McGovern Auto Group Manager Uses Radio Platform To Attack Norwood Cheer Gym, Degrade Owners With Racial Slurs, Sexual Messages


Last week we published a blog about a Boston couple that was using social media to attack their daughter’s former cheering gym in Norwood, after making baseless, unconfirmed allegations of racism against the owners. At the time we didn’t know their names, as they went by Amy and Charlie Masheen, but have since found out that their last name is Rezil. After speaking with other parents from the same gym they informed us that Cheer Advantage asks all parents not to watch practices if they are distracting their children, which Amy Rezil apparently was. As for the allegations that their daughter was the victim of racist bullying at the hands of another child who the Rezil parents demanded be kicked out of the gym, we will get to the real reason why this happened when we talk about Charlie later in the blog.

Amy and Charlie are political activists who are raising their children to believe that they will be perpetual victims due to the color of their skin. So it’s not surprising that Amy Rezil is a teacher at Brooke Charter School in Roslindale:

Brooke Charter, like most charter schools, is a left wing political indoctrination factory. Yet conservatives still push for more charter schools because they think they’re sticking it to public school teachers unions by doing so. In reality the people who get charters for charter schools tend to be radicals who don’t believe that public schools are going far enough with indoctrinating children.

We previously blogged about two teachers from this school, who both still work there despite their abhorrent public behavior. A transgender first grade teacher named Ray Skyer was featured in 2022 when he posted a video advocating for puberty blockers and chemical castrations for children, and told his students that doctors guess a baby’s sex when they’re born and when the doctor makes a mistake it means the baby is transgender:

The second teacher is called Paul Friedman, and he was featured in 2021 when he alerted authorities right before Christmas that minimum wage workers serving him at KFC were not wearing masks in an attempt to get them fired.

So it’s not surprising at all to see Brooke Charter School hire a lying, race baiting activist like Amy Rezil, who made t-shirts exclusively for non-white teachers to wear in school, identifying them as “Black Educator.”

Just imagine if you replaced the word black with white. Just imagine it. A society that celebrates one of these while vilifying the other is a racist society. There is no one more racist than a person hiding behind the cloak of anti-racism.

But Amy’s not nearly as racist as her husband, who seems to have a special hatred for white women. On his radio show all 50 of his listeners heard him dox the white female owners in the most racist and heinous way possible. Crazy part starts at 5:25.


And suddenly the picture became much clearer about what happened here. This 7 year old girl was raised by race baiting gutter trash, and she probably acts like it.

“She experienced racism and body shaming.”

No she didn’t.

“I was on one of them white streets. If you have black and brown children and you love them, don’t send them over there. They will not be treated fairly.”

You could’ve sent your kid to a cheering company closer to Boston, but you chose to go to the white neighborhood because you hate supporting black owned businesses almost as much as you hate white women.

“The little girl is Brazilian, so I think she forgets that she’s not white like the rest of these little Saxons that they cheer with.”

Brazilians can be white, but the fact that the girl who allegedly made fun of her daughter’s skin complexion isn’t white makes this story even less believable.

“The parents of the girl, these racist Brazilians, her father is a business owner and I did some digging and I found out that he’s a f***ing racist his damn self.”

Translation – her taxpaying, contributing member of society father voted for someone I didn’t like, therefore he’s racist too, despite not being white.

He was also upset because Cheer Advantage didn’t immediately cancel their upcoming competition after they chose to unenroll their daughter, which is the whole reason why people join cheering in the first place.

“So there was actually a competition that they were gonna go to even after Penny quit. We pulled her, and they’d tried to spite us by doing it anyway.”

Cheer parents pay a lot of money, and their kids put in a lot of hours practicing for these competitions. For some reason this loser still cared if the kids went to the competition, even after he CHOSE to pull his kid from the team, and the only way this alleged adult could be satisfied is if a bunch of innocent children were told they wouldn’t be allowed to compete. What kind of soulless monster gets satisfaction out of children not being allowed to compete in a cheering competition?

He was furious about their reasonable plan:

“You know what their solutions was? We’re just not gonna put them on the same team together.”

So two girls weren’t getting along and the solution was to separate them. Somehow this didn’t please him, therefore everyone else shouldn’t be allowed to compete.

Then his true colors came out:

“And you know what one of them f***ing Saxon bitches said? You stupid ho’s! Jennifer, I don’t know if it was your bitch ass, or if it was Cynthia. They said, we can’t relate because we’re not black. That’s what she verbalized to my wife. One of these dirty bitches that probably don’t wash they f***ing legs!”

