraphrasing at this point, but boy – what a loaded question that is. I try not to talk about myself too much while I’m on this crazy journey I was blessed to be swept up in over a year ago when I got a random, unexpected message from one of my long time idols – the one and only Clarence Woods Emerson. “Your comments make me laugh,” it said, “Would you ever want to try blogging?”

I simply understood then, as I do now, it’s not me you all come to read. Who am I, really? No one gives a fuck.

She was right about that last part. Kate Peter was nobody before Turtleboy, and she’s nobody now. But because of this artificial audience she built, which was only around because of Turtleboy and Josh Abrams, she had come to believe that she was good at this.

I expected to get some sort of apology from Kate after the show, but instead I got a text message telling how “f***ed up” it was to ask an employee to make money for the company she works for.

The next day she came back with a proposal – I get to keep 15% of all money raised off of donations during “her show.” I predicted the future in my response.

Passively collecting income? I built the entire infrastructure on which Kate was able to conduct such a show. I quit my comfortable job as a teacher to do this. I’ve endured lawsuits, death threats, deplatforming, and a variety of other things that would’ve gotten most people to throw in the towel by now. I’ve published over 10,000 blogs and broken some of the biggest stories in New England in the last ten years. There’s nothing passive about my role in Turtleboy.

Kate clearly believed at this point that she was Internet famous because she’s talented. But as we’ve seen from her past experiments with blogging and YouTube, nobody paid attention to her before she came to Turtleboy. Kate was relatively famous because I made her relatively famous.

It was weird to hear Kate calling donations “e begging” too, especially since it was largely her idea in the first place. When Kate first came on board with Turtleboy she was gung ho about generating revenue, and seemed like the ideal hungry business partner.

When Kate found out about the Sam Cardin/Rian Waters story she saw it as an opportunity to raise money for the blog. As you see in my response, I hadn’t even thought of that.

“If you have a fight that connects to a cause like this it is incentive for people to donate so you can fight it.”

That’s a great point Kate! She was referring to writing a blog that stood up for Sam Cardin, and using it as a rallying cry to get donations for the blog so we could continue to stand up for more people like Sam Cardin in the future. And it worked out great, which Kate was thrilled to see.

We raised $2,400 in donations from that blog, which was huge because I paid over $30,000 in legal fees last year. I asked Kate if we should share how much we raised with turtle riders, and after some initial hesitation she said we should when I made it clear that I wanted to be transparent.

Not only was Kate enthusiastic about raising money via “e begging,” it was all her idea. And it was a good idea too. We provide a service by exposing people like Rian Waters who would otherwise be able to abuse women and kill dogs indiscriminately. People are free to donate to that in order to keep us afloat because they understand that without donations blogs like this cannot exist.

Yet the day she left Turtleboy she ran to the Discord and lied to people who had been following the blog for years, telling them that I had pocketed the money. She told them that the money was supposed to go to Sam Cardin, even though you can clearly read in those text messages that this was never discussed, nor should it have been since Rian Waters voluntarily dropped his lawsuit against her.

“He kept all of Sam’s donations? Wow, just wow.”

That’s Ashley Azevedo. Possibly one of the dumbest fan girls we’ve ever had. More on her and some of these other sheep in a future blog.

There were others who couldn’t believe that I had the audacity to collect 25% of revenue that came in on a channel that I owned.

I lost dozens of people because of her intentional lie who subscribed to the ad free and had been buying merchandise over the years. This is from a former turtle named Jessica Waterhouse O’Connell.

“The entire Bristol crew are good people.”

Well, besides giving away children and having bad drug and alcohol problems she may have a point.

“He adds nothing to the show.”

Yea, besides creating it and paying Kate Peter for 18 months I added nothing. The silver lining in all of this is that Kate successfully took some of the stupidest fans we had away from Turtleboy.

As a matter of fact, the entire reason Kate got into YouTube was to monetize it. Her motivation was her good friend Josh Abrams.

She also created a Patreon, in which you can pay $25 a month and in return she posts your name in a thank you at the end of an episode. But I guess in her mind that doesn’t count as e-begging because you’re getting something in return. When she came to me with the Patreon idea I was inspired to raise money via the freestyle rap. I suggested $50, but she later came back to me with $200. I settled for $150.

Remember the fundraiser at the bar that she (Aiden Blarney) was so against having because she didn’t like the idea making money? She came up with that idea too.

Then there was the event in Taunton in September 2019 for the charity bike ride.  We are talking about it in the text above, where she tells me to bring t-shirts and hoodies to sell. She later complained that I was selling stuff there in Discord.

And she’s right – she and her son did set up the table. I got there around noon, which is exactly when she told me to arrive. But she was angry on the way out and wanted to sabotage everything I built. She wanted to do what she’s done with Rick Kelly, Steven Young, and Andrew H. Johnson – victimize herself at my expense so that she could get sympathy.

Then again, maybe money just doesn’t mean much to Kate since she’s spent most of her adult life collecting welfare, currently lives in a section 8 subsidized apartment, and paying bills has always been optional for her.

As you can see from dates, some of them are recent. Kate Peter can pretend she’s changed, but she’s still the same old ratchet she was 10 years ago.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries