Boston Globe Reports US Attorney Rachael Rollins Will Be Recused In Federal Grand Jury Into Monica Cannon-Grant, Fails To Report Violent Threats And Globe’s Complicity


The other day we published a blog about Monica Cannon-Grant, who is actively attempting to mobilize her followers to harass Boston Globe reporter Andrea Estes, in an attempt to prevent her from writing a story about a federal investigation into Monica’s fraudulent nonprofit Violence in Boston INC.

Today the story was published:


They did provide some new information, but they also missed a lot. They mention how she has a 4,000 square foot building she operates out of, but she doesn’t mention that it was given to her for free by former Mayor Marty Walsh after she threatened him publicly several times:


It’s now confirmed that a federal grand jury has subpoenaed records from Rachael Rollins office after we pointed out that Monica bragged about getting a $6,000 donation from them, which she claims to have used for abortions. They’re looking to see if any donated money was used for personal expenses. Spoiler alert – it was. Monica used the VIB money to secure a mortgage to buy a house in Taunton.


The Globe points out that Monica was championed as a civil rights leader during the BLM protests in 2020, but they fail to point out that this was largely their own doing. They also failed to point out that they published an op-ed written by her.


The Globe cannot play dumb here either. I, along with many others, emailed Globe reporters Stephanie Ebbert and Zoe Greenberg in July of 2020 after hearing Monica’s racist death threats directed towards  Republican congressional candidate Rayla Campbell, accusing her of “riding white penis for a credit score” because she’s black and her husband is white.

It should be noted that the Herald and Lowell Sun both wrote about this as well, but the Globe continued to ignore the story and heap awards on Monica because the lie went along with their narrative better than the truth would. When I contacted Globe reported Jenee Osterheldt about this she blocked me on Twitter.


Because they’d been covering her positively for years Monica was shocked to hear from the Globe about the story they were working on.


The Globe reports that Violence in Boston INC never did their taxes, and that in previous years they claimed to only take in $85,000 with no salaries paid out. Turtleboy documented all of this in July of 2020.


As US Attorney Rollins is going to be recused due to the conflict of interest (she is friends with Monica), and the Globe reported that Monica received a $54K grant from the City of Boston.

It should be noted that we first reported this last year after filing a public records request with the city, which they took almost a year to fulfill.

This is Joyce Vyriotes.

She is the executive director of something called the Cummings Foundation, which was looking for some sort of social justice cause to throw money at so she could feel better about being a wealthy white woman. Monica was the loudest black voice in the room, and since Joyce doesn’t associate with many black people from Boston she assumed that this made Monica the de facto voice for all black people, and gave her $100,000.

Things we learned or confirmed from the Globe’s story:

  • A federal grand jury is investigating VIB and is looking into every dollar donated to her fraudulent nonprofit.
  • Rachael Rollins will be recused and has nothing to do with the investigation, since she is now US Attorney.

Things the story failed to mention:

  • Monica has received millions of dollars in donations from businesses like the Phantom Gourmet.
  • Monica was honored by the Celtics and Bruins as a hero among us.

  • Monica is a sociopath with a long and documented history of posting videos in which she threatens anyone who challenges her and directs racial slurs at black people in particular.
  • Monica raised $60,000 with a GoFundMe to do an “independent autopsy” on Mikayla Miller, despite the fact that her body was cremated weeks before. Monica wrongly accused and doxxed 5 white teenagers in Hopkinton of lynching Miller, when in fact the medical examiner ruled her death a suicide. She claims to have transported the body to an unnamed examiner in an unnamed state, but never released the results are said who this examiner was.

  • Former City Councillor Tito Jackson’s association with Monica, and the help he provided in defrauding people with the Mikayla Miller lie.

  • Monica got Ben Crump to involve himself in the Mikayla Miller lie.
  • Monica posted videos of herself with guns, and made vague threats towards a “light skinned black man” who has been exposing her. She also threatened me several times.

  • Monica’s association with prominent elected officials such as Elizabeth Warren, Joe Kennedy, Rollins, Ayanna Pressley, Michelle Wu, and City Councillors Julie Mejia and Andrea Campbell. Kennedy held a press conference with Monica that was disrupted by Rayla Campbell. All of these people either donated to her nonprofit, promoted it, or proudly sought out the endorsement of Monica.

  • Turtleboy is the only reason this is happening now. Monica had been getting away with this for years until we stood up to her. We protested outside of VIB headquarters and were threatened by multiple men. We protested her outside Boston Police headquarters. Monica herself frequently mentions Turtleboy in her videotaped threats, often referring to me as the “white supremacist.”



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