Scamming Anti-Mandate Manchester Attorney Robert Fojo Surrenders Law License In Exchange For Ending Investigation For Mismanaging Client’s Funds


In December we published a blog about how Manchester Attorney Robert “Bootleg Avenatti” Fojo had his law license suspended for mishandling more than $100K of client’s money. In recent news, Fojo has agreed to resign permanently as an attorney in order to avoid an investigation that will likely show that the accusations made against him are legitimate.

Add another one to the Turtleboy graveyard.

At least he’s gotta a spicy young girlfriend to mooch off of for now.

But I’m not sure his downtown Manchester green screen is gonna fool anyone anymore.

The stock photos of black people who don’t work at his office are still all over his law firm’s Facebook account at least.



It’s unclear if the courts will make him take down his a la carte menu of legal services from his website.

If you’re unfamiliar with this legal genius, here’s a quick rundown of why he’s now in the Turtleboy Graveyard:

  • Fojo¬†attempted to get a restraining order against me and 2 fake Facebook accounts he attributed to me after I mocked him for a poorly worded email he sent me demanding that I remove a blog about his shady client.
  • Despite not being an attorney myself I still defeated him in court
  • He sued a Manchester bartender for sharing the blog about him on Facebook, then withdrew the lawsuit days later.
  • In 2017 Fojo was hired by a landscaping company to file a frivolous defamation lawsuit against a woman for voicing her opinions about the company’s prices on a Mommy Facebook group. The lawsuit was thrown out before getting to trial, he wasted the client’s time and money, yet on his blog he says that the judge ruled incorrectly and vowed to take the frivolous lawsuit to the Supreme Court.
  • I published his previous arrest reports for domestic violence and DUI.
  • Fojo was upset because his ex called him gay, and then attempted to weaponize her previous suicidal feelings against her.
  • He also threatened to sue his ex-wife for defamation, and attempted to get a court order to force both his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend to hand over their text communications because he believed they were “speaking ill of him.”
  • He allegedly intimidated his ex-wife by threatening to use litigation tactics to drive up her attorney’s frees and make her life a “living hell.”
  • Fojo was arrested again on December 1, 2017, for alleged simple assault and preventing the reporting of a crime. He had to waive his arraignment because it would’ve interfered with another scheduled court date.
  • He was arrested yet again in 2019 for DUI and refused to cooperate with officers.

But the good news for Fojo is that they’re still looking for new recruits on “Team Storm,” so he should give Shannon Labarre or Rochanna Buckley a call to see if his services are of use.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.






He allegedly intimidated his ex-wife by threatening to use litigation tactics to drive up her attorney’s frees and make her life a “living hell.”


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