Top 18 Politicians, Media Outlets, And Organizations That Helped Monica Cannon-Grant Steal Millions And Defraud The Community 


Monica Cannon-Grant never hid who she was. From the beginning she was an openly racist bully with no background in nonprofit work, no college degree, and no standing in the community. Yet within 5 years her nonprofit Violence In Boston grew to a multi-million dollar organization that she used as her personal slush fund to to defraud the community. Last May she said of VIB’s money, “you don’t get to touch money or else you go to jail.”

She said this after knowingly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars from VIB on her own personal luxuries.  Then she laughed at the idea of being audited.

Don’t think she’s laughing anymore.

The money came from foundations, prominent politicians, the City of Boston, and every day people who thought they were helping the community.

She believed that “attacks” on her were a divine blessing that led to more donations.

Monica frequently bragged about how she had every prominent politician on speed dial.

A: I’m blessed in the sense that I don’t have to jump through any hurdles. Most of the politicians in the city, I have their cell phone number. The only one I don’t have — but I’m not upset about — is Charlie Baker.

The mayor, direct call to his cell phone. Michelle Wu, direct call to her cell phone. District Attorney Rollins, direct call to her cell phone.

But she didn’t get to where she is now on her own. A plethora of media outlets, organizations, and politicians legitimized her, and helped her raise obscene amounts of money for herself. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 18.


18. Every elected Republican leader. 

Monica Cannon-Grant was a fundraiser and influential political figure for the Democratic party. She campaigned for some of the most prominent elected officials, and not once did a single Republican in Massachusetts stand up and demand Democrats disavow Monica’s overt racism. Had a Republican campaign worker said anything remotely close to what Monica said Republicans would be forced to disavow, and they all would gleefully do so in order to save themselves.



17. City Councillor Julia Mejia

Mejia sought out and was proud of the endorsement from Monica, and continued to associate with her after she as widely exposed to be a racist fraud.


16. Crystal Haynes

The Boston 25 Reporter has been providing positive coverage of Monica for years, and was the chosen media for the grand opening of VIB in September of 2020. She saw the protesters outside, heard the audio of Monica threatening to murder Rayla Campbell, and intentionally chose not to report on any of it.



15. Sue O’Connell and NBC

O’Connell had Monica on her show countless times, including after the Rayla Campbell tape came out. NBC constantly promoted her “social impact center.”



14. Andrea Campbell

The Boston City Councillor was Monica’s first choice for Mayor before losing in the primary, and continued to be associated with her throughout her campaign.



13. Liz Warren

Pocahontas donated to VIB, participated in forums on racial justice with Monica, and proudly stood alongside her before and after she was exposed for being a violent racist. Her large platform allowed Monica to reach a much broader group of donors.



12. Michelle Wu

After Andrea Campbell dropped out of the Boston Mayoral race Michelle Wu became the chosen candidate for VIB and Monica Cannon-Grant. The new Mayor called her an inspiration.




11. Celtics/Bruins/Patriots

All three organizations honored Monica and treated her as a brand ambassador. Devon McCourty posted a video just months ago urging people to donate to the fraudulent nonprofit.





10. Jim Braude WGBH

Jim Braude allowed Monica to come on his show and spread baseless lies about Mikayla Miller being murdered by white teenagers, when it was already determined that the 16 year old had committed suicide. As a result Monica was able to raise $60K with a GoFundMe under the false pretense of paying for an independent autopsy that never happened.



9. Zeina Marchant

Monica had no idea how to start a nonprofit, so the Winchester School Committee member helped her out. She provided her with start up money, had her over for dinner, and paraded her around as her token black friend. She introduced Monica to wealthy white liberal donors who would be her primary cash cow for fraud. She was VIB’s treasurer but somehow never touched a penny. If this is true it means that she was nothing but a white face on paper who allowed Monica to defraud with no oversight.

52:30 – “Not just support black women in regards to showing up. We’re leading movements, we’re feeding communities. Show up and bring equity. Bring your rich friends. Bring those people who are like I have all this money and don’t know where to put it. There are black women who can’t pay their bills.”



