Top 50 Most Noteworthy, Effective, And Influential Stories Broken By Turtleboy; #50-41


The critics will say Turtleboy isn’t real news, but the facts show that over the last 8 years we’ve written countless stories that exposed problems in our society that no other media outlet was willing to look into. As a result of our reporting corruption has been exposed, bad people have been fired from positions of power, criminals have gone to jail, future victims have been spared, mainstream media lies and narratives have been debunked, and the world has become a better place. This week we’ll be running down the most noteworthy, effective, and influential stories broken by Turtleboy in our history, starting with #50-41 on Monday, #40-31 on Tuesday, and so forth until we get to our Top 10 on Friday.


50. Hull Superintendent Michael Devine resigned after we published allegations from several former students, alleging that he attempted to have sex with them shortly after graduating high school.

Result – fired as superintendent.



49. Concrete Cons.  Four alleged concrete guys, including brothers Eli and Nelson, have been scamming people out of nearly a million dollars by starting jobs and then not finishing.

Result – Rego brother forced to move to Florida as they are now too well known in Massachusetts.



48. Millville Police Chief. Twice Chief Ron Landry was involved in traffic disputes in other towns in which he threatened, and even ran over the foot of an officer.

Result – forced to resign.


47. Jeremy Winslow. The media was presenting Jeremy Winslow as a grieving boyfriend whose girlfriend was murdered outside a bar in Manchester. In reality she was shot during a dispute that he started, and several women came forward with horrifying stories of previous domestic abuse.

Result – 6 months in jail.



46. Angela Guerrera. State Trooper Robert Sundberg was fired, then charged, convicted, and sentenced to over 10 years in prison for allegedly raping State Trooper Angela Guerrera. An investigation discovered that she had a vendetta against him, she was clearly mentally unstable, and was recently arrested by Acton Police for drinking and driving.

Result – removed from road duty.



45. Amber Biddle. A woman whose husband Mark allegedly killed himself claimed to be destitute and raised $30K via GoFundMe after finding out that Mark was a conman, and worth no money. But they had been living in mansions and their entire family moved to Florida and was living wealthy. Additionally police could not corroborate any part of her story.

Result – still under investigation by insurance company for fraud.



44. Ralph Jean-Marie disappearance.A Brockton man who moved to Vermont with his crackhead baby momma mysteriously disappeared. Within days she had already moved in with a new drug addict. Her comments on Facebook made her look extremely guilty.

Result – 30 months in prison for selling another unrelated man a bad batch of fentanyl that killed him.



43. Candy Dennis. A Beverly dance studio owner pretended to have a crippling disease and made up diagnosis from doctors in order to guilt paying customers into donating to her while she lived large with her family. She also raised money for non-existent scholarships, refused to let her daughters be friends with kids who no longer paid her for lessons, lied about her dance credentials, pretended to be a nonprofit, evaded paying taxes, added shady fees, and much more.

Result – a week after the 7 part blog series she claimed that her business was ruined and she moved her family to Florida.


42. Wellesley Affinity Groups. A Wellesley Middle School teacher announced in an email that the school would be offering support groups for students of color after 8 people were killed by a gunman in Georgia, but that white students were excluded from attending. After being alerted administration doubled down on the segregation and called it “affinity spaces.”

Result – School district was sued by a conservative nonprofit and they were forced to end the practice.


41. Claremont Lynchin Hoax. A white woman and her clearly white son in Claremont, NH raised over $50K with a GoFundMe after she claimed on Facebook that her son was black, and was nearly lynched by other white kids in the neighborhood. Almost every mainstream media outlet in the country picked up on the false narrative that a black kid was lynched in New Hampshire, and Mom ended up buying a brand new car with the GFM cash.

Result – Mom ended up exposed and had to remove all social media and public allegations of the fake hate crime, but she did get a free car out of it.



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