Joe Biden Nominates Rachael Rollins For US Attorney Based Solely On Racial Identity Despite Abusing Power During Road Rage Incident 


Yesterday President Biden decided it would be a good time to reward lawless Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins by nominating her for United States Attorney. Despite being a catastrophic failure of epic proportions Biden bragged about it because it was a “historic first.”

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, matters more to Democrats in 2021 than the color of your skin. That’s followed closely by gender identity and who you sleep with. Far down the list somewhere is how good you actually are at your job. It’s why I laugh every time I hear them whine about systemic racism, in a system that is built for incompetent people to rise to power based solely on their phenotype.

Here’s the official statement about the nomination from the White House.

Rollins was chosen for her “devotion to enforcing the law?” She’s most famous for being the first DA in the country to proudly announce that she would not be enforcing the law by refusing to prosecute 15 crimes, including possession of drugs with intent to sell, larceny, and shoplifting.

What about her “experiences and credentials in the the field?” She’s been the DA for all of two years, and she was never a prosecutor prior to that. Sounds like “inexperienced and incompetent” is also one of the historic firsts here.

Let’s not forget some of her other greatest hits in the last couple years:

  • When the police union objected to this mischaracterization she accused them of displaying “white fragility,” despite representing hundreds of black officers

  • Worked with and endorsed Monica Cannon-Grant for several years, despite being aware of several violent and racist posts made by MCG
  • Said that she was “exhausted” because police officers “shoot us (black people) in the street as if we were animals,” stoking racial resentment and leading to riots and looting all over Boston
  • Had a criminal complaint filed against her by a citizen during a traffic dispute in which she got out of her car, threatened to give the woman a ticket, (which she does not have the authority to do) then illegally used her blue lights on the state owned vehicle she was using to drive her kids around to go through a red light

  • Debated me on Howie Carr’s show about this incident and lied several times, including claiming that she did not use her blue lights, which her victim would not know existed had she not used them

  • Falsely claimed that a masked white man came to her house, took something out of her trunk and aimed it at her, failing to mention that the man was a reporter from Boston 25 News and he was aiming a camera at her

  • Threatened to abuse the powers of her office by making up a crime in order to have this reporter arrested, and launched a racist attack against her victim by claiming that her complaint were the “rantings of a white woman”

  • Claimed that iPhones were racist because she couldn’t figure out how to change the race of the judge emoji on her phone, while ignoring several unsolved murders including an elderly black woman who was killed while sitting on her porch

  • Interfered in the investigation conducted by Middlesex DA Marian Ryan’s office into the Mikayla Miller suicide in a county in which she does not have jurisdiction, undermining Ryan’s work by suggesting to the girl’s mother that her daughter was lynched by 5 white teenagers

For all of these things she was rewarded and promoted by the Biden administration, solely because she is a black woman, while claiming that her race and gender prevent people who look like her from advancing in our systemically racist society.

Rollins also attempted to prevent ICE from arresting illegal immigrants in Suffolk County courthouses, which she was later prevented from doing by an appeals court. This is noteworthy because the man she would be replacing, Andrew Lelling, took the opposite approach. Lelling charged Newton Judge Shelley Joseph in federal court after she arranged for an illegal immigrant charged with violent crimes to escape out the back door of the courthouse when she discovered that ICE agents were sitting outside her courtroom waiting to detain him. Joseph will likely have her charges dropped now and return to work. This is the type of reform and accountability the Trump appointed Lelling pushed for that Rollins wants to undo. Despite claiming to fight for the poor and powerless Rollins has consistently used her office to protect the powerful while ignoring the destructive effects of her policies on crime in Boston.

Lelling acknowledged after the Biden administration came to power that his brand of law enforcement was no longer valued.

“I think it’s time to go,” Lelling said. “It’s a new crew at the Justice Department and their law enforcement policies may be different than the ones I would want to enforce. Knowing that the new administration is going to ask you to move on at some point, this seemed like the time to seek new challenges and go do them.”

Lelling’s career was wildly successful and undervalued. His other major accomplishments include:

Rollins primary goal as US Attorney would be to continue to protect powerful people like Shelley Joseph, while using her office to go after police officers and her political enemies, all of whom will be falsely labeled as “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.” She has to be confirmed by the Senate, and both Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren have already said they’d vote for her, despite giving lip service to the woman Rollins victimized in December.

“District Attorney Rollins is a great choice for U.S. Attorney, and we were proud to recommend her to the Biden administration,”they said in a statement. Rollins “is a national leader on transforming the criminal justice system and shifting away from an approach based on punishment and penalization to one that combats the root causes of injustice, whether it be poverty, substance use, or racial disparity. She has prosecutorial experience, and is dedicated and committed to advancing equal justice for all, and we are certain that she will be a tremendous U.S. Attorney.”

Any Republican who votes for her should be primaried.

The only thing that matters to democrats is race. If you voted for Joe Biden, then you did this. You knew that his administration would be so obsessed with identity politics that they’d appoint incompetent people like Rachael Rollins based solely on the color of their skin, and then celebrate it as a “historic first.” But at least you don’t have those bad tweets to worry about anymore.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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