Counting Down The Top 100 Blogs Of 2020: 40-31


2020 has been quite the year for Turtleboy, as the blog’s been viewed more than 30 million times in every state, and over 100 countries. For the first time we had two websites all year – TB Daily News and Turtleboy. Every blog was published on both websites but in different formats. We will be celebrating the New Year by counting down the 100 most viewed blogs of the year, which will include links to every story, and add up the views from both websites.


40. Worcester Tech teacher demands school be closed after posting Facebook pics partying





39. Providence Mom slashes tires in CVS drive through





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38. Ashland parents get 9 year old to flip bird at Trump supporters





37. Oxford teacher tells kids cops want to kill black people





36. Feta Cheese Freddie stiffs cleaning lady while living large at night club





35. Taunton second grader masturbates during Zoom class





34. Gloucester ratchets simulate sex at beach





33. Family capitalizes on missing New Bedford teen with fundraiser





32. Saugus hooker kills dog in front of people at Revere beach





31. Street toughs beat man in Coventry drive by



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