Rachael Rollins Road Rage Victim Issues Statement Calling On Senators To Oppose Confirmation For US Attorney


Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton has recently been leading the charge to prevent Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins from getting confirmed by the Senate for United States Attorney, after being nominated for by President Biden. Although Biden has championed his appointment as yet another “historic first,” due to the fact that Rollins is a black woman, her track record is troublesome and disqualifying.

Republicans have a one vote minority in the Senate, so at least one Democrat would have to cross party lines and vote against her in order for her not to get through. However, procedural Senate rules could be used by Cotton to prevent this from happening.

The Establishment, led by people like Northeastern journalism professor Dan Kennedy, who gets paid to talk about the media while breaking no actual stories himself, are already rushing to her defense by accusing anyone who opposes the nomination of being a racist.

This is what we’re dealing with here.

A man who famously once laughed at the idea that Bob Murchison was a “malign force,” even after the Sherborn activist sent hundreds of misleading emails to WEEI advertisers that directly led to the station firing Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan.

People like Dan Kennedy will attempt to frame any opposition to Rollins as an attack on black women, so it’s important to remember exactly the kind of person Rollins is. Last night on the Live Show I was joined by Katie Lawson from Dorchester, the woman who was threatened by Rollins in a Christmas Eve traffic dispute. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at 9).

According to Lawson, Rollins threatened to issue the woman a ticket (something she has no authority to do), before illegally using her blue lights to go through a red light in her state owned vehicle with her children in the backseat. Afterwards Rollins compared Ms. Lawson to the woman who got Emmett Till murdered, and then wrongly claimed that a masked white man showed up to her house and threatened her with an object that he pointed at her.

As it turns out that man was a cameraman for Boston 25 News, and the object he pointed at her was a camera. Rollins did not like the fact that as a public figure she was being questioned about her role in the incident and once again threatened to use the power of her office to wrongly have the female reporter arrested by making up an allegation about her. She also referred to Ms. Lawson’s police report as the “rantings and ravings of a white woman.”

“I’ll call the police on you and make an allegation and we’ll see how that works for you.”

“The rantings of a white woman get you here and scare my children.”

It’s clear that Rachael Rollins is more than willing to openly abuse her office, since she said this while knowing she was being recorded. She also has a bias against white women in particular, and seems unlikely to believe them if they accuse a person of color of committing a crime. For those reasons, combined with her temperament, she is unqualified for the position of U.S. Attorney. Ms. Lawson had been in touch with both Senator Markey and Warren’s offices, who pretended to care about what she went through, but now are enthusiastically supporting Rollins’ nomination.

During the show last night Lawson issued this official statement about the nomination:

It’s not a surprise at all that Rollins received the nomination from Biden for US Attorney. As soon as I was disregarded by Senators Markey & Warren, I knew what was coming. When I first got word of the nomination I was instantly sick to my stomach. I am sure by now all your followers know how she verbally attacked my fiancee and I on Christmas Eve but now let’s look at the Boston25 video of her unhinged verbal assault on a news crews followed by some very misleading racist tweets. It’s interesting because being a registered Democrat at the time of election, Dems, myself included, ripped Trump for Twitter fingers and attacking the press. But it becomes acceptable when the tables are turned? 

On the Howie Carr show, Rollins went as far as saying that the shopping center is a “haven for emotionally disturbed people and drug addicts.” This is how she labels the constituents that voted her into office. But, why is it a haven for EDP’s and Drug Addicts? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we no longer prosecute people for selling drugs, theft, or vandalism. So is she really doing that great of a job if she is the one saying how horrible the area is? My cousin actually died from a drug overdose in Suffolk County and was arrested many times for breaking and entering gyms in the area, but he continued to get out and now he is dead. He should have been in a supervised environment. 

