Vote For Who Should Advance In Round Of The Hadassah Bracket Of TB Ratchet Madness 2020


Here are the results from round one of the Lorrayna Calle bracket of TB Ratchet Madness.


As you can see most of the favorites won, and aside from the 8-9 matchup none of them were particularly close.

Now it’s time to vote for who should advance in the Hadassah bracket.

As usual I have provided a ratchet resume for each contestant along with links to blogs about them so that you can make an informed decision. You have 24 hours to vote.


1. Hadassah Robeson vs. 16. Dorchester Giblees Bandits

1. Hadassah Robeson

  • Runs an unlicensed boarding house disguised as a women’s, children’s, and pet’s shelter
  • Charges desperate, vulnerable women a good portion of their limited income to stay in her house in order to pay off her two mortgages
  • Falsely claims to teach classes and other life skills
  • Has a restaurant called the Punishment Cafe in which you must stare straight ahead at a wall and eat vegan food that her illegal immigrant husband picks up at Stop n Shop when you order
  • The house is a front for her two failing businesses that get no customers
  • The house raises money by presenting itself as a legitimate charity and gets huge donations from large companies and local philanthropists
  • House is a fire hazard filled with pets which more than likely belong to her
  • Prior to moving to Massachusetts she got in trouble for running illegal petting zoos in Florida
  • Grown children live upstairs rent free and her son had sex with a resident who Hadassah then kicked out for seducing him
  • Held fundraisers and clothing drives for the house which she then sold for a profit online and at a yard sale
  • Has at least two mentally challenged women living with her who give her their social security checks
  • Accused volunteers of conspiring against her because they attempted to reconcile her mismanaged finances
  • Once falsely pretended that her adult daughter was missing as part of a scam
  • Once kept one of her residents on as both a girlfriend and a slave despite being married to Vladimir
  • Has twice tried and failed to obtain restraining orders against me in Milford District Court
  • Is now filing a criminal complaint for illegally wiretapping her



16. Dorchester Giblees Bandits

  • Drove all the way to Danvers six deep for the sole intention of grabbing as many designer coats as they could and then running over several store personnel in a failed attempt to escape with a grand total of one coat
  • Most had multiple crotch fruits waiting at home and were under the age of 21
  • Have been known to take glamour booty shots outside of every housing project in Boston
  • Complained that n words with little dinkeys had too much to say
  • Claimed that the only thing her friends knew how to do was provide felatio and make babies
  • Claimed to be making mad loot from drug proceeds but still couldn’t afford to buy their own coats





8. Tinder Tunaflap vs. 9. Nodoff Nadine and Pet Chudstuffer

8. Tinder Tunaflap

  • Pretended to be pregnant in order to keep a Tinder date she had gone out with just once from leaving her
  • Later faked her own suicide and pretended to be her father using her account in order to get the guy to feel bad for her
  • Impersonated a Hopkinton police officer and told the Tinder date that he was going to be investigated for making her kill herself
  • Falsely accused a murder victim’s brother, who she met in rehab, of strangling her and trying to kill her
  • Has multiple restraining orders taken out against her that she frequently violates using burner phones
  • Threatened to lie to the police about another Tinder date raping her if he didn’t continue to date her
  • Attempted to force a Plymouth cop to relay misinformation about her being pregnant to a Tinder date in order to keep the Tinder date from leaving her
  • Threatened the Plymouth cop when he failed to do so



9. Nodoff Nadine and Pet Chudstuffer

  • Were found passed out behind the wheel of their car sitting at a gas pump in Worcester
  • She posted on Facebook that the guy who filmed her was a homosexual slur, claimed that she was tired from studying for her Master’s degree, and was advised by a state police trooper to nap in a running vehicle at a gas pump because she was tired
  • Got a 100 on her exam at Quinsig Community College
  • She has multiple Google trophies for driving without a license and larceny
  • Lost custody of her crotch fruit, who of course is named Jaydin
  • He wears exclusively flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats
  • Left a hilarious voicemail telling me he was a junkie who stole a car with a kid in the back of it and let the cops on a high speed chase before crashing the vehicle in Worcester
  • Claims that he is “very intellectual,” both street smart and book smart
  • He threatened to send people to my house to come get me
  • Said that he was starting his own blog to bash me called “Turtle boy slugger sports part 2”
  • Said that he has political connections to a senator and once at a weasel
  • Claims that his life accomplishment is getting out of jail and takes pictures on other people’s vehicles pretending they are his
  • Got rave reviews from other junkies written on a napkin





