Manchester Attorney Robert Fojo Charges Plaintiffs Thousands Of Dollars For Anti-COVID Lawsuits That Produce No Results, Swears In Front Of Children, Drives Drunk Down One Way Streets


Looks who’s in the news again, trying to make headlines by filing lawsuits that will go nowhere.

Parents in two New Hampshire school districts are suing over mask mandates. The nearly identical lawsuits were filed against the Bedford School District and the Hollis-Brookline School District. Both claim masks don’t impact the spread of COVID-19 and that children are not impacted by the illness. In both districts, masks are required while in schools, riding the bus and during extracurricular activities. Maria Nardi is hoping her son, who is a junior in the Hollis-Brookline School District, no longer has to wear a mask in the classroom. “Never had headaches but now he’s suffering from headaches when he is required to wear a mask,” Nardi said.

The lawsuits, filed by attorney Robert Fojo, also claim New Hampshire law prohibits schools from requiring restraints on children that restrict their breathing. “It’s a very broad statute I think it squarely applies here and it clearly covers face masks or the use requirement of face masks in school,” said Fojo. Fojo’s three kids are students in the Bedford, NH school district. “It stresses them out, my son he freaks out every morning whenever he can’t find his mask,” said Fojo. The complaints ask for an emergency order restraining each district from enforcing its mask requirement, and also would prevent them from extending the requirement for the 2021-22 school year. Fojo wrote that the action is being taken “so that children can continue attending school in-person without the burden of wearing a face mask.”

Fojo is back! And check out the new haircut!

Pro tip – don’t hire a lawyer for a lawsuit you intend on winning if they have the same haircut my 3 year old asks for.

If you don’t know about Robert Fojo, AKA Bootleg Avenatti, you can catch up by reading hereIn short he sent me a threatening letter on behalf of his client Feta Cheese Freddie, the shady juiced up Greek nightclub owner from Manchester who was featured in a blog for refusing to pay the woman who cleaned his disgusting apartment and bathroom. I responded with an email of my own asking him what you call a Greek guy with a big penis, and before he could respond I told him the answer – Italian. For responding to him and commenting on his public Facebook page he then attempted to get a harassment order against me and 2 imaginary fake Facebook accounts, sued and then dropped a lawsuit  against another bar employee in Manchester for sharing the blog about him, and then had his harassment order thrown out after a court hearing in which he pathetically groveled in front of the judge and pretended like he was scared of me.


He doesn’t win many lawsuits, or simple restraining order hearings, but at least he can beat out of shape boomers wearing costumes in 5Ks.

Here’s an email I received about him last year from an associate that I never published.

Like his newest client, Robert Fojo has been sued multiple times for not paying his bills (see attached case summaries documenting suits brought by his former landlord). Note that in case 456-2019-SC-7, he submitted a Memorandum of Law in a small claims action (which anyone who does this for a living knows is a complete over-reach for this type of case) and he still lost. The plaintiff did not submit any such unnecessary memo and won. He filed an administrative appeal relative to a DMV matter last year (see attached) which he withdrew the day before the final hearing. I imagine that action probably had something to do with his 2019 DWI arrest, but that’s just my opinion. Surely the Manchester Police would comply with your FOIA request if you had questions on that arrest. Don’t let the Harvard Law degree he obnoxiously touts every chance he gets fool you, he’s genuinely terrible at his job.

Yea, he got taken to small claims by a man named Kevin Mielke because he’s apparently not good at paying his bills, and he lost.

Here’s his administrative appeal with the RMV from May 2019.

And here’s his arrest report I obtained with a freedom of information act request, detailing his obnoxious behavior towards the Manchester Police while being detained.

TL;DR – he was drunk and driving down a one way street, got pulled over, tried to get out of the car, had to be told twice to stay inside, admitted to drinking and reeked of booze, had trouble walking, refused to cooperate at the police station, and told the police officer that he didn’t need to read the statement he was required to read to him before trying to sign the document anyway.

Fojo is the perfect example of the kind of person who is now preying on people who have legitimate concerns for their children and their rights due to COVID restrictions. They take their money, file lawsuits, make headlines, give their clients false hope, and never deliver results. This mask lawsuit in New Hampshire will go exactly nowhere, and the poor woman who hired him probably doesn’t know any better. I’m sure he mentioned that he believes in the Constitution and told her that what the state is doing is illegal and blah, blah, blah. But at the end of the day these lawsuits always seem to fail, and people like Fojo get paid off them.

This is a pattern. In 2017 Fojo took on an unwinnable defamation case, representing a landscaping company that sued a woman for expressing an opinion on Facebook about their pricing. After it was dismissed Fojo vowed to appeal it, but that apparently went nowhere.

Last year he filed 3 lawsuits in a couple months, including one against the City of Nashua for a mask ordinance, where the city’s attorney accused him of grandstanding for free publicity.

In an email, Steven Bolton, an attorney for the city, wrote: “I am not aware of any lawsuit filed against the City of Nashua regarding the face covering ordinance. It seems the attorney involved had greater interest in publicity than in orderly process.”

Andrew Cooper of Nashua filed suit last year, contending Gov. Chris Sununu lacked the legal authority to declare a state of emergency in New Hampshire because of COVID-19. The complaint also claimed Nashua officials lacked the authority to adopt an ordinance requiring the use of face coverings by patrons of local establishments and businesses.

That was dismissed in March of 2021. No word how much Fojo charged Andrew Cooper, but I’m guessing he wasn’t working for free.

Another lawsuit he filed against the governor for closing the schools.

“She’s asking me questions, with tears in her eyes: Will she ever hug her friends again? Will she ever go to a concert again? ‘Will I ever have school like you had school, Dad?'” said plaintiff Shawn Devine. “These aren’t questions that my daughter should be asking me. They should go back to school, traditionally in the fall, with sports, with labs, with buses.”

“The emergency order is also invalid, and yes, we are contending that because it’s invalid, students should return to school,” Fojo said. 

That injunction to open the schools was also denied. No word how much Shawn Devine paid him for that.

And finally Fojo represented a hair dresser named Mary Rivard and sued the state for their lockdown measures. That one was also dismissed.

After a hearing on June 9, 2020, the Merrimack County Superior Court denied Ms. Rivard’s request for an injunction and dismissed the case.  We filed a motion to reconsider that order in early August 2020, highlighting many of the errors in the Court’s decision.  The Court denied that motion last month (one word: “Denied.”).

I spoke with Mary Rivard about this who informed me that she paid $7,000 for his services in his latest losing effort. Fojo claims it’s going to the New Hampshire Supreme Court, but the last update on this is from August 7, and I don’t see why they would overrule the lower court.

If you’re keeping track at home that’s 4 losing lawsuits, an embarrassing restraining order thrown out against a journalist he threatened, one more filed, and a humiliating arrest report that shows what a horrible person he is.

People like Fojo prey on people who have been badly hurt by the lockdown, suck money out of them, and then don’t produce any results. They do it for the fame and the free publicity so they can establish themselves as the COVID Ben Crump. These people often have lost money already from the lockdown, like Mary Rivard, and then throw more money away because this guy with the Harvard degree talks a big game about the Constitution. He’s completely incompetent, as I saw when I went to court with him.

Anyway, Fojo has a new girlfriend too.

She apparently has a kid, who for some reason she allows to be around Fojo. Here he is picking up that child from the father’s house and telling the child’s stepmother to “shut the f*** up” in front of the child, before denying saying that.

Stop giving money to people like Robert Fojo.


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