Poor Behavior

Ratchet Madness 2021 Elite 8


Today turtle riders will decide who will be in the Rachet Madness 2021 Final 4. You have 24 hours to vote for who should advance in each of the following match ups.

Ratchet resumes are below. I’m also curious to see if the winner in a head to head tournament would be different than the winner if you had to vote for who you think is the most ratchet right now. So vote in this poll, and then vote in the ones below.




4. Beast Lightning vs. 14. Mansfield Antifa Teacher

4. Beast Lightning

  • Raised a family of criminals, including a gang banger son who was killed years ago and another son named Devante who abused his baby momma repeatedly and probably killed her
  • Strong evidence shows she helped cover up the murder of the mother of her grandchild that happened in her apartment
  • Witnessed and was aware of the abuse and allowed it to transpire without offering the victim any help
  • Beat another pregnant woman with a tire iron who was knocked up by her son because she wanted Devante to take care of his child
  • Found a body in her apartment and instead of calling 911 she called her abusive son and her “spiritual mother,” likely waiting close to an hour before EMS was alerted
  • Has started numerous GoFundMe’s every time one of her kids gets arrested for assaulting a cop or beating a woman
  • Regularly protests the Lowell Police Department because another domestic abuser jumped into a frozen river and drowned instead of going back to jail, likely as a way to monetize his death
  • Lied about Emely Nieves dying from choking on her own blood until the death certificate came out, at which point she did a Facebook Live video berating the family of the deceased and threatening to sue them for pointing out that she likely took part in the cover up of a murder



14. Mansfield Antifa Teacher

  • Grown woman who socializes and is friends with armed terrorists who post about killing cops
  • Showed up to a family event in Bridgewater with the sole intention of disrupting it
  • Began thrusting her rolls into an unsuspecting woman and later said she felt threatened being there
  • Berated children and police officers, violating social distancing guidelines and taking her mask off to do so
  • Disrupted and was reprimanded at a Board of Selectmen meeting for calling another man a liar for talking about her deplorable behavior at the event
  • Runs a bootleg business that sells CBD products and anti-aging crap that you probably shouldn’t buy
  • Raised money for a man who is currently facing charges for assaulting an elderly (80) woman in Swampscott
  • Tried to get other teachers fired for expressing their opinions on Facebook




2. Big Black Jeffrey vs. 13. Ludlow Slugpump Sisters

2. Big Black Jeffrey

  • Drag queen who posts pictures of himself naked or scantily clad with underage girls in hot tubs drinking alcohol in various hotel rooms, and sees nothing wrong with any of this
  • Messaged me demanding the blog came down and then vowed massive deformation lawsuits
  • Accused by many girls of sexual assault
  • Blamed the children’s mothers for allowing them to hang out with him in hotel rooms and drink alcohol
  • Posted pictures of one victim who has an active stay away order against him
  • Posted a picture of himself naked in a lake with the message “drowning in sex”
  • Went to the West Springfield Police Station to have me charged while he was under investigation for providing alcohol to minors who he had sex with
  • Went on Facebook Live and admitted to performing oral sex on a girl who was passed out from alcohol he got for her while live streaming it to Instagram:     
  • Applied for 2 harassment orders against me and showed up to court dressed as a woman where he made a fool of himself while ranting to the judge about how he got fired from his job for being a sexual deviant
  • Posted to a 15 year old girl on Facebook, “I’d slap the s*** out of a fat black b****and jump off a bridge for you I wanna make babies wit your godly luscious beautiful face I wanna cum all over”



13. Ludlow Slugpump Sisters

  • Sisters Danielle and Jessica made headlines after getting arrested twice in a month for violent offenses
  • First came outside of a Springfield bar when they knocked a friend of their’s unconscious for the crime of being friends with Jessica’s ex-boyfriend
  • Five weeks later the younger sister Danielle had another incident revolving around a dude and ended up getting arrested for assaulting some WNEC cops
  • Dad Kenny mocked Danielle for not being able to stay drug free for more than 12 minutes
  • Jessica started fundraiser at the end of November for her sister, alleging that Danielle was paralyzed in the hospital with brain damage after some friends of her’s roofied her and raped her, and she’s raised over $1,100 for her bills
  • Said that unnamed friends drugged her and left her unconscious, presumably after having their way with her, her brain doesn’t work and she can’t talk or walk, her legs no longer work and may never work again, her medical bills will be sky high with no explanation as to why insurance isn’t paying for it, and she went an undisclosed amount of time without oxygen going to her brain and is somehow alive
  • Many accused Danielle of overdosing on drugs, and Jessica using it as an opportunity to scam people with a GFM
  • Immediately began posting themselves purchasing expensive things on Facebook
  • Danielle admitted in text messages that she was no longer in the hospital
  • Danielle owed money to Jessica, and Dad Kenny decided the best way to repay the debt would be for Jessica to scam people with this elaborate GoFundMe scam
  • Kenny himself in text messages said that Danielle had heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, acid, and partridge and a pear tree in her blood, along with bruises consistent with sexual assault
  • Dad blamed the whole thing on a guy named John, who he said normally gets his drugs from Jessica, but Jessica wouldn’t sell him drugs because she knew that they would end up with her sister
  • Danielle was allegedly brain dead and can’t walk, yet has been messaging and friend requesting people for weeks
  • Zero evidence or bills were provided to back up story
  • Jessica preemptively wrote Turtleboy long winded message that made no sense at all in an attempt to prove her innocence after hearing rumblings that she would end up on TB
  • Claimed that my reputation would be on the line and that no one would ever donate to TB if I blogged about her