8. Tori Bedford

No singular media member did more to provide cover and support for Monica than the taxpayer funded leach at WGBH “News,” Tori Bedford. Monica referred to Tori as her “home girl” while raising money off the Mikayla Miller hoax, because she knew that Tori would never report on her fraud. After we began exposing Monica she tweeted out that any activist like Monica who was “targeted” by Turtleboy “misinformation” campaigns were doing something right. It’s not just that she chose NOT to report on Monica’s fraud, she also tried to discredit our reporting as misinformation.




7. Ayanna Pressley

Monica threatened to murder Pressley’s republican opponent for congress in 2020 while working on Pressley’s campaign. She accused the conservative black woman of “riding white penis for a credit score” and suggested she was no longer black because her husband is white. Pressley never disavowed and continued to associate with Monica after the fact. She is one of the most well known and influential members of congress in the country, and her campaign manager Alex Goldstein was the official spokesperson for VIB. In December of 2020 she said that Monica was deserving of being named Bostonian of the Year.



6. Rachael Rollins

Monica campaigned for Rollins and used her influence to help her get elected in 2018. She gave Monica $6K in confiscated drug money with no strings attached or oversight that Monica spent on a vacation to Maryland. In 2019 Rollins in typical fashion claimed she was the victim of racism because a white person working for Governor Baker criticized her. Monica organized a rally to “protect black women” and acted as the MC. It was attended by Michelle Wu and dozens of other elected democrat officials, and she was escorted in by the Nation of Islam. At the 1:20 mark in this video she praised Monica, calling her a “passionate skilled community advocate and a friend.”



5. Maura Healey

The Attorney General had the power to investigate and stop Monica Cannon-Grant whenever she felt like it, but she chose not to because she was busy suing President Trump. Her office is in charge of monitoring non-profits for compliance and did nothing as VIB spent three years not doing their taxes. There were red flags everywhere but she ignored them because she feared the political consequences of going after a loud black woman with a microphone.



4. Marty Walsh

Monica claims that former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh gave her a free 4K square foot building in Hyde Park to run VIB out of, and donate taxpayer money to VIB, in exchange for her agreeing to stop calling him a “mother f***er.” He was featured on a flier for VIB’s grand opening but chose not to attend once we began exposing her. She credits the former Mayor and current United States Secretary of Labor for bringing her to the table and his administration gave her a $54K in COVID relief that she spent on herself. Marty was well aware of her character but gave her what she wanted because he feared her political influence.

“I just wanted [Mayor Walsh] to help me get to the table and then I can speak on my behalf,” she said. “That was important for me because I feel like it’s easy to write a check; I wanted to feel like I did it.”



3. Joe Kennedy

No politician was prouder of his association with Monica than Joe Kennedy, as he sought out black people to stand behind him in his failed bid to unseat Ed Markey in 2020. He called her a “dear friend” and stood by her after Rayla Campbell disrupted a press conference he held alongside Monica. His campaign spokesman downplayed her racist threats as “needing to be more careful with her words,” while calling her a racial justice leader.

Kennedy campaign spokesman Michael Cummings clapped back Monday, saying, “Monica has said multiple times that she should have been more careful with her words. Few have fought longer and harder on the forefront of racial justice in Boston.”





2. Tito Jackson

No elected official did more to help Monica raise money and legitimize herself in the nonprofit community than former City Councillor and failed Mayoral candidate Tito Jackson. He led marches with her, helped her perpetuate the Mikayla Miller hoax, led her failed campaign for State Rep, introduced her to people at City Hall, and acted as security at VIB’s grand opening. He is listed in the federal indictment as “associate 1” who helped extort $75K out of Phantom Gourmet for diversity, equity, and inclusion training. In the VIB documentary Tito Jackson claimed that he became friends with Monica after she started yelling at him in 2013 (8:45 mark).




1. Boston Globe

Monica could never have grown to what she was without the complicity of the Globe. Like it or not they are the most influential media outlet in Boston, and their conscious choice NOT to report on Monica’s misdeeds allowed her to escape scrutiny. It also allowed her to label the legitimate concerns about her organization as right wing attacks. Instead they allowed Monica to write op-eds and glorified her as a civil rights icon. They even named her Bostonian of the Year in 2020 in spite of the racist videos she put out. We contacted the reporters responsible for promoting her and they all either ignored or blocked us. The moment they reported on her being investigated last week the national media suddenly took notice. The Globe still matters if you’re trying to reach an audience outside of Massachusetts.
















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