Canton Coverup Part 334: Defense Witness List Features Many Names That Indicate Bombshells Are Coming At Trial


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Karen Read’s defense team intends on calling up to 77 witnesses on their list.


Some of these names are surprising, while other are to people who have been following this case very closely, so I wanted to over who some of them are and what their expected testimony may be.

Laurie Cahill. 

Laurie was working at Gillette Stadium for the Army-Navy game in December when Michael Proctor allegedly told her that Karen Read was “100% guilty,” said “you don’t know who I am,” and told her that he knew things that she didn’t before predicting that the woman would be made a fool of in a few months.


Michael Wagner and Sheryl Waugh.

Wagner and Waugh were Canton residents who were married until filing for divorce in January, 2022. Wagner now lives in Foxborough while Sheryl appears to have married a woman in 2023 and now lives in Canton right near Chris Albert. Sources tell me that Waugh was brutally attacked by Chloe prior to John O’Keefe’s murder, and had to go to the ER. The defense was able to obtain this information after filing a motion to obtain Canton Animal Control records, which the Commonwealth for some reason opposed. Attorney Greg Henning, who represents Brian Albert’s family, stated in open court that the dog had no history of attacking human beings.

Either Henning lied or his client lied to him. Likely the latter. It goes to the credibility of the Commonwealth’s witnesses that they were caught in so many lies. It also shows that Chloe had a history of biting human beings, which is relevant since John O’Keefe was found with dog bites on his arm.

Richard D’Antuono and Heather Maxon.

Maxon is Ryan Nagel’s ex-girlfriend, and D’Antuono is his friend. D’Antuono was driving the truck where Maxon and Nagel were passengers, and idled his truck directly behind Karen Read’s Lexus outside of 34 Fairview Road. If either of these witnesses testifies that they saw John O’Keefe go inside the house it will be game over. Sources say their testimony is almost identical to Nagel’s – they saw Karen Read alone inside her car with the interior lights on, O’Keefe was nowhere to be seen, and her tail light was not damaged. The Commonwealth has also put both of them on their witness list.

BPD Officer Kelly Dever.

Officer Dever was working as a Canton Police Officer on January 29, 2022. There is radio transmission, purportedly from the morning John O’Keefe’s body was discovered, of Lt. Paul Gallagher calling her and saying that an unnamed Canton PD Lieutenant wanted to see what address on Fairview Road the first responders had arrived. She told him 32 Fairview Road.

The defense also claims they have a source from within CPD who will testify that they saw Chief Berkowitz and Brian Higgins alone with Karen Read’s vehicle inside the CPD garage.

Patrick Haggerty.

Haggerty tows cars for Diamond Towin, which brought Karen Read’s vehicle from her parent’s house in Dighton to the Canton Police Department. Audio recording has him stating that her tail light was not shattered, as Michael Proctor claimed it was in his report.

Steven Ridge and Heriberto Hernandez.

These two seasoned BPD officers worked on the fugitive unit with Brian Albert. Albert does not have many friends or supporters in BPD, and sources we spoke with tell us that he assaulted a fellow officer named Heriberto “Eddie” Hernandez at a Christmas party. They could testify to Albert’s violent tendencies, which can be used as a way to introduce the third party culprit theory. Ridge was picture in this photo with Brian Albert in the Herald.

Marc and Alfredo Lopilato

In 2002 Chris Albert was listed in a lawsuit filed by Marc Lopilato against Canton Police Officer Michael Lank, who he alleged had bitten, wrongly charged, and targeted him. Chris Albert approached Lank outside of a bar called Centerfields and told Lank that he had just gotten into a fight at the bar with Lopilato. Lank then got into a fight with Lopilato and his brother Alfredo and allegedly bit one of them before detaining him, despite being off duty, and telling him he was going to ruin his life. When the Lopilato brothers tried to file a complaint they were charged with A&B on a police officer, put on trial, and acquitted. They endured years of harassment after the fact. The prosecutor in that case was furious that he had been lied to by police, and the Lopilato brother ended up successfully suing the town.

gov.uscourts.mad.95835.24.0 (2)

Their testimony will show jurors who conflicted and dishonest Michael Lank is. Lank was the officer Jennifer McCabe personally called at 8:38 AM to tell him that she had just remembered that Karen Read had said “could I have hit him” while driving in the car to 34 Fairview Road. He was also the only Canton Officer who went inside 34 Fairview Road, but elected not to search the house or take pictures of Brian Albert.

Mike Rushworth.

Rushworth is a Canton transplant who sources tell us received a text message from Michael Proctor that the FBI found during their investigation, which reportedly called Karen Read a “cunt.”

Ashley Bell.

Ashley was not a witness to anything, but she was visited and harassed by MSP detectives Yuri Bukhenik and Brian Tully at her home. They also asked to look at her surveillance video footage, despite not being on the path that Karen Read would’ve taken to get home from 34 Fairview Road.

Tom and Erin Beatty.

Tom Beatty is a Canton resident whose daughter was friends with Colin Albert. His daughter received a phone call from Colin at 12:33 AM the night John O’Keefe was murdered. When she called him back the next day Colin said “never mind.” Tom thought it was strange because kids that age hardly ever call each other, opting to text instead. Over the summer Chris Albert may have committed felony witness intimidation by approaching Beatty and asked him to retract his statements about the phone call from Colin so that Chris could sue Turtleboy. Erin was reportedly threatened by Jennifer McCabe and a townie named Jill Harrison-Thomas, who reportedly told the 17 year old girl that she needed to stop telling people about Colin’s 12:33 phone call in the most graphic way possible:

“Instead of opening your mouth, why don’t you stick a dick in it instead.”

Meghan Mariani.

Mariani is a 20/20 producer who was threatened and harassed by Denise and Bob Galvin, and Jim Farris, outside of CF McCarthy’s on September 17.

Courtney Proctor

Courtney and Jill Daniels are essential to the conspiracy because they tie the Albert and Proctor families together. A lot of the communication between the McAlberts and Proctors went through her, including Julie Albert’s offer to pay Michael a “thank you” gift on the day he arrested Karen Read.

Michael Morrissey

It’s unheard of for a defense team to call the District Attorney prosecuting their client to the stand. But nothing about this case is normal, including Meatball Morrissey’s ridiculous August 25 press release in which he lied by saying that Michael Proctor didn’t know any of the witnesses.

John O’Keefe Sr.

This is the wildest name on the list. There have been unconfirmed rumors that Mr. O’Keefe has doubts about Karen Read’s guilt, and even requested to sit on her side of the courtroom. He has missed several court dates as well, and was reportedly close to Karen. If the Commonwealth’s plan is to paint Karen as a villain, then imagine how powerful testimony from Mr. O’Keefe would be saying the opposite. We will see if the rumors are bunk or have truth behind them in the coming weeks.




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