Jesse Watters Primetime Takes Credit For Getting Dedham Library Christmas Tree Back Up After Not Citing Our Work



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Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the mainstream media stole another one of our stories.

Sadly I’ve gotten used to corporate controlled media outlets reporting on stories that we broke, which otherwise would never have gotten their attention, and not mentioning where the story came from. In September I published my entire months long conversation with Andy Ngo, who I did all legwork for in reporting on the Mikayla Miller story, only to have him publish it without attribution. Last August I tipped off Tucker Carlson’s producer Gregg Re to a huge story about a hoax CNN was pushing about a woman who was lying about being a mother in order to get congress to extend the eviction moratorium. They promised to cite, never did, and ended up blocking me.

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as bad as what Jesse Waters did last night on his Fox News show.

Last Tuesday we were the first media outlet to report the news that the Dedham Public Library was removing their Christmas tree because of alleged complaints. We identified the two librarians responsible for it after reading their comments on librarian Lisa Desmond’s Facebook post. Prior to publication the Facebook post had not gotten the attention we felt it deserved after being up for three days.

The liberals in Dedham were furious that we had written about it, because prior to that the story had been confined to townie Facebook groups. One of the people who was most triggered by it was Human Rights Commission member Diane Loud, whose profane wishes of pain and suffering against the whistle blowing librarian were documented in another blog we published on Wednesday. This was not reported anywhere else except for Turtleboy.

On Thursday Jesse Watters and Fox News suddenly took an interest in the story on his 7 PM show, while making no mention of the source of the story.

But then last night, after we reported that the library was putting the tree back up, Jesse Waters kicked it up a notch by crediting himself completely for getting the town of cave.

“The library will put up their Christmas tree after some pressure from Primetime.”

“It was the mere threat of me caroling that got them to back down.”

I didn’t see a single communist in Dedham complaining that they were worried about being featured on Jesse Watters Primetime. However, I saw dozens of them blaming Turtleboy for the backlash the town was receiving over our accurate reporting. As usual, we were smeared with lies that we made “homophobic statements,” and “incited violence,” by accurately getting to the bottom of the story. Some blamed Lisa Desmond, who I have never spoken with, for not denouncing the blog that they clearly credit for getting the tree put back up.


None of these people were concerned that Fox News or the Daily Mail wrote about it. They were concerned because Turtleboy wrote about it. I’m used to being smeared like this because it’s the cost of telling the truth. But they wouldn’t waste their time making up lies like this if they didn’t think we were effectively communicating our message to a large audience.

As a matter of fact, when Fox News finally wrote about it the communists were actually pleased.

No one in Dedham fears being featured on Jesse Waters, but they all know that when we write about a story in their town it gets results.

Jesse also talked about Diane Loud’s rant from the Human Rights Commission, but he failed to point out that her post was a direct reaction to our blog:

That’s me. I’m the “trash heap website.” Lisa Desmond’s post had been up for 4 days prior to Diane Loud’s rant, but she didn’t say anything about it until we blogged about it. Turtleboy gets more credit from liberals than we do from conservative media outlets.

Jesse also had two Dedham residents as guests last week. One of them is a man named Jason Brogan, who I’ve had many conversations with before, and who has been a vocal supporter of Turtleboy in the past. Prior to going on the show he told me that he realized Turtleboy was being screwed out of credit by Fox News, and that the conservatives in town “would be f***ed without you.”

So I was excited to hear yesterday that he was going back on Jesse Waters Primetime and planned on crediting me with breaking the story.

Obviously this would have been a huge opportunity for the blog to be discussed in front of millions of potential new readers on the most watched cable news channel. Turtle riders know better than anyone the obstacles we’ve had to overcome in the form of lawsuits, threats, defplatforming, and the mainstream media stealing our stories without credit. But now we had a turtle rider going on Jesse Watters to set the record straight, so I was very excited and looked forward to it all day. Unfortunately during the three minute segment Turtleboy was never mentioned.

This isn’t a blog to crap on Jason Brogan, and although I’m pretty peeved about that, it’s not some long lasting grudge I’m going to carry. But the fact is that media outlets stealing our stories gets tiring after the millionth time it happened, and I was really looking forward to this show. I told family members about this, I had people watching, and then this happened.

There was ample opportunity to mention Turtleboy there. Waters asked him if he was buying the excuse that the town came up with for taking the tree down in the first place and this was the response:

“Based on what I’ve been told, and what I’ve heard from multiple people, it was potentially two individuals who put up a stink about the tree, and then everything broke loose in terms of social media and it escalated….”

You heard about this from multiple people? Things broke loose on social media? This is pushing the same narrative that Fox News is – the story organically caught Jesse Waters’ attention because he follows Dedham Facebook drama.  That was the perfect setup question to mention Turtleboy:

“Based on the reporting I read in Turtleboy Daily News, which broke this story and has broken several like it in the past….”

It’s really not that hard. Everything “broke loose on social media” AFTER we wrote about it. Even the communists agree.

Please guys, if you claim to support the blog, and you ever go on national television in front of millions of potential new readers, don’t credit “social media” for our reporting. I know it probably feels cool to chuckle with Jesse Waters, but if you have no intention of mentioning the blog please don’t tell me that you do. And if Fox News tells you that you can’t mention Turtleboy (which I highly doubt happened), then either tell them you’re not doing the interview or mention it anyway.

The word you’re looking for is “sorry,” or even “my bad.”

You don’t have to mention us if you go on TV to talk about a story we broke, but just don’t pretend to be a supporter of the blog if you don’t. As much as I appreciate offers of sweatshirts and donations (which are still welcomed), all I really want is to be credited for the work I do. I take a lot of shit for it, and I’m happy to do it, but it comes at a real cost. Being mentioned on Jesse Waters Primetime would’ve made it all worth it.

But to be clear, he could’ve mentioned it. A year ago this week Katie Lawson made sure she didn’t leave Tucker Carlson’s show without mentioning the blog (17:53).

Thanks for being a supporter, Katie.

Anyway, I just want to reiterate that I am not trying to shit on Jason Brogan. We are on the same side of the culture war, but we need all the help we can get if we’re going to start getting the recognition we’ve earned.


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