Republican Candidate For Governor Geoff Diehl Won’t Comment On Tom Mountain Scandal For Fear Of Getting Sued In Case He Was Hacked


The difference between Turtleboy and the mainstream media is that we will expose anyone of any political persuasion and are loyal to absolutely nothing but the truth. This was on full display with our recent takedown of Mass GOP Vice Chairman Tom Mountain, which will conveniently be forgotten the next time Turtleboy is labeled as a right wing hate blog.

Another Republican who serves no purpose is Geoff Diehl. When Diehl ran for Senate against Elizabeth Warren in 2018 and lost by 25 points I criticized him for being such a wimp. He was running against one of the most polarizing and unlikable politicians in America, who had lied for years about being Native American, and he was so milquetoast that he refused to even attack her for that.

“It’s not about her ancestry, it’s about her integrity. I don’t care what percentage she claims to be Native American, I just care that I am 100% for Massachusetts and the people of the state.”

What a boring, useless politician. With people like this it’s really no wonder Republicans don’t do anything with power when they actually get it.

Now Geoff has decided to turn the momentum from his landslide defeat for Senate into a run for Governor, and he’s challenging Charlie Baker in the primary. Baker is not a real Republican, but he’s extremely popular and would take a lot to defeat in a primary. If you’re going to challenge him or Pocahontas, you better go down swinging.

But as it turns out Geoff is the same feckless mushroom he was in 2018. He has not publicly posted about disgraced pervert Tom Mountain resigning as Mass GOP Vice Chairman after getting catfished into detailing his orgy expertise, but he did address it after someone on his Facebook page asked him why he hadn’t, and it illustrated everything that is wrong with Geoff Diehl.

Oh good, just what we need – another coward. Someone who backs down and doesn’t tell the truth because he’s afraid of getting sued. It’s the number one export of the Republican party. Democrats do this crazy thing where they use political capital to their advantage and do liberal things when they get elected. Republicans don’t because they’re worried about being sued.

“On the off chance he was hacked, is it worth a lawsuit to declare him guilty on FB?”

He literally admitted he wasn’t hacked to the catfishing ginger from Israel.

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Tom Mountain is also completely full of crap and isn’t going to sue anyone. He’s just putting on this facade for his wife so she doesn’t divorce him.

“He ended up doing the right thing.”

No, he never admitted he did it, still claims he was hacked, says there was a conspiracy against him, and only resigned from one position that he holds because he was humiliated into doing so and claims that it was a “personal sacrifice” for the good of the party. Geoff is just afraid to tell the truth and throw punches when he needs to, as usual.

He kept going.

Wait, now Jello Geoff says he knows Tom admits that he wasn’t hacked, but a minute earlier he was still holding onto “the off chance he was hacked?” If you didn’t have the political instincts to know that he was lying about being hacked from the beginning then you are a useless idiot and I don’t want you anywhere near the levers of power.

This story has gotten national attention, appearing not only in the Globe and Herald, but also in The Hill, Newsweek, and other major media outlets. It’s always nice to get recognition for your work, which Turtleboy is finally getting, but how does this story warrant national attention from the media while Monica Cannon-Grant was never mentioned?

Tom Mountain was the Vice Chairman of a minority party with almost no influence. He privately wrote embarrassing sexual things to a fake person, exhibited horrible instincts, and brought shame upon himself, his family, and his party.

Monica Cannon-Grant has been honored as one of the most influential civil rights leaders in Boston by the Globe, and had her endorsement sought by Joe Kennedy, Ayanna Pressley, and Rachael Rollins, despite publicly threatening to blow a black congressional candidate’s head off for the crime of “riding white penis for a credit score,” and calling her a n word several times.

The Boston Globe wrote about Tom Mountain, who had no influence at all, in about five seconds. The Globe still has not reported a word about what Monica Cannon-Grant said, despite the fact that Rachael Rollins publicly disavowed her. It’s almost as if the mainstream media has an agenda where they try to make conservatives look dysfunctional and hypocritical, while ignoring the fact that liberals have gone all in on a violent, sociopathic racist.


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