Men With Family Ties To The Squad Assault Protesters Including Republican Congressional Candidate Outside Somerville Event, Squad Chants “Free Her,” Refuses To Denounce Violent Assault


Over the weekend “The Squad,” (congresswomen AOC, Cori Bush, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley) held a panel in Somerville hosted by race baiting grift Ibram Kendi.

I didn’t watch any of it, but I I’m sure it was mostly a circle jerk of millionaires complaining about how oppressed they due to their marginalized identities. Oh, and climate change is the existential threat of our lifetime, of course. These people can’t talk about anything without mentioning climate change, which is why they all showed up separately is gas guzzling SUVs with armed security so they could talk about ending fossil fuels and defunding the police.


Outside of the event Pressley’s Republican opponent Donnie Palmer, a former teacher and boxer, held a protest with a small group of Mass GOP supporters. One of the protesters was Shawn Nelson, a former BMC hospital employee who was fired from BMC for refusing to get the completely useless COVID vaccine. In August Nelson was arrested for for using a megaphone to protest Mayor Michelle Wu’s vaccine mandate at a public event – something no BLM protester has ever been arrested for doing.

Michelle Wu participated in many BLM protests herself that shut down public roads, and has called for defunding the police because they arrest too many black people. But the second she gained power she increased the power of the police and used it to arrest black healthcare workers who were upset about losing their jobs and wanted to protest her directly.

A few weeks ago Nelson was featured on Turtleboy, although not by name. At a contentious City Council meeting City Councillors Kendra Lara and Tania Fernandes Anderson brought a small mob of ratchets with them to support then DA candidate and fellow City Councillor Ricardo Arroyo, after he was credibly accused by multiple teen girls of rape. Lara and Anderson’s mob repeatedly interrupted the proceedings, and shouted support for Arroyo, Lara, and Anderson, as they made up lies about receiving emails calling them the n word, and used language that would be most associated with common street trash.

“What the F*** do I have to do in this F***ING council in order to get respect as a black woman?”

Fernandes Anderson repeatedly referred to the people behind her as her constituents, who she was there to represent because they believed that any City Councillor who didn’t want a rapist to be DA was racist.

The mob of ratchets confronted a group of anti-Arroyo protesters, which included Shawn Nelson, outside the chambers. One of the ratchets stole a phone out of Nelson’s hand, and he attempted to get it back. When he did he was struck by another ratchet named Dawne Young and he defended himself.


Nelson was arrested again but none of the ratchets were, despite being marginalized. Instead they were escorted to a private room where they met up with Lara, Arroyo, and Anderson to dance and celebrate. A woman named Stacey Borden was there as well.

Young is the leader of a group called “Free Her,” that seeks to abolish prisons. She’s personally invested in this because her baby daddy, Foster Starks Jr, is incarcerated for a bloody 2020 attack on his girlfriend. She previously testified in Starks’ unsuccessful 2012 attempt to get a new trial after being convicted on gun charges. 

Nelson livestreamed Saturday’s event in Somerville, and Stacey Borden noticed the man she and her friends assaulted just a few weeks earlier.


Coincidentally, less than an hour later Dawne Young’s son Foster “Dario” Sparks III, who she conceived with his felon sperm donor, showed up with 4 men to intimidate and assault Nelson on her behalf. One of them stated, “you got a problem with my aunt,” before his camera got knocked to the ground.


Another angle shows the men scuffling with local idiot and scam artist Tony Fed.

It should be noted that Tony Fed is an instigator and a scam artist, who once tried to use his nonprofit to profit off of the murder of Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna and get a free motorcycle. Many police departments have told him they don’t want his support, and have asked him to stop using dead cops to line his own pockets.

I met him two years ago at a Monica Cannon-Grant protest and repeatedly asked him to stop escalating and threatening her supporters. It’s not clear what he did, but the video begins with Tony getting beaten up before Donnie Palmer jumped in to save him. Meanwhile, Nelson sat on the curb bleeding profusely.



At some point during the melee an elderly man in MAGA shirt was sucker punched by one of these domestic terrorists.

According to the Boston Herald two of the four men involved were charged:

Two of the men fighting the protestors, Foster Starkes of Cambridge and Andwain Coleman of Cuyahoga, Ohio, have been charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, according to the department.

But Herald reported Grace Zokovitch blatantly lied when she reported this:

“Neither man arrested has ties verified by the Herald to the congresswomen or event.”

Dawne Young is the mother of Dario Starks. She and Stacey Borden helped to organize the event, and members of her group met up with The Squad afterwards. Borden posted a video on Twitter of all of them chanting “free her,” the slogan for Young’s group.

Young is in wearing red behind Ilhan Omar, and Borden is in orange.


These are elected members of congress chanting “free her,” in order to voice their support for the release of men and women convicted of violent crimes. These are the same women from the City Council meeting, and the people who assaulted Nelson were sent there by them.

This was Dawn’s son Dario:

The Herald blatantly lied when they reported that “neither man arrested has ties verified by the Herald to the congresswomen or event.” Dario Sparks had direct ties to it, and they told Nelson they were there on behalf of Dawne Young.

Also featured in that video with the Squad was activist Romilda Pereira, who was one of the women at last month’s City Council meeting.

Pereira is an ex-con who started a nonprofit called Project Turnaround after her release, because that’s the easiest way ratchets can make a living while pretending to be respected members of society. Here she is featured in a tweet from Monica Cannon-Grant’s PR spokeswoman Tori Bedford, forcing a baby to wear an “abolish prisons” t-shirt, presumably so the child can grow up seeing his father once a month outside of prison.


This picture was taken at a protest where they stood outside a jail demanding that all prisoners inside be released.


Project Turnaround’s goal is to abolish all prisons, because makes sense because she is a criminal. They’re upset that their sons, who they readily admit are drug dealers, get locked up, while the drug addicts they profit off of the demise of end up free.

It’s not surprising that these people would disrupt a City Council meeting to defend an accused serial rapist like Arroyo. He’s one of them.

In a sane society ratchets and criminals like this would have no influence or political power. But the fact of the matter is that they have direct access to The Squad, and were featured prominently at the Somerville event. Pereira’s nonprofit has been endorsed by Patriots safety Devon McCourty.

Which isn’t surprising because he also supported Monica Cannon-Grant repeatedly.

Pereira also has direct access to soon to be State Senator Liz Miranda.

Miranda is dating a convicted murderer from Detroit named “Corn,” who violated his parole by crossing state lines to have a sex with her in New Jersey. Miranda also used her influence to attack a woman in Detroit who was pregnant with Corn’s baby, and has introduced legislation to end life without parole. She shut down her Twitter account a year after Turtleboy Daily News first reported her long and documented history of racist tweets as well. No mainstream media outlet ever reported on it and her political career was unharmed.


Pereira and others like her were given a two hour, taxpayer funded forum hosted by WGBH in 2020, in which they got to ask questions directly to then Senate candidates Joe Kennedy and Ed Markey about prison reform. During the 2 hour forum, which can be seen here, both Kennedy and Markey took questions from an inmate in Shirley’s Souza-Baranowski Maximum Security Prison named Derrick Washington.

Washington is a predator serving a life sentence because he set up three men to be murdered in an attic in Springfield, after luring them there by pretending to be interested in purchasing crack cocaine. Since he was incarcerated more than 12 years ago Washington has become an outspoken advocate for “prison reform,” and whines about how he’s not having fun serving his time because he keeps getting in trouble for violating rules.

This murdering waste of space gets to ask Senators questions because ultimately this is the kind of person the Democratic Party serves. He asked both candidates if they would give him the right to vote while he rots away in prison, and both said they favored allowing murderers like him to vote on who our elected officials should be. Kennedy pandered the hardest:

“Grateful that you made the time to speak with me tonight. I agree that incarcerated individuals should that the right to vote. And thank you for your time.”

Thank you for your time? He has nothing but time to give. You’re grateful that a murderer spoke with you? Has Kennedy made any attempt to speak with the families of the victims Washington murderer? I doubt it.

Washington also complains about the “openly racist CO’s” in Shirley. Instead of standing up for the people tasked with keeping the most violent members of our society in line behind bars, Kennedy blindly assumed the statement was true and said he would work to fix it. This is the sort of rhetoric that ultimately led to the near fatal beating of CO Matt Tidman last month in Shirley.


Romilda Pereira got to ask Markey a question about letting parents out of jail so they can go home and be caregivers. He of course supported such a plan.

This would be like if DeAngelo Barksdale’s mother was running the City of Baltimore and getting to decide who would be the next Senator from Maryland.

No one from The Squad has condemned the attack on Nelson by their friend Dawne Young’s family, nor has Mayor Wu. They were quick to stop everything they were doing to condemn Feds playing white supremacist dress up a couple months ago though.

Ultimately the Democratic Party doesn’t want to abolish prisons, because if they did then they’d have nowhere to put political dissidents and others who oppose their policies. They don’t want to abolish the police either. They want to weaponize them against people like Shawn Nelson. They’re about as serious about prison reform and defunding the police as they are about climate change.


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