“Y’all didn’t have any solutions for that. You stupid bitches!”

“You wanna go crazy with the lawyer shit? It’s whatever n***a, we got money too. Wasup?”

“I’m sure you don’t wash your legs, you dirty bitches. We bout to drag y’all asses. I’m sure y’all got dirt rings around your f***ing tub, you 8 mile trailer park bitches. I’m not gonna stop dragging you ho’s. It’s gonna keep happening. You had no idea that Penny’s Dad has a media platform and that I have a lot of friends in media. It’s gonna go crazy. F*** you stank ho’s. You dirty bitches. I wanna make you bitches lose money. I wanna make you starve. I wanna dismantle your whole business. You could’ve had the little Brazilian girl apologize. You could’ve had that Brazilian bitch of a mother of her’s pipe down. I don’t know if it’s because some black n***a piped the bitch down and now she’s mad, or maybe the husband mad because she’s sucking black dick on the low. Newsflash Brazilians – you is white.”

“They in Central America.”

Brazil is in South America, actually. And your “media platform” is three losers no one’s ever heard of trying to do a bootleg Breakfast Club on the couch you got last weekend at Bob’s. You have no connections in the media, which is why your wife had get attention by posting on a suburban Moms Facebook group, and you had to tag a bunch of media outlets on Facebook, none of whom responded to you or saw it.

The only media outlet to write about your half priced Theo Huxtable ass, was Turtleboy. You don’t matter and you have no influence, which is why you likely shouldn’t fear any sort of legal action. I have no idea if Cheer Advantage plans to sue this moron, but announcing that his speech is specifically designed to make the business lose money and for their family’s to become destitute, would certainly make that easier. It’s probably still protected speech because they could argue that it’s opinion, hyperbolic, or satire, but they at least gave the gym something to work with.

He kept going:

“F*** them, f*** Cheer Advantage, f*** Cindy, f*** Jennifer, and f*** anyone who loves them.”


“At her age I already done slapped a bitch, so Penny should’ve reached over and slapped the dog shit out of her.” 

“I hit a n***a with a bicycle when I was 7. My pegs in a n***a face when I was 7.”

“You’ll be hearing form me. Suck MY dick. I’m upset, but they gonna get theirs. F*** Cheer Advantage.”

This guy is obviously trash and his poor daughter probably acts the same way in public. He clearly hates white women with a burning passion, as he made fun of their appearance, said graphic sexual things to them, and showed pictures of the owner’s children for the crime of not kicking out a 7 year old Brazilian girl.

The emails he showed clearly illustrated that Cheer Advantage went out of their way to try to find a solution, but since Charlie and Amy didn’t like it they thought it was fair to damage them.

Then again, attacking innocent white people because he’s mad is nothing new for Charlie Rezil. Two years ago he helped spread the baseless lie that Mikayla Miller was lynched by 5 white teenagers in Hopkinton.

Except Miller was not “hanging from a tree,” and she wasn’t killed. People like Charlie and Monica Cannon-Grant just exploited her horrific suicide, and “pulled up heavy” on the town of Hopkinton. As a result the 5 white teenagers received death threats, could no longer go to school, and couldn’t attend their friend’s funeral. Threatening and harming white children is nothing new for Charlie Rezil.

Since Charlie thinks it’s fair to go after people’s livelihoods when they say things he doesn’t like, let’s talk about what he does for work. Obviously his radio platform doesn’t make much money, and the “street gear” isn’t selling like it used to.

He went to community college though, which allowed him to become a finance and insurance manager for McGovern Auto Group.

He thanked his friends Jimmy Peluso and Johnny Dang on Facebook for helping him become a sales professional and make bags of cash.

Does McGovern Auto Group support men who call hardworking female business owners “8 mile trailer park bitches,” “stank ho’s,” or “dirty bitches?” Do they support men who degrade women sexually and suggest that “some black n***a piped that bitch down” because their 7 year old kids got into an argument? Why does this man, who mostly sells cars to cheese sandwich eating white people, seem to hate his customers so much for being white? As long as they keep employing this man I have to assume that they’re OK with all that.

You can contact McGovern Auto Group here, and you can message coworkers Jimmy Peluso and Johnny Dang here and here. I’ve done all of those things, and if I don’t hear back from them I’ll spent all day tomorrow calling them on a live stream, and use my MUCH larger platform to make sure they are inundated with calls relentlessly until they take action against this bigoted bully.


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