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White City Councilors Accidentally Invited To Electeds Of Color Only Apartheid Christmas Party Are Too Afraid To Say Something


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Major controversy erupted in Boston this week when she/her Director of City Council Relations Denise DosSantos accidentally sent an email to all members of the City Council inviting them to the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” on Wednesday night.

The email was only supposed to go to the six “electeds of color,” on the City Council, and the seven white members who were specifically not invited due to the color of their skin were not supposed to know about it.

This isn’t “reverse racism,” because that implies that racism against white people is not the same thing as racism against non-white people. It’s just good ol’ fashioned racism.

I knew as soon as I saw this that there was no way they would apologize or cancel. In case you haven’t been paying attention, it’s perfectly acceptable to be openly racist towards white people, and SOMETIMES Asians. We’ve published several stories about “affinity groups” in schools, that specifically ban white students from joining. I’m honestly surprised that people are actually surprised.

Keep in mind, this is Michelle Wu’s Communication Chief Jessicah Pierre:

This is Michelle Wu’s Chief of Equity and Inclusion Mariangely Solis Cervera:

This is who Michelle Wu is. This is what she believes in. These are her values. She learned it at Harvard, which we now know is a racist, jew-hating factory that actively endorses segregation. No one should be surprised by this “electeds of color” Christmas party.

The funny part was when Denise DosSantos emailed this followup apology:

But what is she sorry about if there’s nothing wrong with the no whites allowed Christmas party? The truth is that she’s not sorry about the apartheid Christmas party, she’s sorry that she let the white people know about it.

Of course the reason they’re able to get away with it is because self deprecating white people like NBC’s Sue O’Connell try to gain woke points by acting like it’s no big deal.

No other race of people would put up with this. Just white people.

There are seven members of the City Council who are white. Not a single one of them has stood up to say this is wrong. The closes thing we got was this:

Councilor Frank Baker, who is white, told the Herald he was not personally offended by the mistake, but the idea of excluding some officials was “unfortunate and divisive.”

“I don’t really get offended too easily,” Baker told the Herald. “To offend me, you’re going to have to do much more than not invite me to a party.”

It’s just unfortunate. Not morally wrong, racist, or a step back in time. Keep in mind, this guy is leaving office in a month and has nothing to lose by speaking out against this, but he’s too afraid to do say anything. The other white councilors didn’t have much to say at all, including Gigi Coletta. Then again, she was given a pass by the BIPOC community for this:

So she probably knows that she has to sit this one out.

I’ll tell you who’s not afraid to say anything though – the six City Councillors who made the cut because their skin color was dark enough.

Councilor Brian Worrell, who is Black and was vying for the Council presidency before tentatively agreeing to become the body’s vice president next term, defended the invite, however, saying that the holiday party is simply another example of reflecting “all kinds of specific groups” in city government.

“We make space and spaces for all kinds of specific groups in the city and city government,” Worrell said in a statement. “This is no different, and the Elected Officials of Color has been around for more than a decade.”

It’s OK because we “make spaces” for racially segregated groups. Spaces like this:

To the surprise of nobody, Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson was all about it too:

“No need for apologies at all. Your email should not offend anyone and there is absolutely no confusion,” Fernandes Anderson wrote. “Just like there are groups that meet based on shared interests or cultural backgrounds, it’s completely natural for elected officials of color to gather for a holiday celebration.”

She added, “Many groups celebrate and come together in various ways, and it’s not about excluding anyone. Instead, it’s about creating spaces for like-minded individuals to connect and support each other.”

Further, Fernandes Anderson described the Wu administration’s effort to “organize a holiday celebration specific to elected officials of color” as “commendable.”

“Like minded people.” In other words, everyone who isn’t white thinks and views the world the same way.

Then again, Tania Fernandes-Anderson is an openly racist woman who married a man while he was 10 years into a life sentence for murder, and nearly started a riot at a Council meeting in defense of her rapey co-councillor Ricky “Sticky Fingers” Arroyo.

“What the FUCK do I have to do in this FUCKING council in order to get respect as a black woman?”

Speaking of Ricardo Arroyo, he also cosigned the racism:

The segregated apartheid Christmas party is OK because it’s a “tradition.” As a student of history I can tell you that the “tradition” argument is probably the most common argument used to defend segregation in the Jim Crow south. Just ask George Wallace.

Or the Judge at the 25:20 mark, who makes the argument that they have to keep practicing segregation because “it’s the way it’s been, we’ve been brought up like this, we’ve been taught like this, we teach our children like this.”

Ya know, like a tradition.

Michelle Wu was cool with it too:

“It was truly just an honest mistake that went out to the entire email field.”

She’s not sorry that she’s promoting racism, she’s sorry that she told white people about it.

The apartheid party went on as planned, and although some of the “electeds of color” were ashamed to show their faces going in, Julia Mejia and Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden were not.

Not sure how this one made the cut:

But it’s gotta be a pronouns thing.

Kevin Hayden sitting next to Ricardo Arroyo after it was discovered that Arroyo and Rachael Rollins plotted against him and conspired to try to have Hayden investigated by the US Attorney’s Office, had to be a little awkward too.

Also not surprising to see State Senator Liz Miranda in the red dress up front. There’s no way someone as openly racist as Liz would miss out on this:

In closing, the only thing I’m surprised about here is that people are surprised by any of this. They’ve been openly racist for years and keep getting re-elected anyway. They know that white liberals on the City Council have been neutered into not saying anything, so they know they can get away with it, and they won’t be stopping any time soon. It’s a tradition.


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  1. The howie carr herald column on this was also hilarious. Massachusetts doesn’t seem to ever hold any public official accountable for anything. They scratch each others backs and around we go. Wu is a bimbo.

  2. I more than understand the backlash…

    But this is similar to a “women’s only gym.”

    This has been going on for years.
    No, you can’t have a “whites only” party, because it doesn’t involve a non-person of color.

    The way in which this went about was divisive. You cannot “cordially invite” everyone to a “coloreds only party,” and then rescind the invite to whites, for being white.

    They fucked up huge and cannot explain this away.

    It’s the rescinding of the formal, government-sponsored invitation, due to race, which is the major issue.

    The non-whites have different issues than the whites.
    Women have different issues than men.
    Trans people … I can’t defend, to be honest.

    The Karen Read case is what POC have been arguing about – forever.
    Rodney King. We should know who he is.
    No one is allowed to bring that up, because ignorant white folk think they’ll lose their rights. Moronic, truly.

    It’s not a race thing, until you invite everyone and pull that invite back, due to race.
    If a white person wants to attend, it’s in their best interest to say, “absolutely.”

    It’s like a Harvard school reunion … why would you want to go to that to listen to people have conversations that mean nothing or offend you? You didn’t go there. Maybe you got an invite, by accident. However, for them to rescind would be incredibly rude and they should all be above that.

    1/2 agree?

    Wu is a danger to the City, that is true.

    Similar to how you stated you don’t understand why women would need a hyphenated last name for their child (which they birthed) … it’s not really for you to understand. It’s just something for an outsider to criticize, from their POV. Which is limited… despite all attempts at being fair & unbiased.

    1. “This has been going on for years.”

      It’s only been going ONE way for six decades. And it only applies to one group of people. That is the pertinent difference and an objective truth.

      Even though it is that one group who built the nation and state we have (as fallible as it is) today.

      I would recommend Charles Murray – Human Accomplishment and Christopher Caldwell – Age of Entitlement and Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone. 🫡

      1. I mean… technically, there are plenty of “whites-only” meetings.

        Generally, the masses want the rights of the “straight white man,” and groups, such as this, are •supposed to be• seeking equality.

        Beacon Hill has nothing to do with Roxbury, it’s just not the same. The city is vast and the gaps in equality are massive.

        But to disinvite whites for being white is outrageous. They screwed up, huge.

        1. I see your point more clearly.

          However, it is my estimation that the reasons for the differences between groups of people have to do with group ability. There is minimal to zero evidence in a nation or world history where the visible hand of the state created equal outcomes for groups who are different in terms of biological ability.

          Lewiston was poor three decades ago. It’s still poor and now has thousands of Somalis in its city. Is living in Maine going to change the ability or Somalis to produce goods and services at the same rate as people in Auburn Maine? There’s no evidence to support that.

          West Roxbury has a different quality of life than Roxbury due to who lives there. Chinatown and the North End are a better quality of life and low crime due to who lives there, not a geo point on a map axis.