It scares me that President Biden plans to give this woman even more power than she already has. A quick scan of her Twitter feed will show you that she is quick to call someone a racist when they disagree with or speak out against her. Since December countless people have shared stories with me about being called a racist for simple things like disagreeing with her progressive prosecution policies, or when she told a woman that “it didn’t matter that she was Jewish because she looked white.” I myself wasn’t safe from her Twitter fingers either. I came forward, which was scary, and actually spoke out against someone with her power, but she showed me her rage. She compared herself to Emmet Till and insinuated that I was going to get her killed. During her manic episode she lashed out saying the “rantings of a white woman” had the media at her house.  But my fiancée who was with me that day is black, and Rollins was on the passenger side of my car so she saw him clear as day. She was basically in his face and her tweet rewrote that narrative to turn her into the victim.

So I guess it’s acceptable to have a United States Attorney that shames a victim and puts them in harms why by not providing all the facts. Isn’t the role of an attorney about facts?

I live in her county, and waking up to news of a shooting, murder, guns recovered or worse is normal. The crime rate went up about 50% or more in 2020, but why?  Well just after Rollins vowed to prosecute the person that killed a Dorchester grandmother on her porch she inserted herself in the suicide death of Mikayla Miller, which happened in Middlesex County. According to Miller’s mother Rollins called her less than 48 hours after dying, and began a smear campaign that wrongly accused 5 children of murdering Miller before an autopsy was even released. Those children suffered threats and had to drop out of school. It’s one thing for Rollins to bully an adult but what kind of person starts a smear campaign on some teenagers?

Rollins is always speaking of the safety of her kids but she had no reservations about exposing someone else’s children. The nominee for United States Attorney made a decision to BULLY CHILDREN so imagine the harm she could do as US Attorney. Senator Warren & Markey when they refused to speak directly with me about what she did to me, and put forward the nomination after the incident occurred despite being in constant contact with their staff the whole time. 

Just some things to think about :

She verbally assaulted and threatened to make false allegations against a news crew because she was concerned with her kids but totally disregarded the safety of another person’s child?

She accused me of lying, yet on Boston 25 News she told a news crew she would make false allegations against them? A United States Attorney that has no issue with saying on camera she would make false allegations?

A woman that took to the news immediately to say that the unjust killing of a black couple in Winthrop was racially motivated, but when a Jewish man was killed days later she said they were investigating it.  A woman that went on the Howie Carr Show and said “Words Matter” when I called a report filled out by a BPD officer a police report instead of a citizens complaint. But words no longer matter on Twitter when you are victim shaming or accusing children.

A woman that said she would admonish someone that put a license plate on social media but she posted names and more information of officers that had complaints against them, even if the officer was cleared, while allowing Netflix to film her move to Suffolk County, showing her children.

A woman that accused 4 District Attorneys from other counties of inserting themselves into Suffolk County business but then inserted herself into the business of District Attorney Ryan.

A woman who labels someone as an EDP for shopping at the SAME plaza she was shopping at. This is scary, so scary, to think that Biden may  give her this power. I am really afraid for the future if we allow this to happen, not a single person will be safe. 

Call to action:

I would urge everyone reading this to contact Senator Cotton’s office by clicking here. Emphasize the fact that this woman was on tape threatening to use her power and influence to make up false allegations against a reporter for questioning her. She threatens civilians over simple traffic disputes. She does this while letting people out of jail for serious crimes, including her drug dealing brother.

I’d also urge you to email Tucker Carlson’s producer at [email protected].

But we need Democratic Senators to stop her as well. Please consider contacting this bipartisan coalition of vocal Senators who could be swayed to stop Rachael Rollins, or loudly let the world know about her character:

Maggie Hassan (NH): https://www.hassan.senate.gov/contact/email

Krysten Sinema (AZ): https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten

Mark Kelly (AZ): https://www.kelly.senate.gov/

Joe Manchin (WV): https://www.manchin.senate.gov/contact-joe/email-joe

Josh Hawley (MO): https://www.hawley.senate.gov/contact-senator-hawley

Ted Cruz (TX): https://www.cruz.senate.gov/?p=form&id=16

Angus King (ME): https://www.king.senate.gov/contact

Marco Rubio (FL): https://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

Rand Paul (KY): https://www.paul.senate.gov/connect/email-rand



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