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Metro And Kathryn Narcisi Post Easter Video Bemoaning $20K Legal Bills To Sue TB, Urge  People To Contact AG, FBI, ACLU, And Facebook To Ban Blog From Internet


Rhode Island woman Kathryn Narcisi, more commonly known as Failure Swift, hired a hack State Rep to sue Turtleboy in ALL CAPS after we provided commentary on a Facebook Live video she posted on her page, showing her emasculating and humiliating her husband Metro as he lay in bed trying to watch TV.

The basis for the alleged damages included allegations that the blog “caused injury to her feelings.”

In the blog commentary was given in regards to the following accusations Metro made against his wife, who was harassing, abusing, and attempting to humiliate him in the house that he and his deceased wife purchased:

  • Plotting with an attorney behind his back to get the deed to the house in her name
  • Stealing $35,000 from him for her “business,” which is really just a series of pyramid schemes and her selling homemade lotions that claim to be “anti-cancer
  • Being a “f***ing thief”
  • Telling the lawyer to “hurry up” so she can divorce him – which would make Metro just the latest in a long line of husbands who she has divorced after bleeding dry in the last 15 years

I used to be sympathetic towards Metro, but at this point he can it’s clear that he is a horrible person, a poor excuse for an educator, and well deserving of ridicule. This emasculated beta male allowed this woman to:

  • Cost him his job as a band director in North Smithfield High School with her online antics
  • Blame himself for videos like the one she posted on Facebook verbally abusing him
  • Feeds into her obvious mental illnesses by repeating her insane lie that I hacked into her phone and posted that video on her Facebook page (it was a Facebook Live video, so only the person filming it could’ve posted it)
  • Continues to allow her to remain unemployed, neglect their children, as he finances her “business” which costs money instead of making it
  • Is financing an expensive lawsuit that has gone through multiple attorneys (she fired the ALL CAPS guy because she thought he was plotting with me) and has no chance of winning because she had her feelings hurt
  • Allowed her to throw out pictures of his well liked deceased wife the moment she moved into the house because she was jealous of the attention
  • Quite likely stood by and did nothing as she pretended to have cancer, knowing that his real wife died after a long bout with cancer, and knowing that she was lying because she couldn’t stand his real wife getting any sort of positive attention
  • Feeds into her make believed illnesses
  • Allows her to harass and humiliate healthcare workers employees at Kent Hospital
  • Stood by and did nothing as she got restraining orders against his family members and essentially chose to be estranged from his brother, sister, and father because she didn’t like that they told him the truth about her

Metro is no victim. He’s a college educated musician and educator. He knows better, and at some point he needs to be a man. But he’s not a man. He’s a coward who disgraces his real wife every day by replacing her with Kathryn Narcisi.

I haven’t discussed this lawsuit much anymore because the Rhode Island ACLU took up the case after they saw that the judge violated the First Amendment by attempting to ban me from writing about Narcisi. But as you can imagine, the woman who was once kicked out of Kent Hospital for pretending to have had a grand mal seizure, has been milking the commie cold crisis for all it’s worth. According to her, everyone in her family got sick, but she’s the “last of the Mohegans” in the house still fighting the bug.

Don’t worry, she’s got holistic medicine for that too.

Despite being deftly ill (as usual) she’s still able to perform in her home jazz duo with Metro (an actual, talented musician who threw away any chance of being hired to do gigs because she insists on being his singer).

And apparently she doesn’t like the fact that I haven’t given her attention in months, because she woke up Easter morning and made this video dedicated to Turtleboy. If you don’t feel like listening to all 26 minutes I don’t blame you. The highlights are below.


  • Continues to tell the lie that I hacked into her phone, which she was holding, and posted the video of her emasculating Metro on her Facebook page
  • Says “What kind of couples don’t go to counseling?” (maybe one where the unemployed wife doesn’t steal thousands from the husband)
  • Metro says that he was only rude to her in that video because he was stressed from his relatives who he chose to abandon for her



  • She pretends to cry about Metro’s real wife being dead, once again showing that she can’t stand when people talk about the real wife because it takes the attention off of people feeling bad for her



  • Says that “we shouldn’t have to spend $20K on legal fees,” to sue me

Suing me was a choice she made. When I spoke with Metro on the phone I told him that she was milking him dry with this lawsuit and that predatory lawyers would gladly bleed him dry. I even offered to take down the blogs on her to make this go away, but she told him that she wanted an apology too, which I wouldn’t do because I’ve done nothing wrong. So there’s no “we” when it comes to the legal fees. It’s him paying for everything because he’s too much of a coward to tell his abusive, lunatic wife “no.” And he deserves to be destitute for allowing it to happen.



  • “If enough people email the AG we can get him taken down”
  • “It’s not free speech to take stories about my other husbands and turn it into a story that I’m a black widow”
  • “We have proof that you hacked into our phones, it’s our personal stuff that you have no right, and we’re like of getting stuck under the Richter scale. So we need to build an army right now and private message who is in this army and we’ll send you where to send the email to to the AG. Cyber stalking is illegal!”



  • Revelation that Metro’s coworker alerted him that someone contacted his work

Good. Metro is a disgrace and has no business working with kids in West Warwick if he chooses to be part of his wife’s online fantasy world. You’re an adult Metro. Act like it. When you participate in your wife’s online videos you are a representative of West Warwick High School. No way I’d allow my children to be taught by someone like him.



  • “This guy somehow got the ACLU saying that this is freedom of speech for him to be posting stuff like this and it’s not.”

Yes, it is.



  • “We’re gonna need a bunch of people emailing the ACLU saying this isn’t OK, because there has to be a main ACLU.”

I don’t think you understand what the CL in ACLU stands for dear.

  • “We need people who are going to be willing to report anything that we need taken down. They have a podcast, they have blogs, they have YouTube. And this all shouldn’t be on the Internet. This shouldn’t be on Facebook.”
  • “We need help. We need an army of people because it’s going to take hundreds of people who really care who will just report and report and report this stuff until someone says OK”

Translation – I am a Fascist who believes that anything that is critical of me should not be allowed on the Internet.

  • “Because we tried taking the silent quiet high road.”

At no point has Failure Swift ever attempted to remain silent or take the high road.

  • “No one is reporting this to the FBI to the cyber bullying unit. They have looked at this.”

No, they have not.

I can’t believe I ever felt sorry for Metro. He really is a horrible person. Failure Swift is obviously mentally ill and needs to see a doctor, but he feeds into her delusions because he’s too much of a coward to be alone. He needs a snuggle buddy. It would be a shame if any turtle riders in the West Warwick Public Schools parent group on Facebook made them aware of the dumpster fire who works in their building.

Now enjoy some of Failure Swift’s greatest hits.



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