Records Show Boston Police Union President Larry Calderone Committed Voter Fraud Since 2016 By Voting In Boston Elections Despite Living In Medway


Larry Calderone became a Boston Police Officer in 1994, and has been active in the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association for the past 20 years. Today he sits as the embattled organization’s President, an office he was elected to in 2020. Two of the previous three BPPA Presidents were both involved in serious scandals. Patrick Rose was recently sentenced to 10-13 years in prison for sexually assaulting at least 6 kids, including a family member. Rose’s predecessor Thomas Nee, who Rose defeated in a landslide election in 2014, plead guilty to stealing over $16K in overtime fraud last October.

Now Calderone, who was aware of the allegations made against Rose, has a scandal of his own after documents reveal that he is committing voter fraud.

Larry Calderone was born and raised in his family home at 47 Sheridan Street in Jamaica Plain. He still owns the house that he now rents out, but moved to Medway in 2002 to raise his family.


This is significant because the City of Boston passed a residency requirement for all city employees in 1994, and by 2002 Calderone had only been on the job for 8 years. However, the rules didn’t apply to Larry because he was close with former Mayor Tom Menino. He was also an active union leader and was close with the pedophile Patrick Rose for years. The accusations against Rose began in the 1990’s, but nothing was done as the Union threatened to sue anyone who tried to discipline Rose.

In 2014 Rose appointed Calderone to be a lobbyist for the BPPA. That same year Calderone registered to vote in Boston at the 47 Sheridan Street home he still owned and rented out in Jamaica Plain. He has no relation to the other residents of the building, most of which are women.

I called the Boston Election Commission today to see if he had voted from this address, and they confirmed that he had voted in Boston elections in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021. As a union lobbyist Calderone is politically active and has donated thousands of dollars to hack politicians, almost all of whom are Democrats. The list includes City Councillor Erin Murphy, former Mayor Marty Walsh, Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, House Speaker Tom DeLeo, City Councillor Michael Flaherty, State Senator Michael Moore, City Councillor Annissa Essabi-George, and State Rep Dan Hunt, who famously introduced legislation that would send people to jail for 6 months if they called someone a “bitch.”

When Calderone registered to vote at the 47 Sheridan Street address he listed himself as a student, despite collecting a $135K police salary, and a $90K salary from the BPPA.

Calderone’s BPPA bio says that he received a graduate degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University in 2018.

Larry Calderone was born and raised in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Western New England College, a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement from WNEC, and graduate degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University in the Winter of 2018.

Perhaps he listed himself as a student to receive some sort of tuition credit, or maybe he was just pretending to be a college coed. But he was living with his family in their lovely Medway home since 2002.

On Facebook he lists himself as a Boston resident, but he’s just your regular suburban Dad who gets tagged by other Medway people in Facebook posts about his kid’s youth sports.


On the City of Boston’s website it shows that he owns the property at 47 Sheridan Street, but yet didn’t apply for the residential tax exemption that property owners receive on their property taxes if they live in the city.

By voting in 5 elections from 2016-2021 Larry Calderone undeniably committed voter fraud (even though this never happens and you’re a threat to democracy if you bring it up), a felony with a maximum punishment of 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. A Weymouth man was recently found guilty of such fraud last month and was given a $5,000 fine and ordered to complete 100 hours of community service.

Calderone is not well liked by the rank and file of the BPD whose union dues pay his salary. In January an officer had a letter published in Live Boston criticizing Calderone for his refusal to fight Michelle Wu’s COVID vaccine mandate for police officers. Calderone criticized the peaceful protests attended by Sgt. Shanna Cottone, and did nothing when Wu told a 7 month pregnant that she would have to get the jab against her will, despite concerns for the health of the baby.

Calderone is a politician first and a police officer last. He’s so far removed from his days of policing that he has little empathy for what the officers he represents deal with on a day to day basis. He’s much more interested in gaining favoritism with the elites, including Maura Healey, who he plans to endorse for Governor as a sign of gratitude for naming him to the 9 member Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission. Each of the 9 politically connected hacks named to the commission gets paid $100 an hour, on top of the $225K Calderone collects as an officer and Union President. If Calderone were to be investigated for voter fraud it would have to be led by Healey, which seems unlikely since they are political allies.

The POST Commission was created as part of the 2020 “police reform bill,” which was passed and signed by Governor Baker in order to pacify rioting street communists pretending to be upset about the killing of a man by a rogue officer 1,500 miles from Boston. It is inherently anti-police and created a mandatory certification process for police officers that the POST Commission oversees. The Commission has the ability to decertify and suspend certification for officers if they don’t like the answers the receive to questions like this:

If in the last 5 years an officer posted something on social media that another person deems to be offensive or biased, they can be suspended. This includes “immigration status,” which means if an officer posted something in support of enforcement of federal immigration laws, they could be reprimanded if someone found that offensive. Effectively this makes it impossible for conservative police officers to express their political opinions on the Internet without losing their jobs.

Officers can be suspended for belonging to a men’s club.

They can also lose their certification if they’ve ever had a court order placed on them.

I’ve had multiple temporary orders placed on me for writing blogs people didn’t like that ultimately were denied at hearings days later. One of them was last summer when a heroin dealing crackhead and admitted rapist named Michal Giannetti put a knife to his own throat in a video and claimed I coerced an ISIS style confession out of him.

Giannetti then told the judge that I was stalking him at his house in order to kidnap his non-custodial child and turn him into a transgender baby. Judge Catherine Ham granted him a temporary order against me without giving me a chance to appear in court, based only on this:

Although the order was denied at a hilarious hearing days later, a temporary order like this would prevent anyone from becoming a police officer.

“My son, justice for Lisa and the girl, a couple of girls he had on there who said I slept with them when they OD’d on dope, I f***ed em to death.”

Liberal politicians like Baker, Wu, and Healey claim that they want “police reform,” but will they hold this powerful officer accountable for voter fraud? It’s undeniable that he violated state and federal law. Will the mainstream media ask Baker, Wu, or Healey about this at their next press conference, or will they choose not to because doing so would mean they recognize the legitimacy of Turtleboy Daily News? Maybe one of the protesters outside of Michelle Wu’s home can ask her themselves.



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