Rachael Rollins Becomes First Woman Of Color Forced To Resign As US Attorney As Result Of Multiple Ethics Violations


Editor’s Note: We Discussed this story on the Live Show last night

In case you missed the news yesterday, former Suffolk County DA and 2021 Ratchet Madness Final Four finalist Rachael Rollins announced that she will be resigning in disgrace by the end of the week as a result of an ethics investigation.

The first question I had when I saw this was, will this affect the Karen Read investigation? The answer to that is, no. Sources tell us that the federal investigation is being run by two AUSA’s under her, and is far too important for them to ignore. She was not the one dealing with the grand jury and questioning witnesses. Joshua Levy was, and he appears to be her successor.

It will go on without her, it just won’t have her personal brand of revenge attached to it. Which is too bad, because Rollins is a vindictive snake who uses her office to attack her political enemies, and Norfolk County DA Michael Morrissey has long been one of her personal enemies. For once she could’ve been useful.

If you want to see what truly biased media sounds like, read this press release from the Associated Press announcing her departure:

The resignation of a U.S. attorney amid ethics concerns is an exceedingly rare phenomenon and is especially notable for a Justice Department that under Attorney General Merrick Garland has sought to restore a sense of normalcy and good governance following the turbulent four years of the Trump administration. 

I don’t ever want to hear that Turtleboy is biased again.

You don’t “restore normalcy” by appointing a corrupt, Soros funded DA with a long and documented history of being weak on crime, and abusing the powers of her office to settle personal vendettas. This is a Justice Department that has constantly used its powers to attack and punish political enemies of the ruling regime, particularly targeting peaceful protesters and concerned parents at School Committee meetings. Hiring Rollins was on brand for one of the most totalitarian regimes in American history.

The first 10 paragraphs of the article are spent discussing how great Rollins is, and how historic she was as the first woman of color to become US Attorney for Massachusetts. She’s now the first woman of color to resign from that position in disgrace.

Another glass ceiling broken!

Towards the end AP “reporter” Alanna Durkin Richer finally explains why Rollins is stepping down:

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins will resign following a monthslong investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general into her appearance at a political fundraiser and other potential ethics issues, her attorney said Tuesday. The Justice Department’s watchdog has yet to release its report detailing the findings of its investigation, but an attorney for Rollins told The Associated Press that she will be submitting a letter of resignation to President Joe Biden by close of business Friday.

The Associated Press was the first to report in November that the inspector general’s office had opened an investigation into Rollins over her appearance last year at a home in Andover, Massachusetts, for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser featuring first lady Jill Biden. That was according to two people briefed on the investigation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the probe.

If this doesn’t sum up the Democratic Party I don’t know what does. This is supposedly the party of the little guy – the single Mom trying to make ends meet, the union worker busting his butt trying to put his kids through college, the downtrodden drug addicted hobo who ended up on the streets due to Republican cuts in social services. But in reality it’s a party full of rich suburban liberals in towns like Andover who host fancy $1,000 a plate parties for the First Lady that attracts every other connected political hack who wants a whiff of her jock strap like maggots to a carcass. None of these tyrants cares about working class people. They just pretend to be their champion so they’ll blindly vote for them every 4 years.

Of course Rollins was gonna go to a fundraiser with Jill Biden. She pretends to be a progressive, but at her core she seeks what all politicians seek – power.

The problem for her is that Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has a raging hard-on for her, and he demanded the Inspector General’s Office launch an investigation into her immediately after the Boston Herald caught her at the event. The office of US Attorney is supposed to be apolitical, and her presence there showed that she was loyal to the Democratic Party. Of course we all knew that already, she was just dumb enough to do it in broad daylight.

The funniest part was her on-brand arrogance immediately after getting caught.

“I had approval.”

Oops! Guess you didn’t.

She also was being investigated for other abuses of power:

  • A whistle blower in her office came forward and said that she was”removing significant numbers of documents” from the U.S. attorney’s office and “continued removing these documents even after being instructed to stop by the Department of Justice leadership.”\
  • She took a trip to California, paid for by an outside group, so she could rub shoulders with rich and powerful people in entertainment, business, and politics.
  • She was was being investigated for using her personal cellphone to conduct Justice Department business.

This is who Rachael Rollins REALLY is. The soft on crime stuff is just the vehicle she uses to obtain power. She cares much more about rich white people with connections than she ever will about the poor and downtrodden because she knows that only the former can help advance her career.

Anyone who’s been following her work over the last few years isn’t the least bit surprised by this. Rollins is a corrupt, power hungry tyrant who believes that rules, norms, and laws don’t apply to her. Not only has she been getting away with her lawless behavior, she’s been rewarded for it by getting nominated to be US Attorney by President Biden. Why would she suddenly stop doing the things that got her to where she is now? She knew that any attempt to investigate her could be quelled by playing the race card.

At least she thought it would.

Normally confirmation of random US Attorneys is a simple process that gets pushed through the Senate across party lines. But due to Rollins’ long and documented history of corrupt behavior, and her acceptance of lawlessness as one of George Soros bought and purchased big city DA’s, she barely got in. She is the only US Attorney who was not voted for by a single Republican Senator. Vice President Kamala Harris twice had to break 50-50 ties to confirm her as US Attorney.

No one has exposed Rollins’ corruption over the years like Turtleboy has:

  • We were the first to report about her illegal use of a state vehicle to get into a road rage incident at the South Bay Mall on Christmas Eve 2020. During that incident she threatened a woman named Katie Lawson, while Rollins children were in her state owned vehicle that she was using for personal use. She then put on her blue lights in order to get through a red light and out of traffic.

  • After our report Rollins debated me on Howie Carr’s show, announcing that she did nothing wrong, that she would not be investigating herself over the incident, and comparing the victim (Katie Lawson) to the white woman who got Emmett Till lynched.

  • A week later Rollins threatened a reporter from Boston 25 News who showed up at house to ask questions, suggesting that she would use her power as DA to make up fake allegations against the reporter in order to falsely charge her with a crime. She called the victim’s account of the event “rantings and ravings of a white woman.”

  • We did a deep dive into Rollins family and discovered that 3 of her 4 siblings are career criminals who had been charged with 9 of the 15 crimes that she had vowed not to prosecute. One of her brothers got out of jail early shortly after she was elected Suffolk County DA in 2018.

  • Rollins inserted herself into the suicide of Mikayla Miller in Hopkinton, despite the incident taking place in Middlesex County. She helped undermine DA Marian Ryan by working behind the scenes with Monica Cannon-Grant to spread the baseless lie that Miller was lynched by 5 white teenagers.
  • Rollins used the power of her office as DA to criminally charge a former campaign worker who became disillusioned with her after realizing how corrupt she was. Joao DePina heckled Rollins on live TV during a press conference, and attempted to circumvent the First Amendment by charging her former campaign worker. Attorney Marc Randazza took on DePina’s case, got the charges dismissed, and is now suing Rollins.

Rollins is the most self-serving, vindictive politician I’ve ever seen. She has no principles and no real friends. She only has people who are useful to her, and she will throw them under the bus the second they get in her way. DePina used to campaign for her and heckle her opponents, and she gave him her badge on video for doing so. Once he criticized her he was no longer useful to her. Monica Cannon-Grant was her biggest cheerleader whose endorsement Rollins sought out. The second Monica endorsed Joe Kennedy for Senate instead of Ed Markey, Rollins contacted political enemy Rayla Campbell to alert her to Monica’s whereabouts with Kennedy, knowing that Rayla would disrupt the events. Rayla was useful to her, and so was I.

Now she’s on her own. Don’t worry though Rachael, you’re a politically connected hack in Massachusetts. This won’t affect your ability to obtain a six figure, do nothing job moving forward.


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