          Boston Public Schools is the most obvious example: 50 decades after busing took effect and there is NO evidence the schools will produce better students. Institutions are made by people, not magic dirt theory or good intentions.

          *Clarification- most does not equal ALL; and I am aware of and also understand that across large samples there are many outliers. People are complicated and nuanced beings.

  3. “They’ve been openly racist for years and keep getting re-elected anyway.”

    Thank you. I’ve been waiting to hear you say this for sometime.

    You might want to treat people as individuals (as you should). But believe me, these people hate you and your children and grandchildren.

    All you have to do is look at Memphis, Jackson, Detroit, Lawrence or Lewiston. A city and a nation are successful because of the people that came before you and because of your hard work and family.

    If you bring 10,000 Somalis to Lewiston Maine- it will no longer be Lewiston. It will be Mogadishu. Look at Minneapolis.

  4. I want to see a kid read these tweets in class as a presentation and see what the teacher/administration does.

    On that note, why don’t Facebook and X have an automatic filter that does not allow anyone to use any variation of these hateful words? I gave to believe it isn’t that hard of a coding fix….

    Let’s truly eliminate the n word usage.

  5. We all know that if you sent out a “whites only” invite, there would be an uproar and rightfully so. How is this different? Ever since high school when a “Blacks Only” club started, I’ve been waiting for an answer.

    By the way, Wu is a feckless tool who has serious prejudice issues.

    1. Why are anyone who is from without coming to European nations? Does it have to do with any of our accomplishments and (formerly) world class quality of life and standards of living? Why didn’t her parents stay in Taiwan?

  6. Maybe this group will help bring back segregation, it seems like they want that. No normal person would want to sit at that table, everyone in that picture is a dirtbag. Remember 3.5% of the population committs 54% of violent crime. Avoid when possible

  7. MSGA – “Make Segregation Great Again” apparently.

    Republicans should start using this as their slur in speeches like the Oval Office Occupant does (Ultra-MAGA anyone?)

  8. That dastardly Kate escaped justice again, while it looks like you’re being indicted (and indicted mighty hard!) this coming week. How about that?

    And did you know that Julie’s confidantes refer to you as “the Leech”?

    1. Why are you still here? I’m sure there are more tail light pieces that need to be found.

      Julie is a washed up HW whose panties only get wet for the “Leech”.

  9. Whoa! This is a lot to process and it doesn’t make a lot of sense:

    1. College Admissions Committees do NOT consider Asians as people of color. In fact, the IVY league schools like Harvard go out of their way to discriminate against Asians in the Admissions process.
    2. Lets face it. Black people HATE Asians (aka ‘Chinky’s). And they purposely beat the fuck out of them whenever they can. They believe that the Chinkys intrude into their neighborhoods and take over all the businesses. New York City is a hotbed of Black on Chinky crime. Google it to watch the daily beatings on video.
    3. Why does Michelle Wu consider herself to be a person of color? Asians like Wu are on the lighter skin side. Maybe they are a light yellow.
    4. Why would Michelle Wu host a holiday party for the Africans who would beat her ass if they saw her in a dark alley??
    5. Why did Bostonians elect a racist, Elizabeth Warren trained carpetbagger like Michelle Wu to be their Mayor in the first place?

    1. this is identity politics in a nutshell, and the answer to the “why?” is that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  10. When the future architects and doctors push mayor Wu in front of a subway train she’ll have a brief moment of clarity recalling her many bad choices before being splattered. Then in an ironic twist stray cats with packets of duk sauce will consume her remains.

  11. …there wasn’t a single piece of silverware or chicken-leg left in the house….. don’t even axe about the bare medicine cabinet and missing xbox!

  12. This needs to be prefaced by acknowledging the proven disadvantages in Boston and elsewhere for non-white people shaped by historical precedence.

    It is relevant to celebrate racial advancement in previously unrepresented professions if it is not undercutting the objective of inclusion. And a non taxpayer funded holiday event seems appropriate.

    What I find to be disturbing and what I never realized is that so many elected and state officials who choose to enter public service carry prejudiced views and then openly express them on Twitter using historically charged wording. And not in the right way – just casually. Not personally offended, but some tweets were cringeworthy.

    Especially given the objective is unity, compassion and kindness. I didn’t see those qualities in the discussions captured in the article. Why do people set the standard so low? No one’s perfect but we can do better.