1. Monica Cannon-Grant vs 2. Bridget Huckins

1. Monica Cannon-Grant

  • BLM grifter from Roxbury who once organized a mob to attack an elementary school for doing a presentation on the Plymouth Plantation which she wrongly interpreted as racist
  • Appointed herself de facto leader of BLM Boston, much to the chagrin of most black people in Boston who know she is a scammer
  • Teams up with Didi Delgado to get white women to pay her reparations
  • Made several videos threatening the Boston Police for arresting her family members
  • Threatened to have a black woman running for Congress assassinated
  • Accused Rayla Campbell of “riding white penis for a credit score”:   
  • Strong armed Mayor Walsh into giving her a free building to run her lucrative non-profit scam out of by saying she would organize, “45,000 mother f***ers to be on y’all’s front lawn,” before saying “f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police.”
  • Stated that “if
  • Refers to white women as “uncooked vagina”
  • Says that black women who marry white men are “melanin adjacent”
  • Said, “  
  • Claims to have powerful connections in City Hall which she threatens to use against her perceived enemies
  • Gets nothing but fawning coverage from politicians and media due to the fact that they are frightened to criticize her
  • Took in millions of dollars after the death of George Floyd despite not registering with the AG’s office or reporting any of the income
  • Raised several delinquent children including a grown son who she employs at her non-profit and is clearly associated with gangs and makes violent rap videos
  • Called in violent felons and thugs to intimidate peaceful protesters outside of her fraudulent non-profit’s grand opening in Hyde Park
  • Called BPD to file a police report against TB and other non-violent protesters who she threatened with violence
  • Held protest outside BPD headquarters demanding that the cop who gave TB the public arrest report be fired
  • Showed up to protest an hour late with body guards but was shouted down by peaceful protesters despite help from Antifa
  • Said police were lucky she didn’t want revenge for Breonna Taylor



2. Bridget Huckins

  • Likely had something to do with the disappearance of Ralph Jean Marie, the alleged father of her three children
  • Has three kids with Ralph, one of who is somehow white despite the fact that Ralph is black
  • In 2014 she was arrested in Brockton for assaulting Ralph, and then stabbing a woman and her dog after the woman attempted to intervene
  • In 2017 she was arrested in Vermont after leading police on a high speed chase in the snow that required the use of spike stripes while she was six months pregnant, because she didn’t want to miss her appointment at the methadone clinic
  • Received a suspended sentence of up to a year in jail, and was put on probation but was arrested again after missing four appointments with her probation officer
  • Well known drug addict who has been racking up the Google trophies since she turned 18
  • Is a junkie who lost her kids to DCF
  • Within two weeks of Ralph going missing she was already dating a drug dealer and updated her profile picture and relationship status
  • Tagged the new boyfriend in a post that said, “snitches get stiches” while the father of her children was missing
  • Within a couple weeks she was in a new relationship she posted about on Facebook with yet another junkie
  • Despite the fact that she seems to have moved on to a new man, she still posts about “Daddy” coming home, which would certainly be awkward if he did, considering another man would be lying in bed with her
  • Responded in the most ratchet way possible to the dozens of people who accused her of having something to do with Ralph’s disappearance on Facebook
  • Allegedly had sex with her foster brother
  • While her husband was missing she was posting graphic sexual memes about all the blowjobs she’s given
  • Ironically posted about black lives matter despite the fact that her missing baby daddy was black, and he didn’t seem to matter much to her
  • Jokingly said in a text message that she killed Ralph
  • Was arrested for drugs in July and her friend told someone filming it that “Ralph died before she got with him, so…”
  • Got pregnant with the second junkie and immediately started a GoFundMe for the baby
  • Ended up getting arrested for selling heroin to a man who overdosed but still has not faced charges relating to Ralph Jean Marie




1. Road Rage Rollins vs. 3. Rhonda Rubbish

1. Road Rage Rollins

  • Comes from family of ratchets and hookers
  • Ran for District Attorney on a promise to not charge 15 crimes, including 9 that members of her family were charged with
  • Brother magically got out of jail shortly after she was elected
  • Illegally used blue lights during a road rage incident with a woman who she threatened to ticket before blowing through a red light on Christmas Eve
  • Began posting on Twitter, comparing the woman she terrorized to other white women who called the cops on people of color resulting in their deaths
  • Went on the Howie Carr Show with Turtleboy and made a fool of herself, while telling obvious lies about what happened
  • Threatened to arrest a Boston 25 News reporter on false charges for broadcasting from outside her house in Roxbury,  
  • Said it was OK to act like this as a black woman because of the Capitol riot
  • Called the victim’s police report the “rantings and ravings of a white woman”
  • Supports plans to defund the police and has frequently criticized white women for calling the police on black people for frivolous reasons, but was willing to waste the police’s time by filing a false police report because a reporter showed up at her house to ask her questions
  • Was friends with Monica Cannon-Grant before she realized she was politically inconvenient



3. Rhonda Rubbish

  • Collects welfare and is rewarded for making a series of irresponsible life choices by living off the government and never getting a job
  • Has 3 kids with violent felon currently in jail
  • Live in a 3rd world shack that villagers in Bolivia would cringe looking at
  • Backyard is no different than town dump, covered in tires, wood, nails, rusty chairs, trash cans, and other white trash lawn ornaments
  • Lives in a neighborhood full of sex offenders but allows her three sons to wander the neighborhood barefoot in their underpants
  • Kids are denied food and basic needs from their mother due to her alcohol and drug addiction
  • Facebook page shows you the deplorable conditions inside the house, which she apparently believes is normal considering she posted them for the world to see
  • Youngest boy never seems to have clothes on, sleeps on a soiled mattress with no sheets next to a windowsill covered in dirt, and occasionally passes out on the shag carpet
  • Had kids taken by DCF Fairy shortly after Turleboy blog




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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries