Rachael Rollins Heckled During Live Press Conference By Former Campaign Worker For Subpoenaing Facebook And Google To Help State Rep Liz Miranda Harass Abuse Victim


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This is Joao Depina, a former Boston City Council candidate, and one of the few Internet trolls known to show up in real life and say the same things he said on Facebook directly to your face.

As you can see he was a big supporter of District Attorney Rachael “Road Rage” Rollins. We published a story about Depina last September after he heckled then police chief William Gross during a press conference, repeatedly calling him a fat cowboy, which you could hear on the news.

Depina streamed it live on Facebook, and around the 1:06 mark you can hear Rollins console him and give him her badge and phone, claiming she trusted him with her belongings.

“Hold my badge and my phone, I trust you with my belongings.”

I thought it was odd and unprofessional that the DA would give her badge to some guy yelling obscenities at the Police Chief, so I criticized her for that. Shortly afterwards Rollins herself had her comms guy Matt Brelis sent me an email explaining her actions, despite Rollins later claiming on the Howie Carr Show that she had no idea who I was.

“Had those officers gone over to remove Jaoa and that situation potentially escalated into a struggle with five to ten white police officers restraining and arresting a Black man in front of multiple news media outlets, how is that helpful? If we are truly trying to mend relationships between the communities that experience the majority of violence and crime and the members of law enforcement that protect us and solve those crimes, how does that potentially violent restraint and arrest help us get there?”

Rollins official position is that she will give her badge to any black person yelling in a crowd so long as it helps them avoid being arrested by white police officers in front of news cameras. This woman wants to be United States Attorney.

Things have changed since last year and Depina is no longer friendly with Rollins. Yesterday two Boston Police Officers were shot by crackheads during a standoff in Dorchester. During her press conference, in which she pretended to suddenly be a supporter of the police, you could hear Rollins being heckled on several news channels by an unseen individual, and was noticeably flustered. At the 2 minute mark of the WBZ video you can hear them specifically yell “you should not be confirmed” US Attorney.


Many commenters seemed annoyed by what they thought was a female heckler interrupting DA Rollins.

But it wasn’t a woman, it was this man.

Joao Depina. And everyone who reads Turtleboy instantly knew that. That face you make when you show up to a press conference and Depinaed.

Rollins attempted that make it seem like Joao Depina was “emotionally disturbed,” which he may in fact be. But the criticisms he was yelling about here were legitimate. Calling people emotionally disturbed is just something she says now when people dare criticize her, like Katie Lawson.

Funny, because she didn’t he was too emotionally disturbed to campaign for her, or to hold onto her badge.

Rollins previously made insensitive comments about the emotionally disturbed on the Howie Carr Show in January in order to justify why she went through a red light at the South Bay Mall during a road rage incident.

On DePina’s live stream you can hear exactly what he was saying to her, starting at the 1:50 mark:


1:52:30 – “You should not be confirmed because of abuse of power.”

“Let’s ask your thug boyfriend”

“You won’t get a good interview with me around Rachael”

“Let’s talk about your ex thug boyfriend Rachael. The same one that you be watching their kids for. And let’s talk about your current boyfriend Rachael, your other thug boyfriend. Everybody knows him. Have you ever met a DA who has a thug for a boyfriend? Hi hunny, I’m here to give it to you. I’m here for it.”

“All you care about is going to the next position.”

“You’re worried about yourself and being the next US Attorney.”

All of those things are true. She does abuse her power. She has been known to date sketchy characters, and she does come from a family full of violent criminals.She is worried about becoming the next US Attorney since her confirmation has been stalled by Senator Cotton.

Around the 1:54:30 he references a State Rep going to Michigan and harassing a black woman there.

“Let’s talk about the State Rep going to Michigan that used a cell phone that is from a state issued cell phone to talk derogatory to other black women. Aren’t you black darling?”

He was referring to State Rep Liz Miranda, Rollins close friend and ally who is carrying on an affair with a convicted murderer from Michigan who is out on parole. Miranda harassed and threatened the pregnant girlfriend of the man she was sleeping with, and met up with him for sex in New Jersey, despite the fact that his parole does not allow him to cross state lines. Miranda was also well aware that the man repeatedly assaulted the other woman while she was pregnant. After it became clear that the woman was going to expose Miranda, Rollins appeared in court with her friend in order to help her get a restraining order.

Miranda also tweeted out hundreds of racist and offensive things, and was forced to delete her official government account (literally).

Four of her colleagues have asked Miranda to resign in light of her comments, and her harboring of a murderer in violation of his parole. No media outlets have covered it though, as they only seem to be interested in racism when it comes from Republicans or white people.

Rollins is not happy that the abuse victim, Rosalind Simpson, came on the Turtleboy Live Show last month to speak her truth.

Since then she and Miranda have been hellbent on getting revenge and have gone after Simpson even more so. Last week Rollins’ office subpoenaed Facebook and Google, demanding access to all information on Simpson’s accounts.

This is the email the victim got from Google, alerting her that the Suffolk County DA’s Office was compelling the company to release her information.

This is blatant abuse of power, and DePina was right to show up and call Rollins out on it. There are countless unsolved murders in Suffolk County, and the chief law enforcement officer is helping a ratchet, racist State Rep friend of hers settle a personal grudge with a woman who sleeping with her convicted murderer baby daddy. Imagine the harm Rollins could do as United States Attorney, going after people she doesn’t like while protecting the powerful.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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