Meet Tori Bedford: Lying WGBH Reporter Who Provides Cover For Monica Cannon-Grant, Tina Degree And Other Activists 


This is taxpayer funded WGBH “reporter” Tori Bedford.

She’s a very dumb person most known for falling for this joke on Twitter last July:

That of course is a picture from The Godfather, but because Tori is a simpleton with an agenda (white people don’t wear masks and spread COVID) she believed that it was a picture of maskless Italians in the North End in 2020, despite the fact that it was 90 degrees that day and everyone is dressed like it’s winter.

Nevertheless she has won journalism “awards” for her work.

Because this is what the mainstream media does – throws parties for themselves so they can tell each other how essential they are for democracy while they are actively being replaced by Substack bros and random people on Twitter.

No reporter has covered Monica Cannon-Grant more extensively, and given her more positive coverage than Tori Bedford.

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But Monica Cannon-Grant is a vulgar and controversial character at best. A good reporter would at least acknowledge that, but Tori Bedford never has. As a direct result of this positive coverage Monica has been elevated as a respectable civil rights icon in Boston. Without it she’d just be another ratchet from Roxbury threatening people and yelling racial profanities on social media.

Consequently Monica has been able to amass millions of dollars worth of donations for her fraudulent non-profit Violence in Boston. She’s been honored by the Bruins and Celtics as a hero among us. She’s also been able to remain influential in Massachusetts politics, as her Senatorial endorsement was sought out by Joe Kennedy, and she pressured Marty Walsh into giving her a taxpayer funded building to run her non-profit out of.

Last July Monica posted a disturbing video on Facebook, threatening to murder congressional candidate Rayla Campbell for the crime of being black and marrying a white man.

This was one of dozens of vulgar, threatening, and racist videos Monica had put out, and I naively gave the media the benefit of the doubt that they hadn’t heard these. The Lowell Sun, Boston Herald, and a number of other outlets publicized her threatening words towards a black woman running for office, but many others including Tori Bedford did not. I privately DMd her on Twitter to let her know, assuming she was an actual journalist trying to cover the news.

But Tori Bedford ignored me because she’s not a real journalist. She, like many “reporters” today, goes into a story with a narrative, and only writes things that complement that narrative. Monica Cannon-Grant is a civil rights icon is the official story line, and a video of her threatening to kill a black woman goes against that.

For her positive coverage Monica occasionally gives Tori a pat on the head. At last week’s vigil/protest for Mikayla Miller in Hopkinton Monica called Bedford her “home girl,” before going into a racist rant about white people eating cheese sandwiches and “going home and telling people that you helped the negroes.”

In her coverage of the event Tori Bedford tweeted several things Monica said that day, but she intentionally left the cheese sandwiches and negroes quote out because it would hurt the narrative that Monica is an honorable and respectable leader in the black community.

Nowhere in her extensive “reporting” did Tori bother to point out that Mikayla Miller’s mother was arrested for abusing her daughter, that Mikayla was suicidal and self-medicating with drugs, or that Mikayla’s ex-girlfriend sent an email to her guidance counselor warning her that Mikayla was threatening to self-harm. That would go against Monica’s narrative, and then Monica would call her a white supremacist instead of her home girl. Tori doesn’t seek to report the truth, she seeks to remain in the good graces of Monica Cannon-Grant because she’s afraid of being called a racist and it probably feels good for her to be complimented by a black person for the first time in her life.

Today she shared a podcast about the investigation.

“Remains a mystery.”

No, it does not. Mikayla Miller killed herself. Tori Bedford isn’t stupid – she knows this. She’s just choosing not to report it because she prefers the “black girl dies under mysterious circumstances in white town” story line. It’s what her masters at WGBH prefer too.

In the podcast, which you can listen to here, she repeats Mikayla’s mother’s lie that she contacted Apple who told her that Marian Ryan was lying about her phone being able to be tracked. She questions nothing, despite the fact that a real reporter would ask Calvina Strothers how she got a hold of Apple that easily when courts and law enforcement officers cannot. Her refusal to question anything fuels the lie that Monica Cannon-Grant’s baseless claims have any sort of legitimacy.

This isn’t the only lie she’s been fueling though. In April Tori Bedford published a story about Moses Harris, the man who had been arrested 6 times for domestic violence against women, and attempted to evade arrest from the Lowell Police by jumping into the frozen Concord River where he drowned. Look at the headline she used.

“Disappeared after being chased by police.”

He literally jumped in the river. It was on tape (30 second mark).

She failed to mention that he had been to jail for domestic violence, and that the woman who called the cops on him was the same woman he just beat up.

Her story on this event focused on the ridiculous protests that Moses’ family and Tina “Beast Lightning” Degree have put on.

Tina Degree, an activist with Community Advocates for Justice and Equality, or CAJE, and a close friend of Harris Daddeh, has called on Lowell Mayor John Leahy and other public officials to investigate the incident and press the police department to name the officers involved and release the police report, which has been deemed confidential because of the domestic nature of the charges.

In a statement, Rep. Lori Trahan, who represents Lowell, said she “understands the importance of transparency in this process and has conveyed as much” to the Lowell police.

But Degree says those efforts haven’t worked. “The police are not being transparent,” she said. “They say they’re being transparent. They’re not.”

What Tori Bedford is aware of and chose not to report, is that Tina Degree is under investigation for her role in cleaning up the murder of Emely Nieves, who was most likely killed in her apartment by her son Devante Degree. We published all of her text messages showing years of abuse and violence.

Tori also forgot to mention that Tina Degree was arrested at this protest while already out on bail for beating a pregnant woman with a tire iron who was carrying her grandchild because she didn’t want him to take ownership of the child. She admitted that she didn’t call 911 when she “found” Emely’s dead body in her apartment.

Tori Bedford isn’t stupid. She knows all of this and is choosing not to report it because she likes this headline better.

“What happened to Moses Harris?”

Same headline from Mikayla Miller. This woman loves to pretend there is some sort of mystery to open and shut cases. She does this to inflame racial tensions and legitimize bald faced lies from “activists” like Tina Degree and Monica Cannon-Grant, so she can stay in their good graces.

Tori blocked me a long time ago on Twitter after I publicly called her out for her non-reporting on Monica Cannon-Grant. She responded by defending Monica as an “activist aggressively targeted by a Turtleboy misinformation campaign,” and said Monica was “absolutely doing it right.”

Notice she didn’t write Turtleboy in case people searched for that on Twitter. This is what she gets paid to do – lie, coverup, inflame racial tensions, and blame real reporters who actually have primary sources and evidence, and cover the news correctly.


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