4. R Smelly vs. 13. Chef Ployardee

4. R Smelly

  • Manchester man previously charged with rape in New York was arrested again for raping a woman in a New Hampshire bar bathroom
  • Out on bail because he’s likely a snitch
  • Owns several shades and colors of flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats
  • Frequently poses with Hennessy for no particular reason and has been known to use the phrase “only God can judge”
  • Called his Manchester rape victim “prostitutes and hoes”
  • Says he has videos of his rape victims giving him felatio on his “BKK dick”
  • Posted on Facebook that he got that “dope dick” and other things that would require a ratchet translator to understand
  • Said the majority of his rape victims “had my d*** in they mouth”
  • Says he’s about “sex, money, and drugs” but complains that his rape victims are primarily all about the drugs
  • Says he’s not a rapist because Trump is a real rapist
  • Told a friend of one of the victims that they were jealous of him because they never had sex with the victim
  • Has at least 3 baby mommas but claims he “handle my business”




13. Chef Ployardee

  • Sold industrial toilet paper at an inflated cost online that she likely stole from a local business during a pandemic
  • Recently accepted free eggs from a woman she now wanted to charge for toilet paper
  • Previously charged with animal abuse, which she denied when she came on the live show despite confessing to it on Facebook
  • Was dating a drunken midget for several years but dumped him for Leroy from the federal prison pen pal program
  • Cause of tension between the midget and Leroy leading to Leroy getting arrested for assaulting the midget, who he claimed was drunk and yelling racial slurs, outside of Market Basket
  • Claims she has the FBI investigating Turtleboy, along with NBPD and several other law enforcement agencies



5. Whitinsville Crack Donkey vs. 12. Fall River Orangastank

5. Whitinsville Crack Donkey

  • Facing charges of indecent exposure and disturbing the peace, following allegations that she dropped her pants and slapped her bare buttocks in the middle of the street, to the alarm of 10 to 15 bystanders, including several children
  • Is banned from picking up her own children at school
  • Lost all four of her boys to the DCF fairy for neglecting them
  • Posted on Facebook that she wanted to murder her DCF social worker, along with several other DCF employees
  • Offered rivals a chance to fight her before DCF did a visit
  • Claimed that she fooled her DCF worker because “I’m INTELLIGENT and NO TATTLETALE”
  • Threatened anyone who called DCF on her in a Facebook post
  • Claim to fame in life is that she “never gave up any of mines (her children) over dick”
  • Posted a picture of her DCF worker, who was covering her face in shame, at a visit, and then posted the picture with the caption “F*** you Turtleboy b****”




12. Fall River Orangastank

  • Caught on film pooping on someone’s front lawn in Freetown
  • Had no idea who lived there, wasn’t motivated by revenge, and there were several businesses close by she could’ve defecated at
  • Slept in her car until 3 AM when someone else came to pick her up, abandoning the car and making it very easy for the home owner to track her





3. Relapsipotamus vs. 14. Fertilization Felicia

3. Kim Nelligan AKA Relapsipotamus

  • Killed her baby by rubbing heroin on her gums in order to get her to take a nap
  • Speaks authentically in Newport Lights voice
  • Gave the newspaper the middle finger at her arraignment
  • Initially blamed the hospital and then SIDS before being arrested
  • Baby pictures she posted in memory of her daughter have crackpipes in the background
  • Has two other kids and all of their pictures together are in DCF visitor rooms
  • Made insane video after being released on bail and uttered the line “I’m not even charged with her (her daughter) death, I’m charged with allowing somebody who was using drugs to be around her. Endangering the welfare of a child.” Believes this makes her virtuous
  • Blamed her junkie baby daddy for the death of her daughter and then went on to become a lesbian



14. Fertilization Felicia

  • Posted on various Facebook yard sale pages about needing AC’s for her 7 kids in August, despite having custody of none of them
  • Sold the AC’s in the same Facebook group less than a week later
  • Sells tons of items that are still in their original box and clearly are stolen
  • Emerged two months later on the same yard sale pages asking for diapers
  • Got a woman to deliver a specific sized box of diapers to her house for free which she then immediately put up for sale in the very same Facebook group
  • Called out the generous person when they objected to this and claimed that she needed the money to live in a motel with her kids, even though she doesn’t have custody of any of her children
  • Started multiple GoFundMe’s over the years, using her non-custodial children as bait for all of them in order to procure drug money





