Monica Cannon-Grant’s Lawyer Quit On Her Because She Won’t Stop Threatening Reporters, 6 People Show Up Latest Protest In Boston


Yesterday the Boston Herald reported that Monica Cannon-Grant’s privately obtained attorney Robert Goldstein has withdrawn from her federal fraud case, and Monica will now be seeking a court-appointed attorney.

This means one of two things:

  1. She ran out of money
  2. The attorney withdrew because she wouldn’t shutup or listen to his advice, and was hurting his defense of her

My money is on both. While on probation Monica has disregarded the advice of counsel to remain silent, because she’s a narcissistic psychopath who believes she can talk her way out of anything. During that time she has vowed to get revenge on “respectable n words” like Rachael Rollins, attacked the VIB board of directors, wrote herself fake hate notes in an attempt to gain sympathy, raised money illegally, created a fake network of white supporters that she uses to continue to raise money for herself, doxxed and harassed women and children, and much more. Additional evidence keep getting added, and Goldstein appears to have had enough, since makes his job significantly harder than it needs to be.

Now that Monica has been fired from her former nonprofit Violence In Boston INC, she also has no income and likely cannot pay Goldstein his hourly rate. Without the backing of the Boston Globe and powerful politicians she has no clout, so she can’t organize and fundraise (scam) like she used to. She recently held one of her “white supremacy is killing me” protests outside of Boston Police headquarters, and I didn’t bother showing up because she is no longer relevant.


It was quite the raucous crowd though.


Monica before Turtleboy:


Monica after Turtleboy:


This was the speaker at her protest:

What are the odds that Monica Cannon-Grant’s friend would be an alleged innocent victim of white supremacist brutality?

Monica spent most of her rise to power using the media for attention, but now that the coverage isn’t as flattering she’s begun to attack the reporters who she believes are acting in collusion with white supremacists (AKA everyone she doesn’t like). Her ire is particularly focused on Boston Herald reporter Flint McColgan, and she’s going after what apparently is his significant other on Facebook and Twitter.


She believes that the media should no longer be reporting on her, because every time they do she gets imaginary death threats from fake accounts that she created.

Monica, you wanted to be a public figure and now you are one. No take backs!

Meanwhile, the Fight for Monica Twitter account, which is totally NOT run by Monica, complained that the attorney was withdrawing due to a lack of funds. The account also said that McColgan looks like a damp towel.

Monica’s bullying tactics like this used to work when she had a mob of 50,000 she could threaten her critics with, but not anymore. She’s toxic now thanks to Turtleboy, and no respectable person would be caught dead supporting or associating with her. I hope she remembers while she’s rotting away in a jail cell that I did this to her. It’s honestly my greatest life accomplishment. Sure, I had 2 kids, but a lot of people have done that. Monica was an evil plague that infested our society, and she would’ve remained there forever without Turtleboy.


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