    1. Because while we are all human their are differences. And there are different ABILITIES across all groups. Boston isn’t Memphis and Detroit isn’t Tokyo. Why is that?

  13. In North Korea we say chicken invite fox to dinner!

    Wise man say, White Devil her best chance to not be eaten by brown man with bone thru nose. She not even have nunchuck.

  14. The correct answer to the question “Where de white wimmin at?” is “Not at this Christmas party.”

    I too have chinky eyes ɓut only because I often have to squint when I’m drunk. This happens so frequently my apartment has become Nashuas version of Little China. My liver often gasps for air.

    By the way, what do you call a fat Chinese person? A chunk.

  15. What makes me angry this is a Mayor that ran on diversity and bringing people in this city together . The party at The Parkman House , which is own by the taxpayers of the city of Boston is a slap in the face for those us who would look like to live in a diversed city .
    Not one that it’s own Mayor and her cronies are trying very hard to keep it divided.
    As 64 years resident of this City and the town of South Boston , I have hoped by now people would stop with this crazy division of the city .
    But , it seem that it’s only getting worse .
    Wake up people of Boston and Beacon Hill .
    Please stop this madness to this beautiful city of Boston .
    We are not living in Jim Crowe times in the South and we are not going to go back to 1974 either . Please give this city what it needs .
    Safety , drug free streets and diversity.
    Thank You .

    1. The city has never been more segregated because it doesn’t have anything to do with laws. People prefer to live with other people of their own kind. It’s known as in group preference and we see it across human civilization as well as animal groups. South Boston never became black like Mattapan, Roxbury or Dorchester did. West Roxbury is not Roxbury because of who lives there. Chinatown is still Chinatown because of who lives there. It’s also not as violent as Mattapan, Roxbury, Uphams Corner or Franklin Fields.

      I’m merely trying to explain how human beings behave and act, not the way they ought/should act.

  16. It’s almost as tiring hearing about reverse racism as it is hearing about racism. At this point, whites should be pro-racism. Across the board.

    That said, if the head chinese cocksucker slutwhore wants to host parties with black men and do whatever it is she does with them, I’m not pounding on the door and asking to watch. Her “initial statement” on the matter was bizarre but she’s a very bizarre person. You can’t get “elected” unless you are. Take a good look at that picture up there. What white person could possibly want to be anywhere near any of those things?? First off, imagine the smell.

    There is always the initial shock of finding out how much these “elected” officials hate whitey, the openness. But we’ve had almost 100 years of this stuff–including a very recent solid 8 with the administration of a sickeningly gay mystery meat indonesian talking in a ridiculous dave chapelle imitation white-guy voice with his tranny husband. How can any white person actually be surprised by this? But this IS massachusetts we’re dealing with here. These clowns were flummoxed to death over the fraud virus. And bill bellichick. The “governor” is an admittedly proud sexual dysfunctional–e.g. a lesbian.

    What whites should feel and understand is that they’re getting jewed all over again. First the jews came in and force-integrated the blacks. This was done to destroy whites and the broader culture and country. And it has. Any real bostonian should be as well-aware of this fact as any deep-southerner should be of what the blacks were allowed to do to them under reconstruction. Now the blacks have separated and the jews are trying to force-integrate whites with them under this guise of “reverse-racism!!”. What we have now is re-reconstruction.

    The idea that the lesson you would draw from all this is “George Wallace was evil” is simply confusing and dumb and low iq. It seems instead that you should say “well, it turns out George Wallace was right – people appear to prefer the company of their own kind.”

    Of course, if you concluded that, you’d have to walk back all of this gibberish that was built on the “racial equality” altar which destroyed all free-association in this country forever, so it is only logical that these people in the media and that boomers generally want to keep donkey-punching a dead horse.

    George Wallace is dead. He’s not part of the conversation. He’s been dead for a long time and his body is totally rotted. He is not running for office.

    That said, if he returns somehow, whites would do well to vote for him.

    I don’t think Wallace would support Michelle Wu’s party, and would instead say something along the lines of: “We don’t need no foreigners and we don’t need no women in the American government – get that slant-eyed trollop back to the handjob center, because we got us here a problem, yessir, we got us here a major problem in our government.”

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