6. Teenage Tonsil Tickler vs. 11. Worcester Meat Wallet Mom

6. Teenage Tonsil Tickler

  • Was wanted by the police in November for sending noodz to a 14 year old boy who she got high with all the time and uploaded videos onto IG
  • Spent much of her adult life in jail and nearly killed another prisoner
  • Google trophies include facilitating an underage alcohol house party, unsworn falsification for allegedly providing false information about her identity, burglary, criminal trespass, theft; from a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief-vandalism, drug possession, disorderly, fighting, sixth-degree larceny, criminal impersonation, interfering with an officer, warrants, shoplifting, and false report to law enforcement
  • Claimed that she could go wherever she wanted in a November 21 Facebook Live post because her probation was over, even though it wasn’t
  • Bragged about spending consecutive Halloweens at MCI Framingham
  • Says that she was stressed out by her 14 year old boyfriend
  • Posted that she wished the haters could see her now



11. Worcester Meat Wallet Mom

  • Previously appeared in ratchet madness for hosting a lingerie and Henny party in a hotel room with her 15 year old daughter
  • Wore an outfit that made her appear to be a Christmas ham
  • DCF is a regular part in her life, as she now has an 18 year old and 13 year old daughter who are frequently taken from her
  • Encourages teen daughter to post hyper-sexualized photos of herself on Facebook
  • Posted video videotaping her teen daughter fighting another child while she screamed, “Ain’t nobody gonna jump in” at other teenagers
  • Posted the video to Facebook and claimed that the girl her daughter fought would no longer be calling her daughter a pussy




7. Tiverton Gouda Gremlin vs. 10. West Springfield Fupa Dupa

7. Tiverton Gouda Gremlin

  • Kicked out of her son’s Pop Warner football practice by police and blamed it on racism
  • Lied and claimed that she pulled her son from practice over it
  • Advises men to “get you a fat girl, you’ll thank me later” because it’s easier than exercising
  • Named one of her son’s “King”
  • Claimed she had witnesses to corroborate her story but they all agreed that she was kicked out for her ratchet behavior towards the coach
  • Announced that she would retaliate by harassing the youth football league’s sponsors
  • Refuses to get a job and describes her career as a “stay at home mom” and “boss bitch”
  • Came on the Turtleboy Live show (27:00 mark), claimed that she would have oral sex with 1 million men in order to get out of the house, reitereated that she would never get a job, and volunteered to poop on camera



10. West Springfield Fupa Dupa

  • Saw a post on West Springfield Police Facebook page about two men breaking into an apartment complex to steal quarters from laundry machines, and posted that if the WSPD did that to her she’d fight everyone
  • Days later she was also arrested and shamed by the WSPD for DUI
  • Took one of the most legendary mugshots of all time
  • Just got her license two months prior to the DUI
  • Has been arrested several times before and once posted about how she wanted to punch her public defender in the back of the head
  • Frequently uses dog filter ad poses for pictures holding hundred dollar bills that she’s using as a make believe phone





2. Brian Dolan vs. 15. David Leavitt

2. Brian Dolan

  • Abused his stepdaughter to the point where she ran away from home and into the arms of a Lawrence drug dealer who ended up killing her and dropped her dead body off at a Lawrence hospital
  • Never called the police to report her missing
  • Posted several times about the Bruins and other non-serious topics while his stepdaughter was missing
  • Other stepchildren also alleged abuse against him
  • Came on the live show (40:30 mark) and laughed several times when we asked him about his role in the death of his daughter
  • Wished death upon my children several times
  • Lied repeatedly about his daughter being driven to a friend’s house, when in fact she ran away from him
  • Called me a faggot several times and threatened to poop in my throat because I liked the Red Sox and Celtics instead of just exclusively liking the Bruins, because hockey is a man’s sport
  • Threatened to murder me at least three times
  • Asked me if my four year old daughter was attractive
  • Said that his dead 13 year old daughter was 13 but looked 18
  • Basically admitted that he beat his dead daughter for being disobedient
  • Put his son Nick on the phone who told me he was going to “skin f***” me
  • Never denied sexually assaulting his stepdaughter


15. David Leavitt

  • Attempted to steal an electric toothbrush by claiming that the stock model only cost $0.01
  • Called the police on a Target manager would not let him steal the toothbrush
  • Took a picture of the Target manager and posted it to his Twitter account with over 200,000 followers for the purpose of publicly humiliating her
  • Blew up in his face when he got destroyed by the Internet and the manager raised over $20,000 in donations for a vacation
  • Previously publicly shamed a McDonald’s employee on his Twitter account for not allowing him to refill a week old cup that he purchased at another McDonald’s
  • Pretends to be a legitimate journalist but is really just a gamer who works at Marshall’s
  • Told ex-girlfriend he was shaming Target employee in order to stand up to big corporations






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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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